Tori’s Excellent NQC Adventure *UPDATED* (For Momma Lloyd)

OK, why does everyone who sees me walking around at the National Quartet Convention do a Jerry Lewis double-take and say something like, “What are YOU doing here?!”  It kinda hurts my feelings, I totally thought I blended in.

I am officially here to promote Homecoming Radio, and I am having an inordinate amount of fun. I have only been to NQC twice before– once, a couple of weeks after Russ and I got married and he had just joined the Imperials, and then another time a few years ago when I drove up to interview George Younce. This is the first time I have actually spent a few days here, and been able to walk around and soak up the atmosphere. Honestly, if you were not a southern gospel music fan before you got here, I betcha you would be by the time you leave. There are so many great performers here– some of whom I can actually name! (It would be a lot easier for me to keep these people straight if A) they would all wear name tags B) they WOULDN’T dress alike and C)  family groups would quit marrying into other family groups– I keep getting the Crabbs/Bowlings/Hoppers connections confused, for example.)

I have seen some incredibly colorful characters and completely unexpected booths while walking around these halls. I’m doing my best to get lots of pictures for you guys, but to get the full effect you’re just going to have to come see it for yourself! Here’s just a taste:

**Did you know that artists are not the only ones with booths at NQC? There’s also this:

**It’s a very popular aisle.

**It has a wide variety of goods.

**And apparently addresses a wide variety of concerns as well.

** The purchase of a new toe ring should not be taken lightly. It requires careful thought and a custom fitting…

The food court is another very popular place. At the fried everything chicken booth, business was booming…

The salad booth? Not so much.

And finally, here’s a quick little clip of an unexpected encounter I had this evening.  I’m still not sure what he was doing there, but to be honest I now have a few concerns about that whole ‘naughty or nice’ thing…


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  1. Gramma Jac

    “He’s knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good,…” Sorry, just humming to myself, but perhaps you should do some soul-searching! I’m just sayin’! :-)

  2. Gramma Jac

    Oops–an extra ‘s in there at the beginning. Perhaps because it’s almost 1 a.m.!

  3. DonnaMariePatterson

    Hi Tori! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of NQC. I love the ‘toe-ring’ picture. Wish I were there enjoying all that Southern Gospel!!! I will be at the Gaither thingy next month at Myrtle Beach. Are you are going to be there? I hope so!!!

  4. Phyllis S

    Our group will also be in MB next month, we need to meet and say hi.

  5. Phyllis S

    So Tori, need a picture of the toe ring, maybe we should get Mammalloyd one….just saying….hahaha, bet she pops her head in now!

  6. DonnaMariePatterson

    Phyllis – I would love to meet with all of you. Just let me know where and when. :-)

  7. BrownEyedGirl

    Great pictures – poor salad booth guy so lonely ;o/

  8. rachelbaker

    I always thought I’d enjoy a trip to the NQC … now, I’m not quite so sure!!

    It seems it would be an interesting cultural experience, and I would love to be there for the big GVB reunion concert thing tonight :)

  9. auburn60

    Should have worn your pirate wench costume. That would have confused ol’ St. Nick. And given everyone something to talk about. Heh,heh.

  10. Phyllis S

    The usual meeting place is around Russ’s table 30 to 45 minutes before concert begins. Just listen for the noisy bunch, that us!

    Also the luncheon is after the morning concert, upstairs in the rest., please make plans to join us for great fellowship. You need to sign up on the group site on Gaithernet…..hope to see you there.

  11. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Just received a call from a friend shouting that my Russ brought the house down at the Quartet Convention with “Hold to God’s Unchanging hand.” Report is it was absolutely beautiful. Of course, this is no less than I expected and if the crowd went wild, then there must have been a bunch of music authorities there, for goodness sake.

    Okay now, Mrs. Taff, don’t be shy with at least a couple of RT photos……please.

    And Phyllis, a toe ring is my next attemppt at staying young, sweet pea.

  12. tori

    Momma Lloyd– This new picture is ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh, my sweet Tori…..I love the picture. Well, shucks, I love the man (and his wife and beautiful daughters, too) You’ve made me very happy, sweet pea…..and everybody else here, too.

  14. DonnaMariePatterson

    Phyllis – Thanks for the info. I will be looking for ya’ll! I tried to sign up for the luncheon but it won’t let me until the new Gaither site is moved (or something like that. I’ll check again later.

    Mama Lloyd – I hope that you are doing better and you are going to MB too!!

  15. JanetB

    Hey, Phyllis! I’ll be at MB, too. And – going to the luncheon. I told Momma Lloyd that I’d wear bells, just for her. :)
    I’m listening to Russ sing Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand right at this moment, via the on-demand video. Wow. And, he’s got some mighty good backup singers, too. Awesome.
    (Tori, your guy looks a bit tired…maybe that garage-cleaning adventure did him in? he he he j/k)
    I want to go to the NQC someday…if only for the funnel cakes & corn dogs…
    Gosh – I need new glasses. I thought the sign read Macky’s Cricket Closet. (No thanks, I already have some.)

    Momma Lloyd…so good to see you over here! Blessings, sweetie.

  16. jonny

    Yay !! Barbara ‘Momma’ Lloyd is posting again !! Woooo – hooooooo…….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved the little Santa vid = )

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