Snowbound! (OK, not really.)

More like ‘by choice’!

FYI, people in the South have a tendency to lose their minds when it snows down here. Nobody knows how to drive in it, there’s always a major panic at grocery stores because people think they have to stockpile food like it’s the Siege of Atlanta or something, the schools close before the first 1/2 inch even falls, AND the meteorologists completely take over your TV with 24 hour breathless flake-by-flake reporting. Which is all fine with me because I’m right there in there with ‘em.

Snow days somehow seem to magically give me permission to do things like sit and stare out of the window for loooooong periods of time. And drink an inordinate amount of gourmet hot chocolate with an obscene amount of marshmallows. And put off doing all manner of things that desperately need to get done, because HELLO? It’s snowing! Which is why today, three days in to the first snowpocalypse of the year…

Outside? Looks like this:

But inside? It’s still looking like this:


Apparently that 3000 tons of holiday crap I dragged out just a few short weeks ago is not going to put itself away. (By the way, check out the bottom of my dead-as-a-dang-doornail tree at the top of that last picture– can you say ‘fire hazard’?! That bad boy may spontaneously combust if I don’t get it outta here!)

On the plus side, (most of) the herb plants I (experimentally) brought inside at the end of the summer seem to be thriving, so as I’m cozily watching the snow fall while cooking dinner I can just sashay over to the kitchen bay window and snip some fresh herbs to throw in the pot, which makes me feel all Tuscan farmhouse-y/Nigella Lawson-y inside.

See? My rosemary plant is approaching redwood status.

And my basil is starting to multiply. (That one on the left is called ‘curry plant’ and it totally smells like my favorite Indian restaurant.)

In other culinary news:  Though I am a born and bred Southerner, last night for the first time EV-AH I made a huge pot of turnip greens with a big ol’ ham hock, diced turnips, red pepper flakes… and pot likker that you seriously just want to take a big bath in and perhaps dab behind your ears because it’s just that good. If I say so myself. Not bad for a novice (and white chick.) Russ is happily devouring a big plate of them right this minute.

{And yes, I AM aware of how boring this post is. But hey, IT’S SNOWING and I haven’t left the house for 3 days. Except for those multiple grocery runs to keep me in marshmallows.}

OK, in an effort to salvage this snoozefest and keep you all amused which after all is what I live for, here’s a fun fun fun video! Of foxes! Jumping on a trampoline!

I have no idea where this was filmed, but it made me laugh out loud– of course, I’m easily amused these days, you know, being snowbound and all. Anyway, hope you enjoy it and I’ll write a real post soon. Possibly after the spring thaw…

(Courtesy of Samron)

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  1. MostlySunny

    Snowing in Pittsburgh…again! So of course we’re going to look sooooo good on TV this weekend when the world of football shows off our beautiful city – snow flying, the beautiful 3 rivers, black and gold at Heinz Field in all its glory, and the Baltimore Ravens – YIKES! they will be out for real blood! We’ll either be crying our eyes out or yellin’ like the crazy football people we are by 6:00 pm on Saturday. (I’m hoping for the yellin’).

    But right now, I’m just like you…happily staying inside and looking out, sipping my hot chocolate from Starbucks (No, I didn’t go out and get it this morning; I heard the weather report yesterday and ordered enough to last me thru next Tuesday!).

    Happy day everyone…brrrrr

  2. Phyllis R

    Our snow in Oklahoma is melting…well, the snow in the Panhandle of Oklahoma is anyway. The pictures were beautiful!

    The video was so cute. That one fox looked like he/she just couldn’t understand why the trampoline wasn’t moving under him. LOL

    BTW, heard you and Homecoming Radio the other night. First time I had heard your voice, was kinda neato bandeato!

  3. LindaB

    My Christmas tree is still up…….and it will stay that way until I am done looking at it. I’m over sixty and I’ll do what I please concerning my Christmas decorations, at least. I just love to see them all shining and sparkling as I walk through the room! I may keep them up until…….oh…..maybe June! ‘Cause I can.

    It’s been snowing here for days, but we’re not by any means “snowed in”. Kids have school. Roads are salted. Life goes on here in Michigan during a snowstorm. I do like to pretend I am and light a roaring fire in the fireplace, make myself a carmel latte, and sit in the recliner with my laptop. Hey. I guess that’s what I do all the time….minus the roaring fire. Oh my.

  4. LindaB

    Tori, you could write about changing a lightbulb, and we’d find it funny and entertaining! We’re your devoted fan club!

  5. Phyllis R

    Very true LindaB

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Love those snow pictures. Actually, I guess I love all of the pictures you put on here……and even the ones I conjur up in my mind… seeing my Russ sitting at the table enjoying those turnip greens. Did the girls enjoy them? Surely you have the good health, good luck and lots of money for the coming year…dinner on New Year’s Day (blackeyed peas, collards or any kind of greens and rice (not necessarily in that order) Oh, and throw in a batch of corn bread, too.

  7. bettyrwoodward

    No snow here now I think we had all ours before Christmas. I love the foxes on the trampoline. Rachel has a trampoline like that for the children but I haven’t seen any foxes on it. I agree with Linda that anything you write about would be interesting.

  8. delightedabroad

    Yeah, that’s what it was like around here at Christmas time: unexpected amounts of snow (at least for Germany), people seem to have no idea how to drive on snow/slush, shovelling (with two “l”??) snow day after day – however the kids were just thrilled.
    Tori, I have never read a boring post since I joined the gang :-)
    and could you please explain what ‘pot likker’ is? (Couldn’t find it in the dictionary)

  9. LindaB

    Delighted, though I’m a northerner now, I know about pot likker (or pot liqueur —–it’s the water leftover after boiling greens in it like collard, mustard, kale, and I think also spinach. I think they also call the water left after boiling meat with the greens “pot likker”—-like a big ole ham bone, fat back, or pork. (Southerners love their pig!) I guess you could call it a “stock” and use it for soups and gravies. In poverty areas where food is scarce, they save the stock because it is full of vitamins and flavor, and use it to make other dishes.

  10. Chick Voice

    Snow? You call that snow? Sister that’s what we call a “dusting”. But I get it…… snow tires, no snow driving expertise, and heaven knows, no snow PLOWS. But we had 3 times as much snow and just inaugurated our new Colorado Governor OUTSIDE yesterday, and the temp was 14. I LOVE our snow days, in spite of the fact that we all still gotta jump in the car and go to work.

    I still swear that everytime I read your posts I’m just convinced we are long lost sisters. I’ll ask my momma and you ask yours!

  11. Gramma Jac

    So I am 2 1/2 weeks into a nasty bug–now bronchitis. I have had no energy for undecorating-and I was the Grinch about decorating in the first place if you remember!

    So I kept making hints to my daughters (older daughter here from CA, younger is 16 and lives here whether she likes it or not!! Tee Hee!);I thought they weren’t hearing my hints. One day I was more direct and texted them; when I got home the decorations were off the tree and big ol’ paper hearts were all over the tree!! They had found some “Love” decoration in our Valentine’s stuff and put it in the arms of our Christmas tree top angel (who isn’t too Biblical as SHE has boobs!). My daughters say they can’t take the tree down now, because it’s the “Lo-o-o-v-e” (said in a drawn out way) Tree!!!

    Whadya do?!?! (And I RAISED these girls so who can I blame,…oh wait, maybe my HUSBAND!)

    Happy New Year to all of you! I’m lovin’ my new friends!

  12. delightedabroad

    Thank you, Linda, for explaining! I should perhaps write my own dictionary about foodstuffs and Southern dishes…

  13. itsvikki2u

    ok, what I find the most hilarious is that just 3 weeks ago you were so excited about all the decorations… joyfully putting them all out while I’m sure humming Santa Claus is Coming to Town to yourself. Now, its all being refered to as “3000 tons of holiday crap”. Too funny! But Im with you sister girl….my “holiday crap” stayed out much longer this year than normal, and I have to say that when the last box was put away and no more wreaths were in sight I felt liberated and free!! I Love to see Christmas come, but I Love to see it go too. Happy 2011 Tori!!! Vicki

  14. auburn60

    I finally got the last of the Christmas stuff put up last night and –to the delight of my family (NOT) –am busy hauling out the Valentine’s Day decorations. Oh yes, I have those. I have a 3 ft. lighted tree that will be hung with heart ornaments (shamrocks in March, then Easter eggs, then patriotic red/white/blue balls,etc.) and the whole cycle of decorating and complaining about it will continue.

    School is finally back in session, although we still have ice covering the roads to our house. We have had to resort to making schedules for our 2 four wheel drive vehicles between the 4 of us who drive as our other cars just slide backward down the hills around our house.

    And for the few other college football fans around here: War Eagle and Go SEC!!! National Champs! Woo-Hoo! (Linda, you can skip that part–I know you don’t follow football.)

  15. LindaB

    Thanks for the pass, Alyson!

    Be careful on those icy roads and parking lots! I had an incident on an icy parking lot once. After the New Year’s Eve service, a new couple at our church asked us to go back to their home for a while and we were delighted to go. Dick was a policeman and his lovely wife Lynette loved to cook and bake—-like I did!! When we came out of the church, the parking lot was covered with ice! We carefully made our way to our cars, and Dick pulled their car next to ours and suggested we ride with them to their home, which was way out in the country and they had a four wheel drive vehicle. We agreed, and as Dick and Terry were talking, I got out of the car to retrieve the dessert I’d made in the back seat. I grabbed the door handle and when I pulled on it, my feet slid right out from under me and I silently slid UNDERNEATH THE CAR! Dick said to Terry, “Where’d Linda go? Did she go back into the church?” Terry, “I don’t know! She was just here a minute ago!” Then I was forced to call out, “I’m down HERE!! Under the car!! And I can’t get up!” They jumped out of their cars, ran around our vehicle and pulled me out from under the car!! Talk about embarrassing moments!! Of course, everyone at church heard about my disappearing act, and I didn’t hear the end of it for a long time! I tried telling them I was just checking the brake lines, but they didn’t buy it.

    So….a word to the wise…

  16. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, Linda, is that any kin to when Russ got locked in the luggage department of the Gaither bus? No ice involvedbut he did have to be rescued. Not long ago, Mark Lowry said that is the funniest GVB story he knows. Thank goodness for cell phones.

  17. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Allyson, Betty Morris kept up a tree all year long putting on those shamrocks,valentines,etc.,when the holidays came ’round…and in the summer, she decratedwith sunglasses, sand shovels ‘n ppails, bathing suits, sneakers, etc., all minitures of course. And, at Christmas, she would have threedecoratedtrees in her home.

  18. auburn60

    Oh Momma Lloyd…Betty and I would be having so much fun thinking up non-traditional tree ideas! Some months you gotta really stretch for a holiday, though, hence the ‘flag day’ tree. And in good years ( which basically means ‘when I feel like it’ ) I put up themed trees all over the house for Christmas. I have my angel tree, my football tree and my tree with all the handmade ornaments by grandmother left to me.

    Linda…for once…words fail me. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if you’d just kept on sliding. Would all those people have started slip-sliding after you across the parking lot?

  19. LindaB

    Alyson, I wore my new long wool cape that I had gotten for Christmas—-they were really in back then, and later Terry told me when they pulled me out from under the car, my cape was all spread out and I looked like a bat that had crashed landed!! I crack up everytime I think of that night!

  20. MostlySunny

    LindaB – You crack me right up!!!! And wasn’t it you who fell off the ladder that was propped against a tree…with a chain saw?!?

  21. LindaB

    Yep! I’m lucky to reach 62, aren’t I?

  22. jonny

    Well, after my running around California for three (3) weeks, just wanted to let everyone know LindaB’s rock star is back and up for another year of mommy bloggin'; Lord willing ! And, Happy New Year everyone !! = )

  23. bettyrwoodward

    Oh Linda I can just picture that situation in the car park and the ‘talk’ about it afterwards. I’ve now made 63 and sometimes wonder how. I think my most embarrassing moment was when my father in law was in the garden with me and my children and I was trying to show them how to do cartwheels. The problem was I forgot about the washing line and got both legs caught on the line. I had broken blood vessels in the back of both calves and the pain was bad but I couldn’t say anything with my father in law and the children there. However we did all laugh about it.

  24. jonny

    OK, caught up some more on all the Say it !’s I’ve missed out on the last three weeks ! I believe it would’ve been more memorable if, while under said car, LB used her mobile phone to call her husband instead of yelling for help; secretly hoping it would be descrete enough that no one else would take notice of what was going on, or what just happened = )

  25. LindaB

    Welcome back, jonny!! How did you find California?

    And I couldn’t call hubby on my cellphone because we didn’t have cell phones back then! I know it’s hard for you youngun’s to imagine that, but it’s true! My girlfriend Lois was the first to have a cell phone in my social circle, and it was about the size of shoe box! I thought to myself—–this will never catch on! LOL

  26. LindaB


    I am so clutzy, I could write a book!! I think I need one of those “iRenew” bracelets that are suppose to help your balance!!! Maybe TWO of ‘em! I surprised that I’ve gotten this far in life without being forced to take a breathalizer test!

  27. jonny

    OK, no cell phones back then; we can work with that. So, instead of yelling out, attracting a lot of attention, LB decides to descretely knock on the undercarriage of the car hoping only her husband will notice. While everyone is trying to figure out where LB has suddenly gone to, they hear a strange ‘knocking,’ seemingly coming from out of nowhere !!

    California was good. Too much to write about here, but a lot of good seem to result from it = )

  28. LindaB

    Well, let’s see……..I’m lying on the cold wet icy ashphalt, in my brand new WOOL cape my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas, it’s dark, there might be a hot muffler somewhere above me, and there’s always the chance my husband decides to DRIVE over to the church door to see if I’ve gone inside. Discretion was the last thing on my mind!! LOL

    Glad your trip was good! PTL!

  29. blondemomblog

    Can I just say I love ya for writing “Tuscan farmhouse-y/Nigella Lawson-y inside?”

    Yeah I did not put our 7 1/2 freaking foot tree up until yesterday while hubby was at work and I was alone with the girls. Hey it got them, I mean me, out of their hair and in the attic. I put all the other decorations up pretty quickly after Christmas but the tree was pretty and festive-y during our big snow! :)

    Hey will I see you at Blissdom this year awesome lady?

  30. tori

    Jamie– YES!!! Please hang with me, my faithful sidekick BusyMom is only going to be there part-time…

  31. jonny

    @ Linda&: Clearly. Thanks for letting me have some fun with your story, though = )

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