Wordless Wednesday: Twitter Edition. With words.

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  1. LindaB

    Okay. I woke up this morning and went to Facebook……..and it was all discombobulated. I thought I was in the first stages of Alzheimers…..things that were familiar were askew. So I hurried over here to Babybloomr to get some stability, some solid ground to stand on. To hear some hilarious or moving account of something that happened in Toriville. What did I find? I don’t know, but I think it’s about Madi having a lot of dates this month talking about her mother, Tori is speechless, and apparently the dates don’t want to talk about it anymore? Or something like that? Please help me.

    I’m gonna check my pill reminder to make sure I took my blood pressure med, and then I’m going back to bed.

  2. LindaB

    Like, when does Tori not know how to respond to anything???

    Is this Babybloomr?

  3. LindaB

    I’m all by myself here, ain’t I? Everyone’s gone.

    HEY! You’re having that Babybloomr get together without me, aren’t ya? I can’t believe it! Somebody call me!

  4. rachelbaker

    OK, this made me laugh.

    But, Tori, surely, as the Mother, the only response is ‘EVERY date you’ve been on this month, exactly how many is that?’

    LindaB – NO WAY – there could NEVER be a bloomr get together without you!!

    And, the facebook thing is just plain annoying. I’m sure we’ll get used to it in time, I just can’t be bothered at the moment to actually figure out how it all works.

  5. LindaB

    (((((Rachel)))) It’s SO GOOD to see you!!!! Thank heavens!

  6. Gramma Jac

    I had a so-so day; then I had a giggle with Tori! But LindaB, you made my day–LOVE YOU!!

  7. LindaB

    I love you too, Gramma Jac!!! Very much! (I’m telling everyone I know right now how much they mean to me. I heard diabetics are high risk for Alzheimers this week. If my mind checks out early before the rest of me, I don’t wanna leave stuff unsaid…….if you know what I mean.)

    I love all the rest of you, too!

    And George Clooney, I need your e-mail address.

  8. Gramma Jac

    Just remember, we SHARE here! (In case you get George’s e-mail address!)

  9. LindaB

    Ha ha!

  10. auburn60

    Linda, I had computer issues this week or I would have been here sooner.

    Do you really think all of us are organized enough to arrange a get-together without major drama AND close-mouthed enough to then keep it from you? Seriously.

    I saw the twitter exchanges earlier between Madi and Tori and had to stop myself from firing off an e-mail to Madi to get further details. Y’ know–nosy stuff like: How many dates are we talking? Who are the guys? How did you meet them? Would your Dad approve? What did you say about Tori? Did you warn these guys that you come complete with an entourage of interested parties? Do I need to take a day trip and check them out? Or just do my usual internet stalking? (You people think I’m kidding–I’ve found out lots of stuff about people my kids know through just a little…ahem…inquiry.) ‘Stalking’ is such an ugly word.

  11. LindaB

    Oh boy, Alyson, you’re the bomb! I would LOVE to check out people (you’re right—stalking is an ugly word) on the internet! But I’m too easily distracted and end up wandering around clicking on irrelevant stuff and forget who I’m “researching” eventually….or finding out that it’s gonna cost me and I’m not THAT “nosey”!

    And I hear ya about the questions to Madi! I thought that too——like, what was she saying about her Mom to her DATES! And was it anything like this: That’s my Mom there—hiding in the bushes with the binoculars! Or, come back to my dorm and meet my Mom—-she’s been here for two weeks. (Just teasin’ ya, Tori Dear!)

  12. KellyBurton

    Linda cracked me up with this one.

    Madi…is my second favorite college freshman in the whole wide world.

  13. LindaB

    Madi is my first favorite college freshman! In fact, living in Clio, I don’t really know that many people who’ve ACTUALLY BEEN to college who weren’t expelled for various reasons.

  14. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Woulden’t you know this would be3 one of those times when my little man would stoop reading to me…..and here I am wanting to know all about Madi’s dates, for goodness sake. If I squint hard enough I’m able to pick up a word every fourth paragraph…….what I ome up with can either be interesting or scary. So, I’m giving up and going into prayer for my precious Madi. I’m not in the least concerned about her decisions …..but oh my, those boys!

  15. jonny

    Love it !! = )

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