Wordless Wednesday: How I Spent My Day

A stop at my beloved local library, then a drive in the country and a veggie plate lunch at Miller’s Grocery. I loved my life today.

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  1. LindaB

    What a pleasant day you had! And after navigating the ridiculously complicated world of college financial aid and scholarships, you needed the break! And lunch out is always a good idea. Is that black-eyed peas and hoe cakes?

    I spent my day fashioning a doll out of old rags and naming it “Allstate”…..so I can stick pins in it tonight. (That’s not very spiritual, is it. Sorry.)

  2. jonny

    Coolness = )

  3. bettyrwoodward

    Glad you had a good day. Hope all the forms are finished now.

  4. Gramma Jac

    Ahh-hh-hh!! Looks like the perfect day!

  5. jonny
  6. jonny

    Just a perfect day
    With my library I’ll start
    And then later, when it gets dark, I’ll go home

    Just a perfect day
    Enjoying the country hew
    Then later a veggie plate too, and then home

    Oh it’s such a perfect day
    I’m glad I spent it with you
    Oh such a perfect day
    You just keep me hanging on
    You just keep me hanging on

    = )

  7. rachelbaker

    That made me smile (as did jonny’s lyrical adaptation)!

  8. meb

    Oh how I wish I could lock myself away in a library for days on end…
    But I do have one question regarding the veggie plate? What vegetable is show that appears to have whipped cream and a cherry on top? Maybe that would be the way to get my family to eat more veggies.

  9. Gramma Jac

    small j–Loved the video!

  10. jonny

    Thanks Gramma Jac !! = )

  11. LindaB

    Okay, if jonny can write poetry here, why can’t I? Especially since I’m bored to tears tonight. This is for you, Tori!

    Today, this day, I’ll do what I please,
    I’ll wander, and drive, and follow a breeze.
    Perhaps I will find an great house I can buy,
    And no one will take it, and it won’t make me cry!
    Or a place with some books, standing up in a row,
    And I’ll read and I’ll browse…. find cool things to know.

    And hopefully come to a nice place to eat,
    Oh glorious flavorful black-eyed peas!
    Some hoe cakes, all cooked to southern perfection,
    Surely angels guided me in this direction!
    To wash it all down, it can only be
    The sweet amber glow of a glass of iced tea.

    But sooner or later, sadly I find
    I’ve suddenly regretfully run out of time.
    I turn toward home, put my foot to the metal,
    The day’s almost ending, there are things to settle.
    Like forms and questions, and numbers and things,
    The details that living and loving brings.

    But I am refreshed, I feel like I’m new.
    Renewed by a day with not much to do!
    It’s time to look forward….honor one that I love,
    Find a knockout dress to wear to the Doves!
    It can’t be too flashy, too daring, too short,
    The academy would never approve of that sort!
    But it has to be gorgeous, strike just the right chord..
    Cause this body is my “Lifetime Achievement Award”!

    (I told you I was bored. Forgive me.)

  12. LindaB

    I liked yours, too, jonny! It’s very “Rockstar-ish”. Mine is very “smart aleck-ish”.

  13. tori

    OK, small j and LindaB just entered the ‘Bloomr HALL OF FAME!!!! I am laughing my head off– they are both such perfect examples of the two of you!!! I love this so much!!!

  14. jonny

    Actually Former, after posting the video link I wondered if I should, or could, redo the opening verse to Perfect Day. I of course remembered your poetic efforts in the past here in Bloomr-land and thought ‘why not’ !! If LB can do it, why can’t I at least give it a shot !? Honest. I forgot to make big the ‘Y’ in the first ‘you,’ but I’m guessing, hoping it still communicated.

    And congrats on safely delivering an eight pound meatloaf, Tori !! I’m sure the rest of the fam is thrilled with the new addition to the clan as well = )

  15. jonny

    Oh, and Gramma Jac inspired the video idea, but that may have been obvious = )

  16. LindaB

    Whoaaaaa, I’m in the Hall of Fame!!! I hope there’s a recliner in there! And snacks!

  17. jonny

    You are, and we just made Bloomr history !! We are the Yin and Yang of Bloomr-land, baby !! If Bloomr provides the recliner, I’ll bring the snacks = )

  18. jonny

    Or, we are the pie filling and the crust !! Or, we are the Betty and The Boop !! Or, we bring the cake and eat it, too !!!

  19. jonny

    Oh, and looks like Tori is not the only one who paints perfectly good red brick yellow !!


  20. jonny

    A reminder; my friend Maria starts this new treatment for her leukemia in Madrid tomorrow. Prayers would still be so much appreciated = )

  21. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Shall I read a good book
    Or, take a long ride?
    Maybe stop at Millers
    Fora snack on the side

    I’ll check out the homes
    As I pass each one by
    Oh there’s a beauty
    But the price is too high

    No matter, I say
    As I continue along
    Forgetting those finances
    Even singing a song

    It does me so good
    To get out and just roam
    I always feel better
    When it’s time to go home

    For on the seat beside me
    I’ve got a great book
    With no one at home
    Won’t even have to cook

    So I’ll finish my day
    That waas made just for me
    Reading and sipping
    A cold glass of tea

    Just like sweet Scarlett
    Without a hint of sorrow
    Those dadburn finances
    I’ll think of tomorrow

    Well shucks, folks, I had to come to the party.

  22. jonny

    I’m afraid Momma Love just out-did both of us Former; without even breakin’ a sweat = /

  23. LindaB

    I know, I know! And she can bake fabulous cakes too!!!

  24. jonny

    Hope to actually experience a cake of her’s someday = )

  25. tori

    GO MOMMA LLOYD!!!! Show us how it’s done!

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