Reason #234857234857 I Was Born Into The Right Family:

You’re welcome.

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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  1. LindaB

    LOL More cute hats! And happy faces!

    Somehow, my 64 year old brain thought March 15th was St. Patrick’s Day, so on Thursday I made a big pot of corned beef and cabbage and made my granddaughter wear a green shirt to school. And no one called me on it—–I found out my mistake from TV. So…..I guess I was born into the right family too! :)

  2. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I remember when I used make a green four-leaf clover cake; a heart-shaped cake; and either a bunny cake or a cross…and we celebratede every holiday to some degree….some more than others. I thought it my duty to put out a few decorations and cook something representative of each occasion….except for April Fools Day, which was my mother’s birthday. Come to think about it, that is probably why. I mean, it had to be one of the birthdays, for goodness sake. And it was fun! Somehow I’ve kinda slipped out of those kinda little extra fun things and I just now realizede that shouldn’t be.

  3. MostlySunny

    LOVE IT!!!! And your expressions…

    Pittsburgh does it BIG here on St. Patrick’s Day – parade and all. Everyone’s wearing gawdy green stuff, eating green food and drinking green drinks. We don’t dye the river green or anything (like Chicago), Just looked out the window and my neighbor’s even in green — he’s like 80! I’m wearing black and white – sooo not Irish!

    The weather is fantastic though!!! Will get out in the yard and start some clean-up — right after the basketball game. My NCAA bracket is soooooo busted!!!!

  4. jonny

    = )

  5. jonny

    Happy Mother’s Day to Betty and Rachel; and all other Bloomr mums it may apply to today = )

  6. jonny

    And please keep ol’ butt-nip in prayer. I just read he’s not doing well at the moment = /

  7. weegie

    St. Patrick’s Day has a special meeting at our house. It is my wife’s birthday! Needless to say, I never forget my wife’s birthday or St. Patrick’s Day.

  8. auburn60

    Well, Megan and I were trying to leave our downtown Atlanta hotel on Sat. just as the St. Patrick’s Day parade was starting. Traffic was totally screwed up, even with a huge police presence, people were still turned the wrong way and trying to get out of the way of the oncoming marching bands and not run over any parade-watchers at the same time. To exit the parking garage we had to turn right into the path of the oncoming parade,complete with bagpipes and floats. So I did what any well-bred Southern girl would do…I rolled my window down and waved royally until we cleared the crowd.

  9. Gramma Jac

    Auburn60–I’m impressed!!! That’s class!

  10. jonny

    ‘Class’ is Mrs. 60’s maiden name !! = )

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Savannah, Georgia, had a huge parade…even had the army base in it and all kinds of attire on people. In fact, it was stated that for the past twwo or three years the Savannah parade has been bigger and more glorious (for lack of another word) than the parade in New York City.

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