Wordless Wednesday: Norway Edition




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  1. jonny

    Thanks for the pics = )

    Those tiny little wild raspberries are SOOOO packed with too much flavorful goodness !! And the salmon around here is truly the best, in my opinion = ) Oh, and has Russ lost some weight ??

  2. jonny

    Oh, and if I knew Russ was performing in Norway I could have easily come over for the show !! Sorry I missed you guys = /

  3. jonny

    And… the next time you are all this close I believe I could set up a concert/show or three for Russ in Finland as well = )

  4. themusicdoc

    Thanks for the beautiful photos…… “fart dempers??” Is that falling rocks ahead?

  5. jonny

    I think it’s ‘slow speed ahead.’ Literally ‘traffic calming,’ or ‘traffic dampening,’ or ‘speed calming/dampening.’

  6. tori

    themusicdoc– All I know is that it totally cracked up two teenaged girls and their father every time we saw it… They’re easy that way.

  7. jonny

    I wonder if those are supposed to be speed bumps in the warning triangle ??

  8. bettyrwoodward

    Lovely pictures and food! Love the family photo.

  9. Phyllis S

    Tori, your next adventure should be professional photography, these pictures are unbelievable! So glad it was a family adventure and the memories made are priceless.

    jonny, thanks for the explanation of “fart dempers”, I feel sure that here in the states this sign would NEVER mean anything slow or calming, esp. in a home where I raised 3 boys. (laughing so hard)

    Keep the pics coming…..

  10. jonny

    Interestingly enough, I bumped into a bunch of Norwegians visiting Helsinki last night. I did ask and they said it means ‘speed bumps ahead.’ Which could be awkward if one has gas as well and drives over those bumpy bits a little too fast I guess …

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I agree with sweet Phyllis…Tori, professional photographers have absolutely nothing on you, sweetheart.

    I’ve heard from a number of people who have visited Norway that it is possibly the most beautiful country they have ever visited. So, I must confess that this truth along with those precious folks in the foreground occasionally….sure made your job easier.

    You know, it might be dangerous to have Jeff Easter read that sign…….

  12. LindaB

    Beautiful flowers! Sweet family pics! Good show!

    Why is a statue of Marilyn Monroe in Norway? (Besides the obvious.)

    What are Madi and Char looking at through that big window?

    Did you have any ligonberry preserves while you were in that part of the world? Dr. Oz says ligonberries are the new superfruit! I had them once in Dor County, a heavily Norwegian-populated area of Wisconsin and loved them. I found them here in a gourmet food shoppe in Flint. Just wondered if you ate some while you were there and if you liked them.

  13. tori

    bettywoodward– Thanks!

    Phyllis S–Ha! You’re right, that sign had the opposite effect of ‘calming’ to my family!

    Momma Lloyd– Norway is ridiculously beautiful and photogenic– between the mountains, the coastline, scenic lakes, lush forests and charming towns, it’s hard to take a bad picture!

    LindaB– Yeah, we were a little mystified to find Marilyn posing at the waterfront! Apparently that town has a big film festival every year, so I guess it was kind of an homage to Hollywood or something… And yes, I had lingonberry jam, and as a topping for a dessert– in fact, in the photo of Charlotte’s beef steak, that side dish that looks like cranberry sauce is actually lingonberries!

  14. irenec

    Beautiful pictures,Tory! And yes ,we have a beautiful country…I`m glad you enjoyed beeing here.
    The Dad to Marilyn Monroe was from that town.Maybe he was born in US,I can not remember,but his relatives/family came from that town. Sooo…she is half norwegian :-)

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