Photo Friday

Here are some more shots from our visit to Alexandria…

** A lovely outdoor supper


**Bill sets the table


**Caprese salad


** She makes it look so easy.


**Homemade rhubarb/strawberry pie!


** Our sweet, sweet girls… (Char’s still getting the hang of her side-swept bangs.)


**Closeup of one of Bill’s trees– he has lovingly planted dozens and dozens of them over the years. This is a gorgeous Norwegian spruce.


**Garden path


**The swans are so graceful in the water… Out of the water? Not so much.


**Char faces off with a swan who is ‘protecting’ her babies.


**Madi returns from a midnight walk around the pond with a swan feather headdress.


**And finally, a beautiful grape arbor walkway– (I want one of these in Bell Buckle!)

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  1. Phyllis S

    Love the pictures, the Gaither compound is beautiful, but then again beautiful people.

    Love Madi’s headdress, let just hope she does not go on the war path. Char looks like she can give the swan a run….Run Char Run!!!!

    I was able to make a trip a week ago with hubby (actually is was a work trip for him and I played), on the way home, we made a quick, very quick detour to Bell Buckle, walked a couple of the stores, had lunch and an ice cream (about 2 hours) and were on our way home. Thought of you the entire time we were there and how much you will enjoy living in such a unique atmosphere. Praying that you sell your house and get moved soon.

  2. LindaB

    Lovely summer supper in a beautiful country setting! Lovely enough to be pictured on “Naps on the Porch”! Good job, Gloria!

    I love it that your girls seem to be having a good time! So many young people their age are restless around adults and want to be somewhere else. They look comfortable and happy to be there! Yayyyy Mom and Dad—–you done good! Those girls are keepers!

    I have to ask this though——you ate dinner outside in THIS UNBEARABLE HEAT??? Or was it cool in Indiana? Do the Gaithers have an air conditioned back yard?

  3. tori

    PhyllisS– (We’re headed to BB right this minute, to eat lunch at the cafe!)

    LindaB– The weather was GORGEOUS the whole time we were there, and then the morning we left we woke up to ridiculously high temps, and according to Gloria it’s been like that ever since!

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh that all looks so tasty,tempting, relaxing, and every other word that describes a good time with good friends.

    I know a bit about those very protective mother swans. My parents used to have a dirt pier that went out into the lake and every year the mama swans had babies. We couldn’t resist cautiously going out on the end of the pier and throwing them some bread. A friend painted mother a picture of one set of swans and mother had it in her bathroom for years. Now, one of the children have it.

    Those beautiful girls are growing by leaps and by bounds. Wish I could reach in there and just hug ‘em.

    I can see a garden path like this one in your future, Tori. I love that outdoor table….you must have one like it when you move. I like the rustic look and the extra width and everything about it. I’m already visualizing your little part of heaven….come this next spring….complete with the marvelous grape arbor. You got it made, babe.

  5. LindaB

    Okay, I have to ask this question……..when you’re having dinner with the Gaithers, who asks the blessing???

  6. tori

    At that particular meal? ME!
    At Madi’s birthday dinner, she did. At the other meals Bill and Russ.
    We’re equal opportunity pray-ers!

  7. LindaB

    Thanks for answering my question, Tori. I just can’t imagine praying in Gloria Gaither’s presence! I’m sure she’s very encouraging and sweet, but I’d be intimidated anyway. Of course, I can’t see YOU ever being intimidated! You go, Girl! And pray!

  8. jonny

    It all looks beautiful, lovely to me = )

  9. jonny

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