Guest Post From Anne Lamott– (OK, She’s Completely Unaware Of It, But Still.)

Hello, my beloved readers.

Wow– have you all lost weight, you look AMAZING!!!

*bats eyelashes fetchingly*

OK, I am finally home from Seattle and I’m still not unpacked (could you at least have the good manners to PRETEND to be shocked by that?) and also I am blazing away towards a writing deadline (involving LORETTA-freakin’-LYNN, hey now!) and also I am kinda too frazzled to try to put together a real post. But I am feeling crazy guilty for neglecting my ‘Bloomr Nation for such an unconscionable amount of time, so I’m pretending that Anne Lamott, one of my favorite writers in the world, actually agreed to pinch hit for me, when in reality I just totally read this on her Facebook page and decided to reprint it here for you– because as usual, she says exactly what I am thinking sometimes way better than I can express it.

So, please accept this wonderful piece as a ‘piece offering’ (see how I did that?), and I will crank out one of my own posts ASAP once I have finished my deadlines.

However, chances are, the suitcases will still not be unpacked by then.

Please click on this link for Ann Lamott’s post:

By Anne Lamott:

11 Responses

  1. LindaB

    This was absolutely the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long while! I loved it. And I’d love to sit with this nice lady and eat cherries anyday.

    But, I’m not showing anyone my Bad Drawer. And I’ve got many of those. God sees them, I know, but no one else has to see them.

  2. LindaB

    P.S. We missed you, Tori.

  3. Gramma Jac

    My Mother-in-law was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in June. After a horrific 35 days (from initial diagnosis) with her not being able to be in a regular nursing home because of screaming and hallucinations, this nasty disease (OK, really God) let her die peacefully. Today was her Memorial Service.

    This was EXACTLY what I needed to read today. I am the Type A–get-out-of-my-way-I-have-a-list-to-get-done kind of person. Opal (my MIL) was the “Sit down and chat, do you want a cup of tea, have a raspberry I just picked” kind of person. I need to learn from her–and enjoy people with cherries/raspberries/M&Ms or whatever!

    Maybe I need to go to Bell Buckle and sit “a spell” on Tori’s front porch!!

  4. LindaB

    ((((Gramma Jac))))

  5. tori

    LindaB: I wouldn’t blink an eye at your Bad Drawer. Because I know your heart. (And I missed you guys, too!)

    Gramma Jac: Oh, sweet girl– I am so very sorry. And my porch is ready and waiting.

  6. Gramma Jac


  7. jonny

    My manners were on par with the request; shocked looking I was = ) And I even did a double-take right after reading this one: “However, chances are, the suitcases will still not be unpacked by then” !!

    “If people want to know the secret of writing and art, I would say, “Write badly. That’s what we all do. Just do it. No one cares if you write or paint or dance, so YOU’D better. Never give up. Read more poetry. Then find someone who will edit your work for you, like a friend or associate who needs someone to edit his or her work; or a teacher; or someone you pay, if you can. Without this, you are doomed. No one can help you if you don’t have a tough and respectful reader.”

    Incredibly grateful to all those who have been that, and more, to/for me here = ) By the way, my band’s one and only song that was released over a year ago is now seeing a bit of radio play in the States. This seems to be a first for a Finnish based band in our position.

    Truly sorry for your loss Gramma Jac, and anything not nice you had to experience before she went home. Love you much !!

    And, a prayer request. Oddly enough five people I know ALL had babies around the same time, with someone posting up-dates and pictures on facebook. On top of all that someone over in England also had a kid during this time with many people posting about it on facebook as well. This was a first for me. Not only with the up-dates and photos on facebook hting, but that so many were all having them pop out around the same time ! Anyway, one was interesting because I took care of her when she was an infant, and her younger sister who was posting up-dates I took care of for a night RIGHT after she got home from the hospital ! Mom and dad couldn’t be there until the next day. Anyway, he had to go to NICU for awhile, but all is good now.

    The other ‘interesting’ one is the surviving child of my cousin who’s husband successfully gunned down her, their two young boys, and then shot and killed himself. I have shared about this before. Anyway, her oldest daughter –now in her 30’s– just had a boy. She has a girl who is five, and just had the baby boy a few days ago. He too had to go to the NICU. We were informed awhile ago that all was good now and that he would get to go home tomorrow. But, this has now come in —

    “Bad news now – (the boy’s) heart slowed down drastically and they had to stimulate him. They are now going to do a 12 hour sleep test to find where the problem is. The infection is gone so it is not related.”

    Anyway; a request for prayer –and maybe some cherries– being tossed out here = )

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Tori…while I can’t see how you can possibly keep up with the writing deadlines you have understandably acquired, I still missed you here.

    Grandma Jack, please know that you and yours are in my prayers during these difficult days. But, just thing….she has touched His face!

    Congratulations, jonny, on your music making it over to our shores. I’ll be listening for it.

    Now about those cheeries and bad-looking drawyers, the bird in the sky and all that other sweet stuff…I was with your friend right up until she wanted me to put on swimming bloomers and let my fat roll. I mean, even an old lady has to drawn the line somewhere.

    Welcome home, sweetie pie. Now, I bet that suitcase is waiting…unless you are just gonna turn around and take off again. In which case, I would suggest you throw a couple of dryer sheets into your suitcase before leaving. They seem to be used for everything else these days.

  9. jonny

    “Gramma Jac, please know that you and yours are in my prayers during these difficult days.”

    Yep, should have mentioned that myself. Have been keeping many in prayer lately, a privilege to have you adn yours there as well now = )

    And speaking of prayer, here’s the latest on the baby bot prayer request I posted yesterday —

    “Status update – the sleep test came back negative for any issues, the valve issue is getting smaller with a 3 month follow up, and the PDA is closed, infection gone! (The boy) is coming home after his last anti biotic shot at 9pm tonight!”

    Thanks to those who may have proffered a prayer or two during this time = )

    LindaB: I wouldn’t blink an eye at your Bad Drawer. Because I know your heart.”

    Neither would eye :) Your heart is gold, and it’s clear that He is obviously purifying it to be as pure as He created it can be !! Grateful you’re His, and grateful to have bumped into you, and so many others, here at Bloomr = )

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    What wonderful news about the young boy, jonny. God is good.

  11. jonny

    Thanks Barbara; and yes, He continues to be :)

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