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  1. Phyllis S

    I instantly become a 6 year old when bubble wrap is present!

  2. rachelbaker

    Who are you calling mature?

  3. chillybean

    okay….so driving home the other night, I saw a big roll of bubble wrap in the middle of the road. I almost stopped to pick it up. I am kicking myself now that I didn’t!!!

  4. MostlySunny

    I witnessed that very thing last week in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. I was on a tour with a bunch of 7th graders from Ft. Worth, TX, but it wasn’t the 7th graders doing this. It was the “kids” from William & Mary College “studying” at the bookstore.

  5. belinda

    lol and it just calls your name and you have to pop it…..and you can’t do just one, you have to continue popping.

  6. Gramma Jac

    OMGoodness!! There have been so many of these little sayings on Facebook that I kind of ignore them. BUT the other day I saw this one and had to read it to my son–I am the biggest kid in the family when it comes to bubble wrap!!! :-)

  7. LindaB

    I never pop bubble wrap. Don’t like it. Does that mean I’m mature?

  8. bettyrwoodward

    Why does popping bubble wrap stop us being mature???!!! lol.

  9. JanetB

    Ok, ya’ll…I’ve worked at The UPS Store for the last 3 years…I am now, sadly, immune to the lure of the bubble wrap. Is there a cure for this, do you think? A 12-step program, maybe…?

    LindaB…absolutely not. heh heh heh

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I never want to throw it away when it comes in a package; but then I never can find it when I need it. It isn’t much use anyway once my kids discover it…then there is no more bubble…..kinda like my body.

  11. Phyllis S

    Mature and LindaB do not belong in the same sentence…..Thanks Goodness

  12. LindaB

    That’s what I thought, Phyllis. I was just dreaming.

  13. Phyllis S


  14. Bill Strebler

    If I have a sheet of bubble wrap with even one bubble popped I start wondering if there’s some way I could repair it. Maybe with a syringe and super glue? The cut bubbles along the edges really bother me!

  15. jonny

    Immune-ed = /

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