Wordless Wednesday: Madi’s Graduation Edition

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  1. Cynthia

    Precious! Her life on her own is just beginning; may she run and not be weary, and may she walk and not faint.

  2. auburn60

    OK…so let me sort through the things racing through my mind when I saw these pics…

    That pose, in the first picture, is exactly how Madi looked the first time I ever saw her. She was leaning against a door-jamb in a conference room at FF. Tori called her over so we could meet and Madi and friends stood and talked to me for several minutes, very politely pretending that a middle-aged woman they’d never seen before could have something to say that might interest them.

    The picture of Tori speaking makes me remember when my girls graduated–especially the oldest one. You feel like there’s so much you should be able to say that sums up your child’s 18 years with you, but it’s sort of an impossible task. When we left Megan in her college dorm room for the last time I felt I was required to say something deep and meaningful… I finally came up with something like: ‘You’re going to have so much fun!’

    Madi, I hope you’ll let me come take you out to eat or something once you get to college. I want to hear how it’s going…especially if you still intend to pursue the career path you stated earlier (as it was also MY career path!)

    And finally, I am profoundly grateful that I do not have to attend ANY graduations this year! After flying to Boston for Megan’s college graduation last year, getting home 24 hours later for Meredith’s college graduation, then attending the local HS graduation I break out in hives when I hear ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ these days.

  3. tori

    cynthia– What a perfect verse!

    auburn60– OK, you’re making me kind of misty and I’ve barely only had one cup of coffee, so I am not ready for this yet! I remember that meting very well… (I also remember that little jaunt with our daughters that we took in Gatlinburg with me behind the wheel of Russ’ giant vehicle as I searched the back roads for that one pottery place I wanted to find so I could get my dang chickadee mug!) I bet you ARE ready to be through with graduations– that was A LOT last year!

  4. auburn60

    Well, yes, a couple of things about THAT…

    You always leave out the part about the u-turn in the intersection! :)
    Annd…I am forever on the lookout for chickadee mugs in any pottery, china or glassware establishment since that day. Also…I had that extended conversation with the lady who worked there and got her whole life history…ya’ll were amused at my gift for gab…don’t know WHY…

    But, seriously, it was also while in Boston that weekend that I found out about Betty. Had been ‘out-of-the-loop’ for several days and happened to check my phone that morning at breakfast before boarding plane. Never forget how shocked I was. But Betty is surely smiling down with pride on Madi.

  5. Phyllis R

    Ok, I have never met Madi in person, but I got so teary eyed. I wish her all the best in this life. :)

  6. LindaB

    Sweet sweet pictures! Congrats to the graduate!

    I first met Madi years ago at F.F. She was around 13 or 14. And it was at a Gaithernet party…….a room full of adult strangers to her. And she conversed with those adults easily and confidently…..like they were her favorite aunts or uncles. There wasn’t a trace of that usual teenage “I can’t wait to get outta here and be with my friends!”! I was thoroughly impressed!!! She was so poised for her age! Like Alyson said, you got the impression that she was really interested in what we had to say. And she was so polite and thoughtful! I thought she was WONDERFUL! You can always tell those young people that were raised well! Mom and Dad have done a fabulous job! Tori, I think you have passed along to your daughter your excellent people skills, and that will serve her well in whatever she chooses to do in this life!

    To Madi: I know we are going to hear good things from you as you conquer college, Girl! And there’s a group of us here that will be praying and wishing you the best! God bless you, Sweet Madi Rose! You make your parents proud! And you make us proud too!

  7. MostlySunny

    So sweet. And what a milestone in life. Way to go, Madi! What proud parents and sis!

    I’ve never met you (or anyone else I’ve been conversing with here) but here are my words of wisdom and unsolicited advice —

    Remember where you came from and the people who made you who you are today.

    One day you’re gonna wake up and realize that your parents are pretty dang smart.

    Don’t “settle” when it come to guys; the right one is out there, just be patient.

    Right is right, even if nobody’s doing it; wrong is still wrong even if everyone’s doing it (the late Jack Kemp’s Mom)

    God loves you and He DOES have a plan for your life; stay the course.

    You’ve got a “great cloud of witnesses” cheering you on!

    All the best that God has for you…

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh my goodness, I love these pictures. Made me smile and eyes filled with tears at the same time.

    Gracious, I couldn’t agree more about how Madi can hold her own in any conversation with all ages. She has so much charm and poise that belies her age…..and she is so pretty….inside and out. I just love her.

    Congratulations, sweetheart. You will be successful at whatever you choose to be….we will be praying for God to keep smiling down on you.

    I love you, sweet Madi.

  9. rodB

    Awesome! Congrats to ALL of you..but mostly Madi! :)

  10. bettyrwoodward

    Congratulations Madi. Love the pictures and agree with all that has been said before.

  11. Franz Rivers

    Wow. This takes me back… It’s a little strange, thinking that my own graduation was ten years ago. If memory serves, I was one of…642 people to receive a diploma that day.

    Congratulations, Madi. Maybe it was different where you went to school, but when I graduated, my eyes were quite dry. I had finally escaped Alcatraz, as I privately dubbed it, so what reason did I have to be sad? Life would go on to prove me basically right on that point. As high school fades into the background, you’ll see your peers thinking clearly and soberly with refreshing frequency. Where talking to them once felt like talking to the Berlin Wall, you’ll see cracks, holes, and best of all, missing sections. Where you once found flippancy or indifference, you may find a new sibling in Christ. You’ll also see some of them reaping the consequences of sin and then falling right back into it out of simple habit, and it’ll break your heart, but know this: it will lead you to a deeper understanding of God and His love for us, for I am convinced that *this* is what it means to “suffer with Him”. The pain inherent in agape is more than enough for any divine purpose. All other kinds of agony I would advise you to discard.

    You will make mistakes, as we all do, and you’ll be visited with proper remorse, but for goodness’ sakes, child, don’t hold onto it any longer than you have to. Repent as the occasion demands and move on. Holding onto guilt any longer than that is condemnation, not humility. Jesus took condemnation on the cross so you wouldn’t have to bear it. Don’t insult His generosity by acting like it’s not enough.

    A similar rule applies when you are sinned against. People will sin against you and obviously, it will hurt like nobody’s business. Anger is a perfectly natural reaction to sin, but as with guilt–and really, what is guilt if not anger turned inward?–do not, I repeat, do NOT hold onto it. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. It’s not pretty. God was not kidding when He told us that vengeance is His. I should know; for several years, I was Jonah. My vindictiveness overtook me in more ways than one. More on that later, should you decide that you wish to hear it.

    Is that three items? [goes back to count] Well, I’ll be darned; I guess it is. It appears that some of the creative energies that might have been used to talk to myself (see February) have been used to talk to you, even if it’s entirely up to your mama whether you see this or not. ;) Best of luck, kiddo.

    Your Unfamiliar Friend in American Siberia,


  12. belinda

    Awww I love the pictures. I know it was a very special day for all of you.

    Madi is such a wonderful young lady and I know that you and Russ have to be so proud of her and you should be. I remember when she came to Owasso with Russ for a concert,such a charming young lady. We were already friends even though we had never met until then. She holds a special place in my heart. Love her very much. I have watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady. Look forward to hearing what life has in store for her because I know it is going to be awesome. Congratulations Madi and Congratulations to you and Russ for a job well done.

    Love all the pictures, especially the one with Char and Madi. They are absolutely gorgeous.

  13. LindaB

    “Don’t “settle” when it come to guys; the right one is out there, just be patient.” (Sunny)

    THAT’S great advice, Madi!! I can’t tell you how many of my girls’ friends got impatient and settled for someone who wasn’t quite right for her and regretted it big time. PATIENCE wins the prize!

    I see on Facebook you have a dorm room now!!! YAY!!!!

  14. jonny

    Wow, what a special moment ! Thanks for sharing, Tori. Looking forward to my niece’s graduation next weekend ! They truly grow up too fast; and others of us, myself included, not fast enough, lol !

    Well, for those keeping up with my trip, I just wanted to put in a truly special word for Former and her family. I could not have asked for a more blessed, refreshing time than the evening and morning I had with her and her’s. It started with one of her daughters helping her with the food for dinner in the kitchen, her husband saying grace, and a wonderful time of fellowship and being able to sit in with her family at the table. I can not remember the last time when I’ve sat at the table with a Christian family and so richly blessed in that experience of everyone just being who we all were in Christ at that time. I drank copious cups of cool refreshing water from very deep wells, as well as some great root beer too that evening, and I can not thank everyone there enough for the opportunity. The next day we watched us some Russ Taff, Blind Boys and Carl Anderson. I regret it could not have lasted longer.

    Dealing with my own family now. So far so good. Everyone is working hard on being their loving best with each other.

    On a more challenging note though, it seems some money and credit type cards, as well as some other important cards/info was stolen at one airport a few days ago. I may have to cut out Puerto Rico and Nashville now. I would appreciate pray in all this, if some of you don’t mind. Trying to see what our Lord’s next direction, move for me is. Waiting for His direction in all this.

    Also, sorry to read about your loss delighted ! My condolences, and sorry they are so late in coming !



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