Strike You Speechless Thursday (I missed Wordless Wednesday.)

This photo is courtesy of my sweet friend Bobby Maupin, who was kind enough not to use it as blackmail, thus freeing me to share this with the entire intrawebs as a testament to the fact that yes, the 80’s WERE just as embarrassing as we remember.

I’d like to also add that I did actually have a face at the time of this photo, it’s just that the blinding spotlight apparently washed it out. Too bad it couldn’t have done that to my outfit. And no, I probably wasn’t really singing– as I recall, I would be trotted out on the encores and would usually just pull a Linda McCartney-type move and *look* like I was…

P.S. On top of the bumblebee striped skirt and polka-dotted leggings? The jacket was houndstooth. Sadly, my big-ass hair bow doesn’t show because it was on the other side of my over-permed head, and my Michael Jackson buckle boots are obscured by the monitor.  The entire ensemble was louder than the band.


25 Responses

  1. delightedabroad

    Just “WOW”!
    Perhaps I’ll be able to speak again later on… :-)

  2. pj

    oh. my…

  3. bettyrwoodward

    My indeed. Who is worse you or Russ?

  4. bettyrwoodward

    or should I say best?

  5. tori

    I’d have to say I think I took it on this one, but not by a very wide margin:

    Russ WAS rockin’ a major mullet, a Medals pin and one of those “What was THAT about?” dangly silver-tipped belt thingys that an L.A. stylist brought in for a photo shoot and made Russ feel very, very cool…

  6. itsvikki2u

    hmmm, scary. Altho I think the leggings are cute! You look very Pat Benatar(ish)

  7. LindaB

    Bahahahahahahaha!!! I don’t mean to………..bahahahahahaha….to laugh so…..bahahahahaha….laugh so hard, but this is…..HILARIOUS! And you added a big ass hair bow to that ensemble??? What makes it so funny is that you are so fashionable now and I can’t imagine what………well, nevermind. But you are a cute little bumble bee! And Russ has been stung obviously!

  8. DonnaMariePatterson

    fUN TimEs and SweeeeeeT memories! Don’t you just love it?!

  9. Cynthia

    Oh Sweetie you both were the height of fashion!! I just love walking down memory lane.

  10. Franz Rivers

    Judging by what I can see of Russ’s face, I’m tempted to trace this to…’87 or thereabouts. By the way…when exactly did Russ lose the ‘stache? Maybe this is my youth showing, but I kind of miss it.

  11. LOpitz

    hahahah love it. I vividly remember uncle Russ’s mullet and your monstrous bows :) And am I remembering correctly a driver’s license pic featuring a feather boa..?? Love you and miss you!

  12. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Until I read what you wrote about it, I plum thought it was my eyesight, darlin.

  13. blondie

    Oh my goodness, I TOTALLY remember this outfit! For some reason this makes me think of the head-full of pink sponge curlers that I dutifully rolled out and meticulously pulled apart to create a mop of hair, per your instructions. (don’t forget the BIG bow to set it off!) I learned two or three “happenin” hair-dos from you during those instructional evenings at Aunt June’s. :) Too Funny!

  14. JanetB

    I think you should blow it up & display it. That would really make you stop & think before getting a tattoo, now wouldn’t it? ;)

    (Momma Lloyd, you are a wicked funny woman.)

    Feather boa….?

  15. rachelbaker

    Thanks for making me laugh :)

    I’m slightly scared that, in this part of England at least, the fashion of the 80s seems to be making a bit of a comeback. I try not to make my smirks to obvious when I walk past some people in the shops, but don’t know how successful I am.

  16. BrownEyedGirl


  17. gracelynn

    LOL I almost did a spit take with my coffee Tori when I actually saw the picture. I was reading what you had typed and then scrolled down. ROTFL Thanks for the laugh – I needed that!

  18. MostlySunny

    Oh dear! Yes, speechless…(as I race through my photos albums looking for evidence to tear up and toss!)

  19. auburn60

    I like the guy under the flag who looks like David Spade.

  20. tori

    auburn60– HA!! That was our epic keyboard genius, the incomparable Larry Hall! And the fabulous Greg Sparks is on the right…

  21. LindaB

    OMG! He DOES look like David Spade!!!! Amazing likeness!

  22. tori

    blondie– Yes, sadly I would imagine you DO remember this outfit… despite years of therapy to block out the memory! And if you can dig up a picture of YOU with the pink-sponge-roller-hairdo extravaganza, you KNOW I will post it!

  23. blondie

    I’m sure there’s photographic evidence. But, um… you know how things get lost during a move… (she shifts uncomfortably in her chair)

  24. carsmith

    Wow………too funny. Love it, love it. Brings back memories. That snazzy black and gold outfit sure looks like something a Trojan cheerleader might wear. And Russ, words escape me at the moment but you two were just the cutest couple then and still are. I remember the pink sponge rollers. When we moved Jim exclaimed they must be multiplying being left along in those dark places. Every time he opened a drawer he found one of those darn rollers and we would laugh.
    Love the picture.

  25. carsmith

    Drivers License wearing a feather boa??? That must have been a prop of photographer’s way back when. Don’t we wish we could have kept our old drivers license. Maybe not.
    I remember having my picture made at the beauty shop (I know that sounds sooo wrong now) and they draped a pink feather boa around my neck. This was in the 70’s and I hadn’t had a picture made in years. I was so proud of that picture and even gave one to my parents. I found that picture in my 92 yr old father’s wallet. I guess his friends thought his daughter worked in a dance hall.
    My how styles change.

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