Wordless Wednesday: “Russ Taff Self-Portrait With Plaque” Edition

(FOR MORE INFOhttp://www.russtaff.com/?p=267)

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  1. Phyllis S

    Love the shoes….what size, what brand, how long have you had them?

  2. Phyllis S

    Seriously, congratulations and give us a little more info on this honor.

  3. phwd737

    Is this plaque in Hot Springs?
    Very Cool! Congrats!

  4. tori

    Check out the link at the bottom of the picture!

  5. jonny

    Neat-o Bandit-o = ) Congrats !!

  6. gracelynn

    ALRIGHT! Congratulations to Russ! Definitely well deserved. Might have to take a trip someday to see the plaque. ;)

  7. belinda

    Congratulations to Russ, very well deserved.

  8. LindaB

    That is beyond cool! It’s absolutely frigid! Love the reflection in the stone! Did he do that on purpose? But no portrait of Russ Taff is complete without a coffee mug!

    I read the article on his website and thought that was so typical of Russ to give his adopted family credit! And desire that someone would see the plaque and be encouraged to follow their dreams! I just love your husband, Tori………in a grandmotherly way, of course! Honest.

  9. Gramma Jac

    Congratulations–what an incredible honor!!

  10. gracelynn

    Excellent point, LindaB. Russ has such a wonderful heart for others!

    I’d let Russ use my I Am Loved mug for the picture but I have a cup of Sumatra in it right now and would like to finish it first LOL.

  11. bettyrwoodward

    Congratulations Russ and I’m sure your prayer will be answered.

  12. jonny

    “I prayed this morning that maybe one person would pass by this plaque in the ground and be inspired, and it could spark them to follow their dreams, too.”

    Well, at least one person who saw a picture of it was = /

  13. chillybean

    This is very cool!

  14. Phyllis S

    Excellent write up and such a deserved recognition.

    Tori, I know how proud you and the girls are and rightly so.

    Way to go Russ and keep the journey going.

  15. swerchon


    Your buttons must be popping with pride, I know mine are. Wow a great achievement and honour. (standing ovation and clapping excessively)!

    Loved the pic of Russ, I could feel how uncomfortable he must have been with all the praises and attention bestowed on him. Yes his body language was LOUD and CLEAR. I believe he feels more comfortable giving praise then being the recipient of it. Gotta love a humble man!!

    Russ is so deserving of this and I’m sure there are more accolades coming his way. A talent like his always shines through.

    Way to go, keep “sang-ing” purdy and writing great songs Russ, we love it!!!


  16. LindaB

    And that’s sweet Charlotte in the picture accompanying the article! Hi Char! Lookin’ good!!!

  17. auburn60

    Well, cool. And I thought it was awesome that June got to speak. I always say there is a special place in Heaven for those who take in children to whom they did not give birth.

  18. LindaB

    I agree wholeheartedly, Alyson!!! They are very very special people!

  19. LindaB

    (Mayor Ruth Carney presented Russ with a framed proclamation officially declaring September 3rd as “Russ Taff Day.”)
    What an honor! Does that mean every Sept. 3rd you all have to go to Arkansas and do whatever Russ wants to do……..’cause it’s “his” day?

  20. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my, this is so well deserved….and it just thrills my heart.

  21. bettyrwoodward

    Great to see you back Momma LLoyd. Still praying for a complete recovery.

  22. auburn60

    Normally I would not ask for this but we found out there is a school using an automatic voting program for another of these athletes, so…it’s on! Pulling out all the stops!

    If you vote for MATT I will appreciate it.


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