Super Bowl Sunday

Yesterday we stopped showing the house long enough to have a little impromptu Super Bowl party around here. Our beloved friend and producer from the Faroe Islands, Jakup Zachariassen was in town, and he brought a Faroese country music singer with him named Hallur Joenson. Neither one of them had ever witnessed the over-the-top excess of the Super Bowl before, so it was a bit of a cultural field trip for them. Of course, being Europeans, the concept of an entire nation going bat-shizz crazy over a sporting event is not completely foreign– we might have a multi-million $$ Beyonce half-time extravaganza, but they have soccer hooligans!

My brother Matt and his fabulous wife Carol joined us, and Madi was up for the weekend as well, so a fun time was had by all. Hallur had a working knowledge of the rudiments of American football, but Jakup was a total newbie– and may I just say that trying to explain the game to someone from another country makes you realize just how convoluted some of the rules are! My football education dates back to my high school cheerleading days, so there were definitely some gaps in my expertise– I’m still not totally sure what was going on those last few minutes, what with the ‘did that guy hold or not?’ non-call and the intentional safety..?  Luckily Matt and Russ were there to shed enlightenment.

Of course, as everyone knows, the most important part of a Super Bowl party is the food. And wait ’til I tell you what I did! Remember  that wonderful trip to Cincinnati and my introduction to the heaven that is Skyline Chili? Well, since this party was kind of spur of the moment, and I didn’t know if I would be remotely able to faithfully reproduce that magical concoction from a best-guess online recipe, I decided to go ahead and make my usual pretty-dang-delicious chili and add a secret ingredient: one package of frozen Skyline chili! It worked beautifully– it had all of things we love about my regular recipe, with just the hint of those mysterious Skyline notes of cinnamon and chocolate. I had a lot of topping options, like chopped onions, avocados, sour cream and Fritos. Our Faroese guests LOVED it and ate to the point of pain, which is the highest form of praise in my family– nothing says ‘successful meal’ quite like the sound of people groaning, loosening their belts and swearing they’re not going to eat for a week! I am indeed my mother’s daughter– her family nickname is The Food Pusher. I also made those crockpot lil’ smokies cocktail weenies, you know those ones with the  BBQ sauce/grape jelly combo? Love those. Then I made these little broiled open-face pepper jack pimento cheese on baguette slices sammies, and a big green salad and a pan of cornbread. Carol brought dessert, which were phyllo tarts filled with Nutella or lemon curd with fresh raspberries. It was a feast, ya’ll!

Here’s a pic Madi snapped with her phone: (Doesn’t my brother Matt have a GORGEOUS head of white hair? I swear, if I thought mine would ever look like that, I’d let it go natural. Um, not that it’s not natural now. OK, natural-ish. With a  little help. #blondetilIdie)


So, what did you guys do yesterday? Party, no party, Super Bowl or Downton Abbey?


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  1. LindaB

    There are no football fans in our house, only Red Wing fans. But I turned it on just to see the commercials and Beyounce sing. At the same time several of our family were watching for news of how Uncle Harry was doing—–we had a “group” on FB private message thingy and his daughter kept us informed about him all day. Anyway, I was Facebooking with one eye on the football game. I don’t know much about football, but after the lights went out when Baltimore was way ahead, and their coach had a temper tantrum over it, I heard people say he was angry because the delay could end his team’s “roll”. So I had to watch then to see if that was really possible. IT WAS! San Francisco came back like gang busters and I thought they could possibly win this thing! But they didn’t quite make it. But it was a white knuckle ending and I enjoyed watching it, to my surprise! I didn’t have any favorite to win, but I felt sorry for the 49er’s when they were so far behind. How humiliating is that? Those guys are some mother’s sons, after all.

  2. DonnaMariePatterson

    Well, since the Falcons lost previously, I wasn’t in the mood for football. I did watch Downton Abbey. The Dowager showed once again that she is a kindred spirit: ‘It seems a pity to miss such a good pudding’. You might want to follow @theLadyGrantham on Twitter. Your party food sounded delicious and the company an exciting challenge. It’s so nice when you can put on airs of knowledge (Lady Grantham: “Lie” is so unmusical a word) when amongst Europeans. ;-) I went to Long Horn with a friend and had a ‘Flo’s Filet’…. Yummy! I’m glad you quit showing your house long enough for your Super Bowl party! Nothing is better than Good Food, Good Friends and Good Conversation!!!!

  3. rachelbaker

    Well, your own resident ‘european soccer hooligan’ had a fantastic time roaring on her team (who up until last week were having an awful season) to victory over the current champions of Europe!! I know absolutely nothing about what you call football, and still can’t really see why you call it that at all!

    The only party I went to was a roller-disco for a 7 year old so can’t really be compared to yours!

    I am so going to come and eat at your house one day!!!

  4. Phyllis S

    OK, so being from and living on “the northshore” albeit across the lake from New Orleans, you can guess what was going on in our household! We had spent the previous week-end in “the city” enjoying Super Bowl and Mardi Gras mania and yes loved every minute of it.

    Tori, we ate at our favorite places like “Mothers” and “Acme Oyster House” and tried “K-Paul’s” and “NOLA’s”. AND No we did not have to pay these bills as my husband was entertaining clients (thank you, Lord). Everyone must do New Orleans during Mardi Gras, just don’t get no better that dat!!!!

    Back to your question about Super Sunday…yes we did have family over for the game. Hubby did smoked oysters on the grill and I made crawfish etouffee (no smart remarks LindaB) with fresh french bread and a Greek salad.

    Now sell the house, we need a Bell Buckle fix!!!!!

  5. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh dear, if only I had been there to simplify the game of football for Jackup. Right off the bat, you find out what color your team is wearing…and your team is decided by how long its been since they have won. Then you see which way they are “trying” to run so that whenever that bunch of fellas get close to that end you can cheer…well, most of the time. When in doubt, just check on what that team’s fans are doing…I mean if they are screaming and excited then you know to scream and be excited, too. It’s simple.

    Except for the time my aunt didn’t tell me she had gotten us tickets seating us on the side opposing her son’s team. I knew their colors and I had to “kindly” tell the man next to me he was rooting for the wrong team. I just wanted to be a blessing. And then he told me he kinda thought I was sitting on the wrong side. Who knew! When I was a majorette, I worried about my baton…not the cotton-pickin ballgame.

    Anybody wanna talk Braves’ baseball?

  6. LindaB

    Phyllis, where do you get your meat? The Orkin man?

  7. Phyllis S

    No, Linda! From the swamp….(think Shelby from Ax Man)

  8. LindaB

    LOL (((Phyllis))) You know I HAVE to tease ya!

  9. Phyllis S

    And I love it, Linda. :)

  10. auburn60

    I’m still trying to process Linda’s comment that there are no football fans in her house. That’s like speaking in an alien tongue around here.

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