“Silent Night”–Captured on Video

OK, you guys– I am risking my life here for your entertainment.

My sweet little 94 year old mother would KICK MY A** if she knew I posted this for the world to see. Seriously, she’s small, but she’s mighty. However this is too good to keep to myself– so if a tiny white-haired woman ever approaches you on the street and casually asks you if I ever post anything about her on my blog, the correct answer is, “No, of course not– what did you say your name was again?”
Back me up, homies.

So, without further ado and with a furtive glance over my shoulder (I’m still at her house, getting ready to head back to Nashville in a few minutes), I present to you our Christmas morning tradition: Nanno –without any practice from one year to the next– butchering, er, playing Silent Night on the organ!

(Please note Mom’s refusal to be distracted by my heckling AND Madi’s observation at the end– that’s my favorite part.)

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  1. LindaB

    OMG!!! I KNOW I can always get a smile, if not a LOL, out of your blog, Tori!! This one is priceless! I love it that your Mom has this tradition of playing carols on Christmas morning!! How sweet is that!! My Mom plays piano too, and would always find time to play carols at Christmas time when we were home. And we’d all sing! Only your mother’s playing is quiet and dignified…….and my mother graduated from the Jerry Lee Lewis School of Piano! I’m not even kidding! She would break a sweat playing piano! My uncle played very well too and he played in all the honky tonk bars within driving distance of the farm they grew up on. He had a definite influence on her “style”. She would NEVER darken the doors of a bar, but she could play the ivory off those keys! And still does! She plays for her church’s services today at 82, and all the soloists there beg her to play for them—–it livens up their performance…..and she can play any song in any key to suit a soloist’s range…..and she needs no sheet music, it’s all by ear. Unfortunately, none of us five kids got that gift.

    Madi, you are hysterical!

    Tori, does your mother follow your blog? I hope she does because she would really enjoy hearing you talk about your family. And she would be SO PROUD of her girl! The tone you take when talking about family is a testament to your parents success in growing up five kids so well, and “glueing” them together in a love-filled family unit! And it accounts for the great job you are doing with your girls.

  2. LindaB

    P.S. Tori……you ARE a heckler! I like it that your mother simply ignores you! ROFLOL She is FOCUSED!

  3. bgann62

    Loved “Silent Night” on the organ by your Mom. She is a precious little lady. Also enjoyed Russ singing at Bella Bash. (I love that man).If anybody can lift my spirit when they sing, it’s Russ Taff. He is fantastic. I listen to him everyday. I am so blessed by his music.

  4. meb

    That is priceless!
    It reminds me of the organ player at my wedding, trying to play with a broken finger. Only your mother played much better than he did.

  5. LOpitz

    Okay had to comment- this cracks me up. Love that grandma totally ignores you and keeps on. Or could be that she simply cant’t hear you… And that it’s on banjo. Hilarious. Miss and love you guys!

  6. Shella

    You’re right, Tori. That was way too good to keep to yourself. I think your mom did a great job. In spite of being heckled. So funny and sweet.

  7. chillybean

    That was awesome! I think she plays well for 94! Leah makes a great point – wonder if she just couldn’t hear it…
    Great video.

  8. LindaB

    Oh, I’m sure she heard her! See that little smile that happens when Tori starts talkin’?

  9. Barbara M. Lloyd

    That little lady has had a lot of practicing ignoring family hecklers down trough the years. She has a goal and she’s gonna get there. Her momma didn’t raise no dummy.

  10. rachelbaker

    I love it. Thanks for the glimpse into your lives. Three generations of women, each with a strong sense of humour evident!

  11. mamabear

    Cuppa in the morning — $1.99.
    Fuel for the drive home — $199.00.
    Grandma on the organ on Christmas morning . . . PRICELESS!

    I love, love, love your mama!!

  12. amenz

    That is so cool and thanks for putting it up :)

    Your Mom is looking great at 94, she did well to have you in her 50’s ;)

  13. drobin99

    ….best banjo playing I ever heard!! Thanks for sharing that Tori. It warms my heart.

  14. MostlySunny

    Agree with mamabear – Priceless!!!

    That’s a keeper.

  15. Phyllis R

    I had to almost leave my office for laughing. I had to laugh out loud when Madi told her she had it set on banjo and she just looked at her and made it go REALLY loud. I bet I have watched it at least 4 times and have to laugh everytime. LOL

  16. sarah

    Loved this….

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