Wordless Wednesday: Pip’s Kidney Crisis Averted, Now Recuperating At Home

(And yes, he has a sock monkey bed. Don’t judge.)

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  1. jonny

    I would expect no less from ol’ butt-nip !! Or, is he now ‘kidney-nip’ ?? Anyway, really nice to see him home and resting with those who love and care for him so !! = )

  2. tori

    small j: I am hand-feeding him bits of turkey, ham and chicken, coaxing him to drink water, carrying him outside to pee and letting him rest on my bed all day. Seriously, if I were the other two dogs I would fake a heart attack and get in on some of this action.

  3. jonny

    You Rock, as usual !! = ) Oh, and the other dogs are probably secretly wishing they could be pampered so, but they probably also got this ‘pride/ego’ contest thing going on between the two of them as well !! I hope that made sense = / And did he have to lose a kidney ?? I’m assuming dogs have two. Oh, and I think it’s supposed to be ‘Butt-Nipped.’ Somehow, over the many months, I lost the extra ‘p’ and an ‘ed’ = /

  4. Gramma Jac

    Thanks a lot–my two little dogs are quite upset over their lack of a sock-monkey bed! I reminded them that they generally sleep with us anyway, but they are still in a bit of a snit!

    (I have been home for a week after shoulder surgery–tomorrow I return to work, so they’ll REALLY be in a snit then!)

  5. jonny

    It’s not always easy being a dog = /

  6. tori

    Gramma Jac: Our bed is too high and our dogs are too little for them to sleep with us… Well, that and the fact that Russ would probably permanently relocate to the couch! (And take it easy at work, OK? Do you feel ready to go back?)

  7. bettyrwoodward

    So glad that Pip is home to enjoy the pampering. Lucky boy!

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, I didn’t know Pipp had a problem. I’m thankful he is doing so well. When a pet is sick or hurt, it’s part of the family. He looks so cozy all curled up in his bed and on your bed I just want to say, “Awwwww.”

  9. Gramma Jac

    Made it thru my first day back with flying colors!

    As to our dogs sleeping with us,…sometimes we all peacefully coexist. Sometimes the dogs get shut out of the room–but they whine! So sometimes they win and David sleeps elsewhere!! (Just being honest!)

    Funny thing: I am one of those people that goes to bed late, gets up early, so when I do sleep, I sleep like a rock. The dogs don’t even TRY to wake me if they have to go outside–it’s straight to “Papa”. Sometimes I’ll still be UP and they wake David because they still think I’m a lost cause!!

    Night all!Hugs to Pip! ((Pip))

  10. jonny

    For what it’s worth, I’m still not judging.

  11. jonny

    Another prayer request for Maria. On Monday she will be seeing a doctor in Madrid and staying there for a couple days to see about starting a new treatment. There seems to be some new hope connected with this new treatment.


  12. Bill Strebler

    Tori, it sounds like you need some of those steps for small dogs to get into beds that are too high for them, plus a great dane that likes to sleep on the couch to keep Russ off of there. Then before bed give him a grape soda spiked with children’s Benadryl syrup so he’ll sleep soundly, and to get rid of the grogginess in the morning you can boil down some Mountain Dew and add a little maple flavoring to make pancake syrup. That should about do it.

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