Let’s Do The Time-Suck (Tuesday) Again!

(Extra points for the Rocky Horror reference.)

So last week’s inaugural Time-Suck Tuesday was such a success, I’m thinking we oughta make it a thing. OK? You’re good with that? We’re up and running!

Let’s start off with MORE “Worst Christian Album Covers of All Time,” shall we? 1whreshallishelter (Um, in your hair?) 1godschosenpuppet I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really get the connection between gospel music and puppets, but based on the number of puppet-themed album covers out there, there certainly seems to be one.

1amen SEE??? (Are they praying? Napping? Dating?)


Here’s how NOT to load fish:




Right after I do that thing with the eggs and plastic bottle from last week? I’m gonna do this:

This isn’t actually in Bell Buckle, but trust me, it totally could be:


This made me think of Madi Rose’s shark bite…1somethingtouchedmyfoot

And finally, here’s something to think about this week…

8 Responses

  1. DonnaMariePatterson

    Thanks for the laughs this morning, Tori! I sure did need it! :D

  2. lillyhh

    Thanks for this fun post, really loved the first one hehe :D

    wishing you a blessed day :D

  3. phwd737

    OMGosh! OMGosh! OMGosh!!!! That was so funny! :D
    And loved that last sobering bit of reality at the end as well!
    Well done, Tori! ;)

  4. blondie

    LOVE time-suck Tuesday!

  5. tori

    DonnaMariePatterson, lillyhh, phwd737, and blondie– Ya’ll are just egging me on!
    *runs to look for more material for next Tuesday*

  6. chillybean

    ooohhh…I LOVE the JellyBean video. Love it. I think I might share it with my students! (and my own family!)

    Second…the apple peeler – genius. But it reminds me of a little incident this week that started with the phrase, “and then I turned the drill on higher to see what would happen…”

    I don’t think anything good comes from starting a story with that phrase. In our case the result is we need to replace our entire basement laundry room sink…

    Therefore, I recommend peeling your apples at a slow speed, at first… :)

  7. tori

    chillybean: What is it that is built into guys that makes them automatically look at things (wall switches, power tools, family pets) and think, “I wonder what would happen if…” There are a MILLION crazy/funny stories involving your brother-in-law Andrew that started with that phrase!

  8. Morekacz

    Hi Tori

    I am a church music director, and I really want to perform the song, These are the Women We Come From o Mother’s Day. I cannot find sheet music available anywhere. Do you have a publisher for this music? If so, who? We are happy to purchase the music, but I need to know from whom. Thanks!

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