“Wordless” Wednesday: Deck Flowers Edition (BONUS– a quiz!)

First the quiz: Can ANYBODY identify what (Tennessee) bird these feathers came from? We’re stumped! Leave an answer in the comments if you recognize them.

Annnnd now on to the deck: here’s the beauty I bask in every morning when I take my coffee out to the deck…

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  1. jonny

    The infamous ‘Yellow and Black Feathered Bird of Tennessee’ ?? = /

    “here’s the beauty I bask in every morning when I take my coffee out to the deck…”

    Yeah, yeah, rub it in ; )

  2. Bill Strebler

    That wouldn’t be your gold finch, would it? It’s hard to judge the size.

  3. jonny

    I do believe this may be the first time in ‘Bloomr history that the first three posts were from the guys –

  4. tori

    Way to jump in there, GUYS!! The feathers are actually too long to come from a goldfinch– they’re about 5, 6 inches long. Also, they are kind of a dark gold color instead of that bright canary yellow of the goldfinches.

    (Which does beg the question, why do they call them ‘gold’ finches if they are actually ‘canary’ yellow…?)

  5. LindaB

    You got me! Don’t know where those feathers came from, but I bet I know some old ladies from that fashion blog from a few posts back that would wear them!

    Nice flowers, Nature Lady! Very pretty. Are you sure you want to move and leave all that?

  6. tori

    LindaB– I’m taking them with me!

  7. LindaB

    That’s a plan! Go for it.

  8. auburn60

    Actually, I don’t think the feathers come from a Tennessee bird at all. They look like maybe a yellow-tailed hawk. TN has red-tailed hawks and we have a LOT of those around here, which is why I happen to have any knowledge about hawks at all–I see them everywhere. I have noticed them dropping straight down from the sky and carrying off rabbits in their talons right by the side of the road, so that made me curious about them. They have a huge wingspan and look like eagles until you look at their heads. Those feathers look like the red-tails’ tail feathers except…um…yellow. But I think yellows are supposed to live further west. Maybe a red-tail brought a yellow-tail to visit TN? OK,I’m resigning from the Audubon Society now.

  9. tori

    auburn60– Ok, seriously? My whole family were members of the Audubon Society! I grew up sleeping through their films at the meetings! That’s probably why things like this fascinate me. Actually, they aren’t my feathers, they belong to a woman I met in Bell Buckle. I think I’ve just about figured it out…

  10. Bill Strebler

    I think at least three of those are tail feathers, which makes me wonder if a cat caught the bird by the tail. I went to http://www.whatbird.com/browse/objs/All/birds_na_147/38/Location/6428/Tennessee and decided against ever becoming an ornithologist, because it made my brain hurt looking at all those birds. There are lots of warblers in Tennessee with yellow, and the occasional other bird, but none of the ones that got my attention really seemed like a good candidate.

  11. jonny

    So, enlighten us please; what have you figured out ?? = )

  12. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, I know where those feathers came from. They came from that bird that President Obama “forgave” at Thanksgiving….and he was so grateful, when he flew over that lady’s house, he left a few feathers for her Easter hat. The Easter Bunny told him she needed ‘em.

    I tell you, Tori, you have a green thumb all the way up to your elbow. I bet if you planted those feathers, you’d have enough to make Easter bonnets for all three Taff girls…come next year.

    But if that doesn’t work out and you can somehow bribe that lady, maybe Russ could be gentle with them, one at a time of course, and put it between his teeth when he gets that dream tractor reved up and perking along.

  13. LindaB

    Is there an Indian casino in Bell Buckle? And perhaps a chief whose headdress is missing a few feathers?

  14. rachelbaker

    Northern Flicker? (Seriously, haven’t got a clue)!

    Beautiful flowers. With the exception of one week in March, spring in North East England has been a total wash out and colder than Christmas. I’m craving sunshine.

  15. jonny

    Hope you get some sunshine soon !!! = )

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