Wordy Wednesday

I thought I’d break with tradition today– since I’m doing a lot of talking and not much photo-taking this week, I decided this particular Wednesday didn’t feel particularly “Wordless” to me. So I’m going to take just a minute to tell you 5 things I learned these last few days, and then I’m going to invite you to leave me 5 things you learned this week! OK?

Here’s my list:

#1. Hanging out with friends you rarely get to really spend time with is one of life’s sweetest pleasures.

#2. If you are lucky enough to hang out with those kind of friends, you will spend an inordinate amount of time taking turns talking about your children (and possibly grandchildren, depending on how old your old friends are.)

#3. Some people are so amazingly touched-by-God talented that it’s hard to believe. (And frankly, kind of unfair to the rest of us, God. Just saying.)

#4. If I am given the opportunity to stay up until 3:30 in the morning two nights in a row discussing life, God, music, politics and the Kardashians with some of the finest minds I know, I WILL TAKE IT– even if I end up looking like a raccoon by day 3.

#5. Sometimes I think heaven is going to be a lot like #4. (Probably minus the Kardashian talk, but with lots of Mexican food.)

**Ragan Courtney and Cynthia Clawson

**Paul Johnson

**Donny McGuire, Reba Rambo McGuire, the one and only Mark Lowry

So… What did you learn this week?

13 Responses

  1. Eldonna

    I was going to say that I learned that your life is a lot more interesting than mine. But…I already knew that. :) I’m so glad you are having a wonderful time with your friends.


  2. JanetB

    Well…I’ve spent the last two weeks focused on one of my cats, Patience Kitty…she is 14 years old & was in the ICU for a week with pancreatitis. She came home a week ago, but still wouldn’t eat on her own, so we (mostly I) have been force-feeding her. She hates it. I hate it. So…

    #1 – Force-feeding cats is not fun, for either one of you.

    #2 – You can never have too many old towels & washcloths.

    #3 – God hears you, even when you’re crying so hard, you can’t form words. Maybe that’s when He hears the best?

    #4 – There is no joy like seeing my baby girl EAT on her own. FINALLY! (This was last night…oh what a relief it is!)

    #5 – I am eternally grateful to the wonderful staff at the animal hospital, who tirelessly worked to figure out what was wrong with Patience and helped her to recover. God bless ‘em.

    Ok…I’ve got to give her a pill (antibiotic). She hates that, too. Too bad. :)

  3. rachelbaker

    This week? hmmm

    1. Sometimes, when you have a certain type of cold, and the house is quiet you can actually hear yourself blink – and it’s quite off-putting if you’re trying to sleep or read.

    2. Leading a singing time for 30 toddlers when you have the same certain type of cold is incredibly disorientating and draining.

    3. It is possible for one recently toilet-trained 2 year old to have an accident and as a result of this one accident, three 2 year olds to need a change of clothes.

    4. Being married for 9 years is GREAT.

    5. If you actually expect God to answer your prayers, you’re more likely to see them answered. If this is difficult the best place to start is by praying for increased expectation. (I kind of knew this one before but was reminded this week)!

  4. emt_patton229

    #1 – Sometimes “being there” for a friend means not knowing exactly what to say, but listening and hugging as needed.

    #2 – Just because you really want something, that doesn’t mean that those are God’s plans. HIS plans are infinitely better than anything you could dream up. So, rather than be disappointed in things that didn’t happen, look for the things that HE will make happen instead.

    #3 – As silly as you look, when you really miss a family member, it’s ok to just go sit at their grave and talk as if they are right there.

    #4 – You don’t realize how much you love being married (a whole 6 and a half months now!) until you come home to find a tarantula on the porch and you can ask your husband to deal with it. :)

    Love you and miss you, Aunt Tori!

  5. Gramma Jac

    Looks like a fun week. I’m seeing Mark–and the rest of the GVB–in just a few hours. (Friday night–from an audience seat!)

    What I’ve learned this week:
    1.)Sometimes, when the motivation is right–and I go into super-focus mode–I can accomplish an amazing number of things in a very short time!!

    2.) Giving it to God–including stress/worry–helps me get focused for #1.

    3.)November 21, my husband and I will be married 3o (gasp!)years and we’re leaving in a few hours on a mini-trip (including the GVB concert). Well, I knew all that–what I learned is, after 30 years, I still can hardly wait to spend a few relaxed days with him!!

    4.) Driving an hour on slippery roads is easier when I stop worrying what other people think and drive as slow as I want, with some gospel music playing!! (And I didn’t know I could go thru so many variations of slippery roads in only an hour!)

    5.) I am so BLESSED with friends and family–I need to slow down and enjoy them!!!

    Oh and I have a shopping list for the GVB concert–how do I end up with TWO CD cases with NO CD’s??? Weird! Time to replace!

  6. Gramma Jac

    30 years–did I mention I got married when I was 5?

    6.) A little white lie among friends–when it’s about my age–probably isn’t so bad!


  7. LindaB

    Well! Ms. Tori! You’re having about as much fun as a person can have without needing a lawyer! You are living my dream life! And it looks good on you! Enjoy!

    What did I learn this week? I learned no matter what life teaches me, a few days later—- I’ll forget it.

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Let’s see…..

    1. I learned that most of the time the person who seems most unloveable is the one who needs to be loved the most.

    2. I learned that while I love everyone, some are just a little bit easier to love than others.

    3. I learned that sometimes the only way you can forgive someone is to keep asking God to help you….and the funniest thing is that He always does.

    4. I learned to put aside my expectations and, therefore, to enjoy each event just as it comes.

    5. I learned that not only am I happier but so is everyone around me when I concentrate on that half of my cup that is full…and brimming over.

    And now I think I need a No. 6. I learned that my conscience is already bothering me, so I must tell you that I learned this not this past week but it took me almost 81 years.

    And then there is No. 7, and it does have to do with this week…because my sweet Russ (adoption is beautiful) is havng a birthday today, November 11th. I’d call and sing Happy Birthday to him….but I learned one day awhile back that the happy had suddenly left my singing.

  9. LindaB

    I learned that when I meet a person who is too hard to love, I’ll give them Barb’s phone number!


  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Sweet Linda, when I don’t recognize the phone number I always answer “Jotten’s Down Store…Abner Peabody speaking.” I’m not responsible for Abner.

  11. belinda

    Your time with very special friends sounds perfect. There is nothing like having those special connections, just makes life so much better.

    What did I learn?

    1. God is always so faithful!

    2. How much we rely on ways of communication and so thankful that even though I am hundreds of miles away, I can be kept up on a family members surgery and know what all is going on.

    3. That there are still those special friends that when I say I need some prayer warriors that they will ALWAYS be there and I know when we have a need they are really praying.

    4. God heard those prayers and answered one more time. So thankful!

    5. The love between sisters is something so special. Your heart totally breaks when she is not doing good and such a relief after you know things are better.

    6. Praying for a loved one is a lot more important than sleep. Would do it all over again any time.

    7. That family is always there when you need them.

    It is nice to be reminded of these special things and know that no matter what, there are always people who will be there when you need it. God, family, friends…….Life is good.

  12. belinda

    1. learned what it is to be in way too many earthquakes.

    2. learned I do not like the helpless feeling of an earthquake.

    3. learned how fast facebook lights up everytime we have an earthquake, everybody coming out to make sure everybody is okay and to see “did you feel that”.

    4. learned we all felt helpless and none of us like it.

    5. no warning for a earthquake, at least our other storms we know they are coming and have heads up.

    6. do not like this new experience and hope we do not have any more.

  13. jonny

    I’ve been wondering why Former gave me Barb’s number after visiting her last May…

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