There’s a Real Good Chance Hell Is Freezing Over Right About Now

Russ Taff– you’ve heard of him, right?– just spent 5 days cleaning out our garage.

(And he’s not through yet!) I am not even kidding.

And yes, I realize that begs the question “HOW MUCH STUFF COULD BE IN ONE DANG GARAGE THAT IT WOULD TAKE 5 WHOLE DAYS TO CLEAN IT OUT?” Let’s just say that it has something to do with the fact that we moved in to this house six years ago and we still had unopened boxes in there, blah blah blah whatever. Also? There’s at least about a thousand pounds of Russ Taff’s miscellaneous crap from I- have-no-idea-where.

Anyway, the point is, he totally just spent 5 days cleaning out our garage!!!! I would SO marry him right now if I hadn’t already done that. Seriously. I am now following him around the house batting my eyelashes and smiling in a decidedly come hither manner. I may or may not have even purred at one point. I’m easy that way. I can’t be held responsible for my behavior, folks– he’s cleaning out the garage!

Here’s a couple of ‘during the process’ photos, which won’t give you the full effect, but you can kinda get a feel for the sheer wonder of it all… That mountain of trash bags, by the way, are going to Goodwill– and they are all but 2 filled with Russ’ clothes. That boy hasn’t gotten rid of anything since the Reagan administration, I think.


He totally earned this.

Don’t  you just wanna kiss him right on his sweaty little cheek? ME TOO!

27 Responses

  1. jonny

    Nope. I wanna jump on top of him on that southern type swing-ie thing, knocking his drink over, and kiss both cheeks in a rather macho fashion. Mercy ! He’s a better man than I’ll ever be = /

  2. jonny

    OK, take two ! This the a result of a Bloomr no-edit option, for what it’s worth.

    Nope. I wanna jump on top of him in that southern type swing-ie thing, knocking his drink over, grasping his shirt collars and kiss both cheeks in a rather macho fashion. Mercy ! He’s more man than I’ll ever be = /

    I think I’m finished now.

  3. delightedabroad

    You’re married to such a brave man, Tori!

    I’ll probably comment later again, have to prepare a tutoring lesson -in spite of a migraine :-/

  4. Phyllis S

    He not only is our favorite singer, but he can clean too, what more could you ask for!

  5. Gramma Jac

    Could he come do my basement next?!? :-)

  6. Gramma Jac

    He could have a whole second career–not as lucrative, but LOTS of kisses on his sweaty little cheeks!

  7. Phyllis S

    I will fix crawfish etouffe, gumbo and alligator if he will do our shop!

  8. gracelynn

    Go Russ! If he’ll come clean out that upstairs bedroom, I’ll make him a coconut cake!! I’m afraid to go in there sometimes LOL. And what is really sad is I have the time to do it now since I have no job. I just can’t get motivated LOL.

  9. Tanya Sykes

    Yep, this man deserves a RE-ward for sure! Before we moved to Texas I was pretty sure we were just going to have to burn the garage down… We finally weeded through it. My hat is off to Russ for sure!

  10. jd2008

    HE DID WHAT!??!?!

    Having seen your garage I know what a TASK that is. That’s amazing! Good for him! Hope your summah is going well. And tell Charlo I said Hi…

  11. LindaB

    OMG! This is such a coincidence! Only we are cleaning out our whole house! My daughter and her daughter have moved back home. And I hesitate to say this…….because if she reads this she will deny it and be so mad at me…..but I’m afraid she’s a………she’s a…..hoarder. She lived in a trailer, for heaven’s sakes, and she had more “stuff” packed in there—–it reminded me of the clown car at the circus…..things just kept coming outta there and coming and coming. It took us over two weeks to get her things over here, and we left a lot of stuff at the curb for the garbage man! It has filled up our two car garage, half our basement, and two outdoor decks……not to mention what we’ve integrated into our home and given away. We now have enough yarn that when measured end to end would go from here to Jupiter and back four times! We have THREE knitting machines (“they all do different things, Mom!”), 32 cake mixes, 18 bottles of salad dressing, every shoe she ever had since age 15—–enough to make Emelda Marcos say, “Dang, you got too many shoes, Girl!”……and MORE! She has a duffel bag the size of a small car FILLED with “health and beauty products”. We have to park OUTSIDE the garage now. And it’s HOT! AND, to make matters worse, we have to clean out OUR MESS before we can move HERS into the house. Hubby is moving all his wood and woodworking equipment into the polebarn to make room for the girls. So first, we move her stuff across town to here, then move his stuff to the barn, then move her stuff into the house, and all the while keeping the house running ’cause the world doesn’t stop because we’re moving. And Alanna has planned an overnight birthday party for Chloe Thursday. I think the word is OVERWHELMING!

    We are also planning for the worlds largest garage sale soon! But we really are happy to have them here. She VACUUMS EVERY DAY!!! YAY!!! And Chloe helps me in the garden, and whenever I need her to, she will crack eggs for me!!!

    BTW, I didn’t know multiple Grammy winners had to clean out their own garages. Incredible.

  12. jonny

    Hmmm… too bad I can’t be there for the garage sale…

  13. weegie

    This is my 1st post. However, I have been following this site for years. After reading the “garage cleaning” post, I felt I needed to respond.

    I can relate to what Russ is doing. My family just moved a few weeks ago and I had very high aspirations of having everything out of boxes and the garage cleaned out by last weekend. Now I know that if I can beat “6 years” I am not doing too bad.

    Tori, I have enjoyed babybloomr for several years and am a fan. I also enjoy Russ’s music and have been following him since the Imperial days in the 70’s, the “Medals” concerts of the 80’s.

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Bless his little angel bones (didn’t you expect me to say that?). Shine, I want to kiss his sweaty cheek everytime he sings one song and walks off the stage. Guess I’m easier than you, sweet Tori. But then, I have that momma mentality, ya know. I kinda have a feeling that sundeck ministers to all generations of the Taff family….and does it so nicely.

    In case you missed it yesterday….HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY TO CHARLOTTE.

  15. Gramma Jac

    Yes, Happy belated birthday to Charlotte!

    That sundeck does minister, doesn’t it?!?Maybe I would get my own basement cleaned IF when I got done Tori would bring me an ice tea out on her sundeck! Hmm-mm, it’s a thought!!

  16. Gramma Jac

    Course, I’ve got the broken shoulder thing going,…maybe I could play on her sympathy and get the sundeck and the ice tea, without cleaning my basement! LOL!

  17. MostlySunny

    I do love a clean garage! Just remember where you parked the car and not to call the police thinking it has been stolen. It’s in the GARAGE ’cause it fits in there!

    Yea for Russ…you ARE the man!!!

    And I do love your deck; it’s so inviting.

    And your Mom is just so darn cute!

    And, I’ll have a glass of that sweet tea! Thank you very much!

  18. jonny

    Whoa ! Sweet Sixteen !! Happy be-lated, girl !! = )

    And, weegie = FRESH BLOOD !!!!! = € (that’s supposed to be a vampire face, in case one couldn’t tell)

    Thanks for de-lurking = )

  19. tori

    I’ll totally pass on those sweet birthday wishes to Charlo…
    HOWEVER– she’s only 15! Don’t rush this any faster than it’s already going, for crying out loud!!!

  20. jonny


  21. blondie

    Well, in the words of the Flylady (google her, she’s great,) “You are supposed to sing, ‘Please release me, let me go,’ from the point of view of the clutter.” :) However, what really helped me get rid of stuff was moving into a house with VERY few closets. (We’ve kept the plastic container people in business!)

    Way to go Russ, that tea was well-deserved!

    Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

  22. chillybean

    ahh…a fellow packrat! I love it! Way to go Russ! (He cleaned it, does this mean he dumped things? Are you having one heck of a garage sale? Or did he just reorganize into carefully labeled bins?)
    Like I explained to Carolyn, moving and getting married are a sure fire way to unload years of hoarding, I mean, careful saving and preservation of dear memorabilia and important and valuable items. Is he moving and getting married too? haha!

  23. chillybean

    oh yeah…Happy Birthday to Charlotte!!
    Does 15 mean she can get her driver’s permit this year?

  24. Phyllis S


    “Hoarding”, like Extreme Hoarding, does that mean we may see Russ on a reality show?

  25. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh dear, my apology to Charlotte. My calendar led me astray, for goodness sake. But I’ll have the right number next year. You know, when I think back it comes to me that Char was 14 last year. Lucy probably changed the number when I wasn’t looking. Ya think? Well, give Char a great big 15th birthday hug from me, please.

  26. cropnotesandcrafts

    I just found your blog today and have been ROTFLMBO! I so agree with what I have read thus far. Keep it up!

  27. jonny

    OK, a wonderful man, Pastor Bill Walden of Calvary Chapel Napa, CA, posted this on his facebook page:

    I went ahead and posted it on quite possibly the leading Lone Ranger message-board. Now at least a couple Green Hornet fans would like to know if he could also do The Flight of the Bumble Bee ! Anyone know how to get in touch with Mr. Buddy Green ?? = )

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