Wordless Wednesday: A Tennessee Tobacco Barn and a Halloween Indian…

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  1. LindaB

    Is that barn where they hang the tobacco leaves to dry? Is that tobacco leaves I see? Cool. (But I guess it could also be Camel, or Marboro, or something.) Is that barn on your new estate? Still praying that deal goes through and you can quit living in your car.

    Awwwwwww, the chick has returned to the nest in time for Halloween! And trick or treating. Cute! What did you dress up like, Tori? And Charlotte? And how is Madi doing in college? And living on her own? And how are YOU doing wondering how she’s doing?

  2. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, this is the third time I have started this….my nails need doing….or at least I will blame it on why everything has disappeared twice. Besides, Linda has asked my questions about the girls and I love the pictures….have either of the girls ever had a bad picture of themselves? That one is adorable. The only thing missing is a report on how the Taffs spent Halloween.

    And a belated Happy 35th wedding anniversary to my sweet peas. I love you bunches!

  3. LindaB

    Oh yeah! I second those happy anniversary wishes! Love you guys!

  4. Phyllis S

    Pic #1 – Awesome character

    Pic #2 – Awesome attitude

    Character + Attitude = MADI

  5. jonny

    Happy 35th !! So glad you both are still together… and ROCK as a couple !! = )

    Love the moccasins ! Serious !!

  6. VA-Cathy

    Especially with that expression, Madi looks a lot like her daddy! Look at that mouth, chin and jaw line.

  7. LindaB

    That picture makes me want a Coke! And I can’t because of the sugar. Diet Coke just doesn’t taste like “The real thing”! So, I’ll go have a diet Vernors and shut up.

    Is the house sold yet???

  8. jonny

    And I suddenly, strangely, have a rather odd craving for a cigarette for some reason… = /

  9. LindaB

    Don’t even thing about it! It’s bad for your vocal chords. Stick with root beer.

  10. jonny

    Actually, have a cold one in my hands at the moment !!

  11. Bill Strebler

    How do you get your root beer to stay lit? Now that’s got me missing digging sassafras roots with my dad. Maybe I can talk him into it after Christmas. My back hurts just thinking about it. Maybe I can get a bottle of sassafras concentrate at the Cracker Barrel for him for Christmas instead. We’ll probably both be better off.

  12. jonny

    “How do you get your root beer to stay lit?”

    A mis-spent youth, and years of practice–

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