Pip’s New Best Friend

Ok, so we have this doe that has decided Pip is hilarious and seems to thoroughly enjoy getting that tiny geriatric little yapper to LOSE HIS MIND by coming startlingly close yet tantalizingly just out of reach. We’ve spotted her standing and staring while Pip barks his fool head off a couple of times, but yesterday Russ took this video when he heard the deer knocking on the fence! Pip almost broke a hip from all of the wagging– and then the deer calmly strolled away…

Apparently I am very easily entertained, because honestly? I laughed until I got the hiccups when I saw this.

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  1. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh, Tori, that is just too cute. Obviously, Pipps likes ‘em long legged and blonde!

  2. Gramma Jac

    So my two little yippers (one of whom is about 5 pounds and thinks she can take on critters a LOT bigger than her!) had to bark at this video! So I’m laughing at Pip, then at Molly and Lilly,…what would we do without these little ones?!?!

  3. meb

    Okay, so that got my dog in on the action too. Only she’s a Border Collie/Bassett Hound mix so her bark is not as dainty as Pips is.

  4. bettyrwoodward

    That is just so cute. Wish I had deer that close to my house!

  5. carsmith

    Pip, the guard/yard dog. Too funny.

  6. LindaB

    I want the vitamins PIP’S taking!

    That deer probably thinks Pip’s a squeak toy!

  7. Busy Mom

    Made a new user name. Am I somebody, now?

  8. tori

    You’re like, the QUEEN OF SOMEBODIES!!!

  9. jonny

    I love Pip ! There; said it, and proud I did so !!

    Got something to throw your way, ladies. As some may remember, my niece just graduated from high-school. Even though it’s a little late in the game, I’d still like to get her something. A couple ideas that came to mind would be the books The Giving Tree, or The Little Prince. But then realized, both have male lead characters. Wondering if there would be something cool out there like that with a female lead in it ??

    Oh, and happy Father’s Day to the dads out there who’s countries celebrate it today !! = )

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