Just Another Random Photo Friday… BUT WAIT!

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this week… I have been keeping up with all of your comments however, even though I didn’t answer them– I promise I will talk back more this week. (You have to appreciate the irony of ME having to promise anyone I’ll start talking more!)

I INTERRUPT THIS (pretty boring) POST (that I actually started writing last night) WITH AN EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT:


Kinda like this guy:

(This is not my actual coyote, I was too busy hopping around wringing my hands and doing an  “I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthing babies!” Prissy-from-Gone-With-the-Wind impression to go get my camera.)

Or THIS one:

(They just LOOK like they’re guilty of something, don’t they?)

If you follow me on Twitter/Facebook you’ve already heard me ranting about this all morning, but hey, I have never even seen a coyote before (outside of Roadrunner cartoons) and I was shocked at how honkin’ HUGE the dang thing was! Also? Not remotely afraid of me– which, granted I’m not that scary in person, but I waved my arms around and assumed a really threatening look on my face and he basically just yawned and flipped me the paw. Then after a short time of relaxing in the sun he casually ambled off towards the tree line.

All the while, I was frantically dialing Williamson County Animal Control (FYI, they don’t do coyotes) and then the TN Wildlife Agency, where a very nice woman with a calm voice told me that they are ‘opportunity predators’ so I might not want to let my small yappy dogs out unattended because yes, coyotes would indeed eat them. (Apparently they could be mistaken for squirrels, which to be honest I have thought that exact same thing before but I never mentioned it out loud for fear of hurting their little yappy feelings.) She also said that I needed to scare it away any time I saw it by making a loud noise, so that it would look at ME as the predator and I would be sending the message that it was not welcome in my territory, blah di blah blah… To be honest, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention at that point, I had kind of drifted off to my happy place where I was enjoying picturing myself dressed in an Alpha Coyote costume, pacing back and forth on the deck beating my chest and yelling obscenities at the terrified coyote cowering in my yard. BUT THEN I totally snapped back because I heard her say “… and you might want to think about getting an air horn.”

Hold up. An air horn? How fun would that be?!!!!

So while I’m busily Googling “air horns, Brentwood TN” please enjoy my original post, which basically consists of a bunch of unrelated photos with captions. But that’s not really my fault because I am now suffering from Post Traumatic Coyote Syndrome, and can’t possibly be expected to come up with something entertaining after almost being killed by a wild animal just a few short hours ago. Evangelistically speaking.

Anyway, enjoy!

**In food news, here is a shot of my homemade pesto sauce (from my basil plants) and the last of my summer tomatoes:

**And here are my ripening Meyer lemons– I can’t wait, they are so good! Last year SOMEONE in this house (rhymes with Schmarlotte) totally ate, like, 8 out the 11 lemons that little tree produced, right out of her hand like an orange. I’m watching their progress closely so I can get the jump on her.

**It’s that time of year again when my thoughts turn to crafts… more specifically, wreaths. I found this one on the intrawebs yesterday; it’s made out of those tamale corn husks you can get in the Hispanic section of the grocery store. Isn’t it fabulous? I just may do it! (In my spare time, between air horn solos, of course.)

** Last weekend Russ, Charlotte and I went up to the lakehouse, and one evening we drove down to the marina and went bank-fishing. The few nibbles we got were apparently from fish too small to even eat the entire worm off of the stinkin’ hook (Fish: “Oh no thanks, that’s plenty for me, I’m full…”), but it was fun anyway. Russ took these pictures of Char and I– doesn’t she have lovely fishing posture, by the way?

** And lastly, in the spirit of last week’s famous Walker’s Shoes and Cheese sign (and in honor of the incredible business names you guys told me about in the comments!), here is a sign I saw this week in Columbia, TN on the top of a restaurant that will be opening very soon. And I am totally going to eat there when they do. I love the South.

15 Responses

  1. DonnaMariePatterson

    I know I’ve said it before, but I just have to say it again: I LOVE YOUR WRITING!! (yeah – I was yelling)

  2. tori

    Aw….. *digs toe in the dirt*

  3. LindaB

    ” …but I waved my arms around and assumed a really threatening look on my face…..”
    BA HA HA HA HA! I’m sure THAT scared the coyote urine right out of him!!! He’ll probably be back tomorrow with his “wife” and little baby coyotes for tea!

    I suggested on FB that you should mark your own territory, like they do, but don’t use the airhorn at the same time. Your neighbors would all have “for sale” signs in their yards by morning!

  4. LindaB

    Hey! You don’t have your deer problem anymore, do ya?

  5. blondie

    Okay, I was in danger of waking the resident short person while reading this. Laughing. Out. Loud.

  6. Gramma Jac

    OK, first the Prissy imitation is a great mental picture!!

    Second, re: PTCS (Post Traumatic Coyote Syndrome)–I may need your mailing address. I’m running to Hallmark tomorrow to see if they have PTCS cards and, if they do, I’ll need to know where to send one!

    BTW, did you like the George Clooney ad?

  7. Gramma Jac

    And another BTW, I guard our little dogs–I was gonna say “like a hawk” but really “from hawks” and other birds of prey! We have a maltihuahua that looks like a chihuahua and a maltihuahuapoo (maltese/chihuahua/poodle) that SOMEHOW came out looking like a yorkie or maybe a yorkiepoo!!! Strange, but she’s my little love!

    So buy that airhorn already!!!!

  8. Gramma Jac

    I was laughing through Tori’s post,…but I just reread yours LindaB and if the coyote wasn’t incontinent, I may have been from giggling!

  9. tori

    Linda B– No seriously, I can look really threatening! OK, not really, my kids never bought it either. And I didn’t have a deer problem this spring because I didn’t plant my garden this year.

    Blondie– I’m here to amuse. And scare coyotes.

    Gramma Jac– OK, you had me at maltihuahuapoo …

  10. rachelbaker

    Those Coyotes ARE big! I’m very happy that the only wild visitors to my back garden recently have been hedgehogs (heartbreakingly cute).

    I want to try one of those lemons!

    Guess what? Summer has come to England at last! Apparently its the 1st of October today but my kids have been running around in the garden dressed in swimsuits having massive water fights. I had to put suncream on all of us. They had 6 weeks off school in the ‘summer’ and not once was it dry enough or warm enough for suncream or water play. I don’t understand – I’m just enjoying it. 4 whole days of warmth!

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, we have coyotes, too, and I worry about my little Lucy out in our yard. I’ve been told they are an endangered sopecies and that really confuses me when there will soon be a ratio of 10 to 1, coyotes vs. peoople around here. Okay, give one or two on each side. But therfe are a blooming lot of ‘em! And they are showing up in groves (my fingers are crossed) in large cities and havily populated places. Tori, I wish you would cme down here and stand on my deck with that guaranteed-to-eliminate-preditors-look. By the way, bring along that lucious lemon bush and the pasta ‘n tomatoes dish. Gracious, and don’t forget your hubby and the houng-ins.

  12. Gramma Jac

    I tweeted this to you,…but who’da thunk it–http://www.air-horns.net/

    Come on back coyote,…I dare ya!

    Barbara, who is Lucy? (Dog? Breed?)

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Grandma Jack, Lucy is my miniature Snalzer (sp). She allows me to live with her. And, even though she is small, she is a great big Taff fan, too. She keeps asking if she may wear my No. 1 Russ Taff fan button, but I’m still holding out on that one.

  14. Bill Strebler

    My dad has at least one Meyer lemon tree that he is fond of. Mine is unlabeled, so I guess I have to wait until it has a lemon then take it to my dad, the family citrus expert, to identify.

    I kind of liked watching the coyote run across my hay field every morning, but they do tend to eat things people would prefer were not eaten, like chickens, small dogs, cats and cute bunnies. They also carry disease like parvo. Parvo lives in the soil for a good while, and parvo vaccinations aren’t 100% effective, especially in young dogs. If you’re concerned about the air horn bothering the neighbors maybe a paint ball gun would be as fun. I mean effective.

    That pasta dish looks like my lunch yesterday, except I didn’t get a tomato. Squirrels stole most of our tomatoes. Or maybe they were small tree climbing dogs that look like squirrels.

    I have trouble talking myself into actually paying for corn husks, but it is easier after having lost my entire 1.5 acre crop of corn from drought and flooding in consecutive years. Then, once I buy them, I can’t seem to talk anyone into making tamales. Fortunately I live in an area with lots of home-made, authentic tamales available.

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