Still decking the dang halls around here…

OK, I’m DYING to show you guys something I just made!

Yeah that’s right, ME, the one who finds fabulous crafts online and then *thinks about* making them, but never actually does– (sweater pumpkins, anyone?!) I actually did it this time, and seriously, I am so obnoxiously happy with how this turned out that I simply cannot wait to share a how-to with you… BUT, I made it as a gift and the intended gift-ee reads this blog, so I am going to have to wait until after Christmas for the big unveiling. Though it may kill me. IT’S THAT PRETTY, FOLKS! So, you know, hold that thought.

Moving on.

I’m still decorating– not so much because I’m so very detailed and thorough, or because I have that much left to do, more like because I keep getting interrupted with things like, oh I don’t know, LIFE and stuff. And these pesky family members who actually expect food on the table and whatnot, which is seriously cutting into my newfound love of crafting– and let me tell you, I am now hell on wheels with a hot glue gun, baby! The dogs are starting to nervously slink behind the furniture when they see me firing that sucker up, I think they know that every once in a while I look over at then and think, “Hmmmm…. Maybe instead of an angel on top of the tree this year I could just hot-glue Phoebe to it…” or “You know, if I draped Thea in lights and used just a dab of hot glue so they wouldn’t fall off, I could get a looooong extension cord so she could still run all around and it would kind of be like Christmas performance art…”  You can see why the yappers are a little on edge.

Here’s a couple of photos of Charlotte’s favorite decoration. Setting it up is our personal project every year, because no one else in the house really cares whether the skaters on the little mirrored pond need to be at the front or the back, or if the tiny skiers should actually be going downhill (which is tricky because they keep falling over– oh wait– HOT GLUE!!!) or just preparing to ski and standing at the top of the fake snow hill next to the country inn… Well, you can see why everybody’s eyes glaze over and they suddenly find something urgent they need to go do in another room. Except Charlo, God bless her; she gets as obsessive as I do while creating our little village! We set it up on top of the piano, and if I don’t quit adding little people to it we are going to have to ditch this one and get a concert grand to accommodate the population.

But isn’t it pretty?

Well, better cut this short, there are still empty surfaces that are calling my name. But I’ll leave you with a great holiday video I found today– starts off kind of cutesy, but gets really funny once it gets going. Enjoy!

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  1. BrownEyedGirl

    Looks beautiful! this might just inspire me to get my village out.. Can’t seem to quite get everything done now that I work more… All the trees are up though :o)

  2. babygirl

    This is just great! I am still laughing because it sounds so much like me! I didn’t get the glue gun to our Siberian Husky, but I did think she’d look so pretty in a Christmas sweater— until I actually tried to get a turtleneck onto a Husky….
    It did make for a good guffaw though, well except for the dog.

  3. TexasEbeth

    Very pretty indeed. I’m still decking our halls. I don’t have a lot of flat surface space since I have a 5 year old little boy who thinks every single flat surface in the house is for his Hot Wheels, trains, and Monster Trucks only. I will one day have a Christmas Village. If I say it often enough maybe it will happen. :)

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I remember the Christmas Village my mother used to have and she passed it down to me and then *I think) one of the children. I admire it everythime I see it at my daughter-in-love’s mother’s home. All of a sudden after seeing your beautiful arrangement….I want it back. Oh well…. Mother’s village is very old with tiny iron skaters and skiers, a bridge that goes across the pond, which is mirror of course. Keep those pictures coming….we are an excellent excuse for you to keep on making beautiful crafts while passing out fruit to the family.

  5. Gramma Jac

    So, it’s me, the decorating-Grinch this year! We picked up my Grandsons, daughter, and son-in-law in Minneapolis tonight. We got back to our house at 10:40 or so,…the boys are wired and started “building” a village all around the living room–it may not be a Christmas village but it is vintage Fischer-Price! (probably from my brothers and then my kids–mid 70’s through mid-90’s)Cole, the 4-year old, is being VERY meticulous (the furniture just SO in the house, the farm animals in the barn, the circus animals in the circus train) so it may not be Christmas, but it means my BOYS ARE HERE!!! Course tomorrow I may give my artsy daughter some lights and garland and tell her to make it a CHRISTMAS village!!!

  6. bgann62

    You really have the Christmas spirit. All your decorations make things look so Christmassy (is that a real word?) I especially like your Christmas village. I love the way the lights shine through the windows. You and Charlotte did a good job.(pat on back)

  7. LindaB

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! You are my decorating heroine!!! You and Char!! (Love that girl!) I’m more the “decoraing thinker”! I have loads of ideas that I can’t seem to turn into reality! So….I’ll just gaze at yours and enjoy!!! Thanks!

    Okay….the animal video was funny, but the cat drinking out of the toilet was hilarious! The padded toilet seat with the white duct tape was THE BEST!!! “If your padded toilet seat is patched with duct tape, you may be a redneck”! Love it!

  8. jonny

    Well, I’m all for Christmas performance art; for what it’s worth.

  9. LindaB

    jonny, you have a safe flight to California this week! (I guess everyone is too busy with holiday plans and family to plan a mini-Babybloomr-reunion! Maybe next time?) We’ll be praying for you as you deal with family and difficult situations.

    And all you other Babybloomr lovers and our Queen Tori—–as Christmas Day approaches……have an awesome Christmas with family and friends! Be safe! Drive carefully! And God bless you all with His Presence!

  10. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Amen and Amen to every word you wrote, sweet Linda…..and Merry Christmas to all of the folks on here I have enjoyed getting to know. Wishing y’all a happy and healthy year to come. This certainly includes Queen Tori, Madi, Char and, of course, my Russ.

    With love,
    Momma Lloyd

  11. LindaB

    It HAS been enjoyable getting to know these folks who come to Tori’s blog often and faithfully leave comments, hasn’t it! Thank you Tori—–your blog has enriched our lives! I know you must get so busy with two teens, a house to run, and a thousand other responsibilities that it’s hard to find time to write on your blog sometimes! But you are faithful to write anyway and delight us with your stories, experiences, thoughts, and insights to living! And we appreciate it so much! And I know that there are scores of folks who read but don’t comment, but love reading Babybloomr! You’ve probably touched more people than you realize. God give you safe travels to Arkansas, may you find your family all well, happy, and having a joyous time together! Take pictures for us, please.

    And for heaven’s sakes, hurry up and give whatever you made to whomever you made it so we can see it!!!! I’m dying here!

  12. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, it’s so nice to follow Linda so that all I hve to sayis “dito…….but I must tell you that I kept holding my breath in fear that she would try to take away the “my” before Russ in my note. That is a continuing problem I have with Linda….bless her heart.

  13. meb

    Love the Christmas village. My aunt has a village that she sets up every year and this year my daughter got to help her. It was such a fun time for all of us.

    I received Russ’ Christmas CD this morning and have had it on repeat ever since. For those that haven’t gotten it yet, go get it. Can’t wait to hear what other projects are coming next.

    And a very merry Christmas to everyone here at Babybloomr. Barbara and Linda have said it so well that all I can say is ditto too.

  14. Gramma Jac

    I was going to say ditto too–can’t say it better! Enjoy your celebrations of our Savior’s birth!

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