Daddy Turns 95 Today!

Please join me in congratulating him (and bargaining with God to let him stay here with us forever…)

Thanksgiving 2010

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  1. rodB

    Happiest of Happy Birthdays to your dad…you’re so blessed to have him, and he to have YOU! :)

  2. drobin99

    Blessed, Happy Birthday Mr. Tori’s Dad! You look much younger than your years and I love that mischievous smile. I’d say have a fun day but I get the feeling you make them all fun.
    You’re my hero!

  3. itsvikki2u

    Happy 95th Birthday to Tori’s Dad!!! I hope you have a GREAT day on YOUR day!!! Blessings! Vicki

  4. jonny

    Yep, there seem to be quite a few odds defiers in the Kingdom of God = )

    Thanks for the heads-up, and happy birthday, onnea, to your old man; everyday younger in Christ <3

  5. auburn60

    Awww…Happy Birthday to Dad! Makes me want to ‘road trip’ to AR and just sit and talk to the both of them! And see all the redbirds in the trees and the flowers that grow through cement.

    And I think ‘forever’ sounds about right.

  6. meb

    Happy Birthday to Tori’s daddy!!!

  7. LindaB

    Happy birthday, Tori’s daddy! God bless you!

  8. bettyrwoodward

    Happy birthday to Tori’s Dad.

  9. melisa

    Happy birthday to your dad!!

  10. MostlySunny

    Oh my! 95 Happy Birthdays to You!!! What in the world was life like back in 1916? You’ve seen a lot (and have probably done a lot, too!). And you don’t look a day over 85!

  11. MaGraham

    95! Wow! I can’t even imagine! My first thought…gracious, how MANY inventions you’ve seen in your lifetime. I would be ever so curious as to what you deem as one of the absolute best, in your eyes. My second thought…oh how it must hurt your heart to see how wicked the world has become in your lifetime. My third thought…just think how much more it hurts God!

    Anyway, happy birthday to you, Tori’s dad! I hope you’ve had a blessed day with a REALLY BID celebration. Congratulations on this huge milestone. You simply must share your secrets for not only longevity but, oh my, such a youthful look, too! I’m sure you would agree, it matters not how long you live, but how! Many blessings unto you, sir!

  12. MaGraham

    I do hope you guys realize that should have been a REALLY BIG celebration! :-p

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Happy Birthday, dear Dad……’cause if you are Tori’s, then you are a little bit our’s, too. Wishing you many more years of being that blessing right here on earth, to your family who all love you so much.

  14. rachelbaker

    I hope he had a wonderful day!

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