A Quick Sarah Update– because I’m in a tearing hurry!

Dearest, sweetest readers–

Well, Madi and I got home late last night and I am leaving early tomorrow morning to go to Kansas City and speak at a women’s conference! Quit laughing. I feel like a cat chasing its tail– with a heaping helping of performance anxiety, a side order of  I-don’t-feel-prepared/I-need-more-time and the cherry on top is…. *drum roll* A BIG DANG CANKER SORE ON MY LIP!!! (That’s canker sore, not cold sore– so in other words, nothing will make it go away except time. Yeah. I am looking good all up in here!)

Anyway. *sighs dramatically*

If I actually stopped and thought about how grateful I am for all of the love and prayers you guys have been sending out I would probably just bust out crying– and frankly, I still have to pack. So I’m going to wait and think about that when I get back from KC. In the meantime, here’s the latest report on Sarah from her mom:

New prayer request for Sarah

by Liz Selby on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 4:47pm

Please pray that her spinal fluid flow will regulate and drain correctly so that the shunt can be removed. This was a struggle during surgery and it continues to be….it may keep her in ICU longer. She is much more coherent today as the anesthesia is finally wearing off…..kind of a mixed blessing because she is more aware of the discomfort. She did sit up in a chair this afternoon but it was not comfortable for her. Please continue to pray for her full recovery!

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  1. LindaB

    Whew! Life just keeps comin’ at ya, Tori T.! Oh, to be young again. Quit worrying about “performance anxiety”, being under prepared, and a stupid canker sore. THOSE LADIES ARE GONNA LOVE YA!!! I’d bet on it. Just be yourself!

    We will keep Sarah lifted up to the Father and ask for her complete recovery……and that the doctors and nurses will effectively treat her pain so she can rest, heal, and gain her strength back. And we’ll thank Him for His blessing on her already……and all those answers to prayer we’ve seen. BTW, I believe it is not our prayers that made a difference, it’s the Lord of the Universe keeping His promises! It’s His unfailing grace and mercy. I’m just sayin’….

    Love ya and hurry home!

  2. jonny

    Um… Do cats chase their own tail ?? I thought that was a dog thing = /

    Thanks for the up-dates ! Proffered a few more = )


  3. rachelbaker

    I’m still praying for a complete recovery for Sarah.

    I hope you get time to rest soon!

  4. jonny

    Oh; and off subject here, but Rachel posting reminded me of it, I found out earlier this week I’m a decendant of the Bishop Nicholas Ridley of the Oxford Martyrs. This has just been blowing me away all week. He’s a huge hero of one of my dearest friends, and apparently suffered the most for his faith when being burnt to death.

  5. LindaB

    jonny, it’s been my experience that both cats and dogs (and some bloggers) will chase their own tails at times.

    That’s awesome that you are descended from a famous martyr! I’m gonna Google Bishop Ridley and find out about him.

  6. meb

    Continuing to pray for Sarah and the family. Adding you to the list that you will have a weekend of fun, refreshing, and rest.

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Continuing to pray for dear little Sarah. I am so sorry to hear she is having such a tough time…..but I’m believing that by the time you get back from your trip, Sarah will be almost perfect again….and Liz will be blessed with a peace that could only come from Him.

    Now, about you being off and running yet again…..I worry that you are not getting enough rest. Remember how you were this time last year? You must take care of yourself, dear one. As far as your being able to give that dadburn speech…..piece of cake. All you have to do is act like Tori Taff and simply talk to those ladies. They will love you. Pretend that canker sore is a beauty mark…..it probably is, anyway. Praying for you, sweetheart.

  8. auburn60

    Momma Lloyd DOES have a point…let’s not revisit that whole ‘whacked-out back’ thing again…that was bad.

    Just tell a few ‘dogs peeing on the floor’ stories…those should loosen up any crowd.

    Still praying for Sarah. God’s healing is happening.

  9. JanetB

    You just don’t hear words like “dadburn” much anymore… :)

    Tori, a cat chasing its tail is wildly entertaining on its own…so, you’re all set! lol Seriously – you’ll be fine. Just breathe…

    Praying for Sarah & the whole family. The Lord is right there – and He’s not going anywhere.

  10. LindaB

    And what about your ability to stick your whole fist in your mouth, or throw your hip out of joint? That’s entertainment right there! And a crowd pleaser every time!

  11. syjsmom2

    Tori – Just wanted to let you know that you touched my heart with your testimony at the women’s conference this weekend. It was an incredible weekend and you were fabulous! I didn’t see anything on your lip and I was in the 4th row today! :-) I loved how you kept it real and validated how important it is to have those wonderful core connections. TEND & BEFRIEND! It’s so easy to let those connections go to the back burner when we are busy with family and work. I needed this reminder! I’m still riding high with the JOY of the Lord – REJOICE! (ps – this is my first blog comment – I’m a little intimidated! God Bless! Pam :-)

  12. jonny

    Thanks for breaking the ice Pam, and also giving us a sneak peek at what happened this weekend = )


  13. LindaB

    Yayyyyy Pam! You commented! Welcome! Make sure to come back and comment again! (No need to be intimidated.)

    We wish we could have heard our Tori speak this weekend. She’s great, isn’t she! And she certainly “keeps it real”!

    It sounds like you had a great weekend retreat with Ms. Taff! Thanks for giving us a little report on what she talked about. And we’re glad to know her canker sore wasn’t as bad as she thought it was.

  14. bettyrwoodward

    Thanks for the comment Pam. We all knew that Tori would be OK and better this weekend but its great to hear it from someone who was there.
    Still praying for Sarah.

  15. kimberly2kay

    anxiously awaiting an update on Sarah … your message was more entertaining and encouraging than any hip poppin’ or fist eating so rejoice sister rejoice! I thrououghly enjoyed meeting you and hearing you speak at the conference … did i miss the dog peeing on the floor story? At least i got the kid peed on the seat on the plane story. Loved meeting you, loved your “this is the real deal” message to us. This world needs more of – what you see is what you get – kind of women and i could relate to you and the love you have for your family, disfunction and all. Thank you for sticking to your committment to be in Kansas City despite the crazy turn of events that robbed your of your time to prepare, sleep and sanity. You were a huge blessing to me and so many of my friends that attended the conference.

  16. kimberly2kay

    oh – and i was up close a personal and the canker was invisible!

  17. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Yeah….prayer works!!! even on canker sores.

    Thank you Pam and Kimberly for coming here and sharing with us about our Tori’s part at the ladies’ conference. We knew y’all were going to be in for a treat. Just wish we all coud have been there, too.

    Continuing to pray…….

  18. kimberly2kay

    Mama Llyod. we heard about you :) … I am “kim” by the way, only kimberly when i am in trouble from my mom! – – if you want to put a face with a name, check me out at callkimwagner.com – About Kim will give you a peak into me. – wonder if anyone video’d the conference, hmmm. if we did, i could get a dvd to you.

  19. Tonya

    I have yet to write a blog post about my weekend – and I have so much to say – but I wanted to thank you for taking your time to be with us. You certainly had every reason to stay closer to family. I was so blessed by how honestly you shared…and I personally love a person who is able to openly show emotion. I loved what you had to say about community. Through my communities (church, blogs, ministry, and even Facebook), I have found an abundance of dear friends who have become family. It has been my recent privilege to discover that the person who is exhausted by the condolences and concerns of friends is one very richly blessed person. Like you, I take note of those surrounding me, loving me, and carrying me through prayer…and I thank God for them daily. THANK YOU for joining us this weekend and reminding us of the many reasons to rejoice, for God loves us so deeply, so perfectly… It defies the logic of the human mind.

  20. jonny

    Amen !

  21. tunnelgal05102

    Tori, you and in your family are in my prayers. We all have faith that Sarah can ” Do all things through Christ, who strengthens” her. I loved hearing you speak this weekend at the Westside Family Church Women’s Retreat and have offically started my blog. I hope you can find time in your hectic schedule to check it out.
    With all my heart and prayers,

  22. alipet813@yahoo.com

    Tori – I enjoyed you so much at the retreat this weekend! I loved your honesty and the message you shared. I left your talks not only drying tears, but also feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time. It just meant so much to hear someone being “Real” and honest. Not to mention how hilarious you are! Thank you so much for giving us your time.

  23. jonny

    Yeah, she gets her humor from me; her ‘real’ and ‘honest’ side from Former. We’re just so proud her !


    (my apologies to those newer to the blog, and some older ones)

  24. rachelbaker

    Looks like the Bloomr tribe is growing rapidly!! I’m so glad the talks went well. Welcome to all you new commenters.

  25. LindaB

    YYYYAAAAYYYYY! NEW COMMENTERS!!! Keep those comments coming! We love new people here!

  26. Phyllis S

    We (your “dear” gaithernuts) did not get to make it to the woman’s conference, so will you PLEASE join us in Myrtle Beach and give us a “dadburn speech”.
    Love you girl….

  27. LindaB

    I agree, Phyllis! I remember a few years ago, she was scheduled to give a “talk” on Valentine’s Day at the Gaither “complex” in Alexandria and I had tickets! But there was a snow storm and it was cancelled! Dang! I wanted to hear Tori speak so badly——I KNOW it would be hysterical! And everyone that was there in K.C. this weekend is saying how funny she was and I’m so bummed I missed it! I contacted the church to see if they videotaped it, but they didn’t. Tori, next time you speak somewhere, please have someone videotape it! Get Madi a video camera and take her with you! She’s good at that sort of thing!

  28. Gramma Jac

    I vote for a Tori Youtube channel!!!

  29. Phyllis S

    Oh Yea Gramma Jac!

    Madi could do the video, Linda B. could be the host and Tori the speaker, oh, I think Mammalloyd would have to say a prayer before this whole “dadburn speech” started.
    I think we have a plan…

  30. jonny

    Well, I would love for Tori to speak at a Gaither type thing, But NOT a woman’s conference !! I would like to be there, too ! Maybe even use it as our Bloomr hook up ?? = )

  31. kimberly2kay

    let’s encourage a “bloomr” retreat of sorts – yes! let’s make it a retreat at myrtal beach. sound good?

  32. ldf

    I was at the retreat and loved every moment of your talk. I think God used your emptiness to fill the rest of us up. I know women struggle so much with getting connected to other women, and you brought the need for community home in a way that no one else could have. I love it when God shows up in our moments of greatest weakness and does stuff that we couldn’t have done even in our strongest moments.

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