From Tori (in a tearing hurry…)

We’re getting ready to head to Arkansas soon, but I wanted to check in quickly and tell you how much I’ve loved your sweet comments– honestly, you guys can light up my whole day sometimes!

Here are a few more pictures documenting my compulsion to cram Christmas into every nook and cranny around here– AND a darling video I found from New Zealand. This ought to help get us all in the Spirit of the season! Enjoy, and I’ll be writing more as soon as we’re settled in at Mom and Dad’s.

(ALSO: Hey jonny– I would LOVE to have some kind of a Babybloomr Meet-Up somewhere– I have no idea how we work out the logistics, but I’m sure willing to try! We’ll be in Arkansas until the second week of January, I think…)

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  1. delightedabroad

    That seems to be the sweetest nativity play I’ve ever seen!

    A merry Christmas to you, Tori, and to your whole family; I wish you a good time in Arkansas with fun, love, good talks, delicious food and so on…

  2. bettyrwoodward

    Loved it.
    Happy Christmas to you all and anyone else who has time to look on here amidst the busy time of the year.

  3. TexasEbeth

    I love, love, love your wisemen! Where did you find them? Enjoy your trip to Arkansas. Merry Christmas!

  4. LindaB

    Bon voyage! Drive safely! Play lots of Nertz. (Gotta learn that game! If we ever have a Babybloomr get together, will you teach us now to play Nertz?) And don’t forget to show us what you made with your own little hands after you give it to whomever you give it to!!!

    I think we all need to pray for jonny today—–the weather in California is downright dangerous! Too much rain and flash flooding of epic proportions…..not to mention massive mud slides! I wonder if the airports are even operating. But nothing God can’t handle with ease.

  5. auburn60

    Hope you find Mom and Dad well…tell your mother I’ve been checking out the Bible I mentioned. (I finally found one.)

    I’m always up for a road trip! You guys work something out and I’ll try to be there for a Bloomer meet and greet.(Except for the 28th. Gotta get with you about all that…forgot you’re not caught up on the on-going saga around here.)

    Ya’ll be very careful…the weather is supposed to get bad again. I’m preparing to be housebound for the weekend. But I will wager neither rain, snow,sleet or dark of night will stop my in-laws from arriving.
    (Please God! Just one small geographically -specific hailstorm?) :)

  6. MostlySunny


    Mary’s lumpy pregnant belly
    the donkey (and Mary falling off – too funny!)
    the sheep
    animal poop
    the star (what a kick)
    the wise men – and the straggler whose gift blew away!
    the glo-sticks for the celebration party
    …and the credits “Based on a true story”

    Loved it!!!

    I’m celebrating with my husband our anniversary today. After 31 years, we got each other the exact same card!!!

    Tori – I will be thinking of you on Christmas morning as your Mom wakes everybody up playing Silent Night on the organ. Treasure it..

    Merry Christmas everybody

  7. tori

    delightedabroad– Thank you, darlin’– same to you!

    bettyrwoodward– And Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    TexasEbeth– I found them a couple of years ago at T.J. Maxx’s 75% after Christmas sale. I just LOVE them, never seen any like them before– I even looked on the internet for you to see if I could come up with more details, but no luck.

    LindaB– Thanks– we’re heading out in a couple of hours. A Babybloomr Nertz Tournament– now you’re talking!!!

    auburn60– Mom sends her love right back atcha! (And what’s up with the 28th…?) LOVE the hailstorm idea!

    mostlysunny— I thought it was just fabulous, and for all of the same reasons you mentioned! Thank you for the good wishes– I WILL treasure this time together.

  8. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Love that precious Christmas story….We have a sweet lady from New Zealand in the Russ Taff Gaither Group. I must make sure she gets over here to see this little film….if she hasn’t already been here.

    Every nook and cranny in your home is absolutely Christmas beautiful….and I sure have enjoyed your sharing everything with us.

    Prayikng your Christmas with mom and dad will be gloriously happy.

    Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas that lasts throughout the coming new year.

  9. jeang

    Tori, thanks for showing a little of my part of the world.
    I loved the video and your decorations really put mine to shame.
    Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours from New Zealand

  10. Gramma Jac

    Merry Christmas to all my new cyber-friends!!!

  11. bgann62

    Hoping you and yours had a very merry Christmas. Can’t wait for everything to get back to normal. (your bloging, Russ’s concerts) You all are loved so much. God bless.

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