Post-surgery Report For Sarah *UPDATED*

Our champion Sarah came through the 15 1/2 hour brain surgery. They removed most of the tumor (99.9% certain it is benign), but had to leave small pieces on places they just couldn’t remove, like the brain stem. She will definitely lose hearing in her left ear (already had significant hearing loss there because of tumor) but as far as they could tell right now her facial nerves and swallowing reflex ‘looked good.’ This kind of tumor is very, very slow-growing so sometime in her life there may be further treatment needed, she will be monitored closely. Surgery took longer because the tumor was large and very difficult to remove, they also had some trouble with pressure building from the circulation of the spinal fluid which they resolved, but it slowed them down. The surgeon looked EXHAUSTED.

I cannot thank you enough for your love and prayers. The whole family could feel both of them throughout this long, long day. Please keep them up, she has a long recovery ahead of her.

I love you guys.

Here’s Liz’s report–( pretty much the same information, but thought I’d post it anyway)

Doctor just came in…..they got most of the tumor but there were some small pieces attached to the brain stem that they just could not get. They did not have to leave any chunks of tumor…..only small bits that may not have a blood supply. The tumor was very large and very stuck! He said the nerves look good but we won’t know for sure until she is awake and can be monitored. She will not need any further treatment at this time….Praise the Lord! She will be monitored in months and years to come and may require treatment in the future IF they detect any growth. This type of tumor is very slow growing. He does think that her hearing is lost in her left ear. Sarah was prepared for this possibility and will deal with it in her usual matter of fact way. Please continue to pray that all those facial nerves are unscathed and that Sarah’s recovery is smooth. We will get to see her soon!!!

****LATEST FROM LIZ as of this morning:

To God be the glory for the great things He has done! Sarah is still not completely out from under the anesthesia this morning BUT she can blink, she can open and shut her eyes, she can swallow and she can SMILE!!!!! These are all things that were in jeopardy from facial nerve damage. She is moving everything and groggily answering questions. One of the reasons that they were able to preserve her facial nerves is that the nerve around the tumor ran underneath the tumor instead of over the top of it……this only happens about 10% of the time. Our God is good and His hand has been on us throughout this ordeal….in both little details and big. I can’t wait to share all the ways we have seen His mercy this week. To my preschool parents….how can I ever thank you enough for the gift card to provide us with a hotel room on the hospital campus. We have a quiet refuge for the times between ICU visits and it means the world to us. Thanks to all of our family and friends who spent HOURS with us yesterday and to all of you who prayed without ceasing for our daughter. God has heard our petitions and has shown His mercy to Sarah and our family. We are going to rest now until we can see Sarah at 1PM….will update as we get information. Please continue to pray for her recovery!!!

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  1. carsmith

    Been praying for Sarah, the family and surgeons today. This has been such a stressful and very long day for you all. Thank you for the update so we will know how to continue to pray.

  2. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Praise God. Russ’ group on Gaither has been praying faithfully. I have copied and pasted your reports, Tori, and we are so thankful for them. Our prayers are continuing for sweet Sarah, who is an inspiration to us all. And, of course, we are praying for you and all of Sarah’s family, too, dear one.

  3. Phyllis S

    Mama Lloyd said it so well, continuing to pray.

    It is so nice when someone finds the perfect gift, that seems to be what the preschool parents did, what a great gift.

  4. BrownEyedGirl

    God is amazing.. I will continue to pray


  5. bettyrwoodward

    Praise the Lord. Really good news. We will pray for a full recovery and quickly!

  6. LindaB

    AND SHE CAN SMILE!!!! I say HALLELUJAH TO THE KING! He is indeed able to do above and beyond what we could ask or think!

    I will continue to pray for her complete recovery and for the road ahead to be smooth. For her pain to be handled effectively by the doctors, for there to be no brain swelling, and for her to rest well knowing God is faithful and attentive!

  7. drobin99

    Thank you for the reports, Tori. I will continue to pray for Sarah and all of you. So thankful for our merciful God.

  8. Vicki

    Praise the Lord, from whom all GOOD THINGS come! Wonderful news! I love you and Russ and am keeping you all (the whole family) in prayers!

  9. auburn60

    So thankful to God. Awed by the power of prayer. Grateful for God’s family.

  10. wendmark

    Tori what a great report. Praying for Sarah, family, surgeons and doctors who will be doing all Sarah’s check-up. God is so great and loves you all so much. He surely has you in his arms and his healing care.

  11. LindaB

    Okay. I was just wondering about something…….

    I can see Sarah lying in that hospital bed…….just survived 15 1/2 hours of grueling brain surgery. There are tubes everywhere coming in and out of her fragile body. She’s fighting to come out of 15 hours of anesthesia. The family is allowed in to see her for a few minutes. And they are saying to her….”Sarah! SMILE, will ya? We have to see if you can SMILE!” Who could “smile” after all that? How did they find out her smile was still intact? If it had been me after all that surgery, they would have to wait about six months to find out if I could smile!

    I was just wondering, Tori. You don’t know if you don’t ask! Just humor me a little. I’m old.

  12. Phyllis S

    Linda B. Love you girl (laughing so hard), Sarah will laugh, not smile when Tori reads her your post. It is so good to see humor in the face of adversity. Oh by the way, Tori, I also want to know…

    Love You Guys and Still Praying.

  13. MostlySunny

    SO, so good to hear this great news! A smile…isn’t that just the best? We love it when our kids just smile. Praying for her recovery and thanking God for sustaining all of you during this time.

    By the way — how’s the groom doing?

  14. LindaB

    I was thinking about poor Tom too! I hope they write their own vows at their wedding so he can say, “I take you, Sarah, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, through 15 hours of brain surgery, just help me God.”

  15. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Anxious for the next report, while continuing to pray for sweet Sarah.

  16. Carole Turner

    Glad for a good report. Praying for quick healing and miraculous hearing to be fully restored.

  17. JanetB

    Praise the Lord! He is so good!! And don’t you just love how He IS in the details? He had His hand on Sarah before she even knew what was happening. What a comfort that is.

    Continuing to pray for all…

  18. jonny

    Any new news yet ??


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