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Mom’s 96th Birthday Party

Sorry I’ve been so scarce around here this week– we got back from all of the festivities in Arkansas, just in time to have a SURPRISE house showing today! We’re not actually on the market yet, but we’re doing a special showing for some clients that sound like they are looking for something (at least on paper) exactly like our house… so we’re making it happen! Pray, saints!

Anyway, here are some photos from Mom’s big day, and I wanted to share them with you all!

**The cakes:


**The birthday girl:


**Mom gazing adoringly at my brother Jonnie (she always liked him best):


**These two are TROUBLE:

**That’s right– Daniel The Computer Genius and Madi Rose! 

**Here’s my sister Liz, my brother Jonnie and Liz’s sweet Sarah, the one with the brain tumor that you all so faithfully prayed for– it worked!

**Charlotte doing an homage to her Dad’s ‘Right Here Right Now” album cover:

**My elder sister, Carolyn– and yeah, she just loves it when we call her that. (BTW– for any of you out there that have ever said nice things about my skin, take a look at Carrie’s! And she’s actually rhymes-with schmeventy years old– no kidding.)

**My beautiful niece Caroline (Jonnie and Cyndi’s daughter) patting Mom’s faithful Pandy:

**Madi loves her Nanno  (who kinda looks like she’s missing Papa in this picture… She kept saying,  “Don just loved it when we were all together like this.”)

**My brother Matt and his lovely Carol :

**We had a great night (That’s my nephew Andrew next to Madi):


**And Mom thoroughly enjoyed herself– she just loves to be surrounded by thundering hordes of family!


We Have a Winner!

Rachel, our friend from across the pond nailed it! The feathers do indeed belong to a Northern flicker– how in the world did you figure that out, Rachel?!

I got online and looked and looked, and finally came across a website that helped identify all kinds of feathers. The Northern flicker is a member of the woodpecker family, and at first glance it doesn’t appear to have any feathers that look like the ones in the picture– but then there were photos of the underside of their wings, and there it was!

Here are the photos:

The feathers–


And here’s a Northern flicker– handsome devil, isn’t he?

And here are those elusive feathers:


Annnnd that’s about it for this episode of Babybloomr’s Wild Kingdom!


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