Time-Suck Tuesday

Today (as Russ and I head to yet another funeral) I decided that I wanted to send out some completely random HAPPY THOUGHTS and  FUNNY THINGS and AWESOME STUFF into the universe– it’s my way of reminding myself that life is full of those kind of things, too. Please join me in escaping reality as we allow these relatively meaningless diversion to suck a few valuable moments out of our Tuesday…

So, here’s to life– (and take THAT, stupid ‘season of loss’!)

Let’s start with a classic — a couple of the”Worst Christian Album Covers of All Time”:




I am SO going to try this:



Visual artist Mark Jenkins creates sculpture from Scotch packing tape. (from enpundit.com.)


This is what happens when you put dogs in a photo booth:


Rain cloud costume– this is ME, next Halloween! (courtesy of The Bloggess)

1raincloudYou KNEW you weren’t going  to get out of here without at least one animal video, right?  This is a good one, but you might want to lower or mute the volume because it’s got kind of a crappy techno music background and a slightly annoying voiceover…

Annnd finally:


8 Responses

  1. babygirl

    This is hilarious! Much needed laughter!

  2. LindaB

    “All My Friends are Dead”???? Ba ha ha ha! Who ever thought that was a good title? That cracked me up!

    I enjoyed all of pictures, but my fav was the dogs in the photo booth! Thanks for the laughs!!

  3. tori

    babygirl: I needed a laugh today, too!

    LindaB: Russ cracked up at “All My Friends Are Dead” more than anything– but the dogs in the photo booth got me!

  4. bettyrwoodward

    Very funny. I just loved the last one!

  5. lillyhh

    This was really funny and made me laugh :D Loved the dogs hihi :D

  6. chillybean

    The one about the cat hiding in the bathroom reminds me of our most recent stay at Carolyn and David’s. For a while there we thought poor Emma had gotten outside and was gone forever. Luckily, she had found a very good hiding place away from the four children, two strange adults, and one obnoxious puppy who had all invaded her space.

    I think we discovered that she was alive and well when the boys noticed her downstairs in the middle of the night. (I can’t remember if that was the night she bit at one of them…)

  7. beckabrown

    Oh, Gurrrl, you make me laugh! I’m sorry you’ve seen so much loss in your life lately. But I have the strongest compulsion to put dogs in a photo booth now. NEEEED to. Thanks for this. Love you.

  8. tori

    bettyrwoodward: It does make one look twice, doesn’t it?!

    lilyhh: I know, right? And btw, if this is your first time around here, WELCOME!

    chillybean: Did you guys have a good visit? Yeah, I figure Emma got the lowdown on all the good hiding places from Aslan.

    beckabrown: Ok, I’m not ashamed to admit I spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out WHERE a photo booth might be, and HOW I could get Phoebe and Thea there…

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