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Wordless Wednesday: Guess That Food!

There’s a Real Good Chance Hell Is Freezing Over Right About Now

Russ Taff– you’ve heard of him, right?– just spent 5 days cleaning out our garage.

(And he’s not through yet!) I am not even kidding.

And yes, I realize that begs the question “HOW MUCH STUFF COULD BE IN ONE DANG GARAGE THAT IT WOULD TAKE 5 WHOLE DAYS TO CLEAN IT OUT?” Let’s just say that it has something to do with the fact that we moved in to this house six years ago and we still had unopened boxes in there, blah blah blah whatever. Also? There’s at least about a thousand pounds of Russ Taff’s miscellaneous crap from I- have-no-idea-where.

Anyway, the point is, he totally just spent 5 days cleaning out our garage!!!! I would SO marry him right now if I hadn’t already done that. Seriously. I am now following him around the house batting my eyelashes and smiling in a decidedly come hither manner. I may or may not have even purred at one point. I’m easy that way. I can’t be held responsible for my behavior, folks– he’s cleaning out the garage!

Here’s a couple of ‘during the process’ photos, which won’t give you the full effect, but you can kinda get a feel for the sheer wonder of it all… That mountain of trash bags, by the way, are going to Goodwill– and they are all but 2 filled with Russ’ clothes. That boy hasn’t gotten rid of anything since the Reagan administration, I think.


He totally earned this.

Don’t  you just wanna kiss him right on his sweaty little cheek? ME TOO!

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