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My raggedy ol’ husband left for the Faroe Islands yesterday. He’ll be gone until the end of the month. After a lifetime of traveling and countless hellos and goodbyes, I’m always surprised by how much I miss him.

Here are a couple of reasons why…

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  1. bettyrwoodward

    Do hope he has a good time also wish he was coming to our part of Europe again. Love the photos and the ones of Gatlinburg as well which bring back lovely memories. Hope you are improving rapidly now.

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  3. BrownEyedGirl

    He’s a sweet man. Wishing safe travels to Russ


  4. LindaB

    Russ Taff ROCKS! He IS a sweet man…….and he loves his family so much (which is always attractive in a man)……and he loves his God so much…..and he tries so hard. I don’t think there’s a pretentious bone in his body either. I know you’ll miss him terribly, Tori. But we’ll gladly try to help you out——you can come on here and post pictures of him all you want and we’ll understand. ;) We just want to be a blessing, as Mark would say.

  5. LindaB

    Tori, how are your eyelashes coming along? Are they out past your nose by now? Did you know your picture was on the L’Oreal site for a long time—–maybe it still is! I’m having trouble keeping on schedule with it!

  6. rachelbaker

    Oh dear, that’s a long time to be husbandless, especially when you’re not functioning at 100%. Hope you find something to keep you entertained and that the girls are good to you while he is away so that ‘time flies’.

    I really think you guys need another trip to England …


    Was wondring if my passwrd even still fit, or if I’d remember it! :) HEY BUDDIES! Yeah, Tori – I KNOW you gotta miss him, especially for that long! you are one tough trouper, girl! And, is Madi going goth? I noticed on her twttr she had black nail polish – meant to ask her – but she probably already thinks I am some kook! Matter of fact, how bout lettin her know who I am so she doesnt freak out @ my tweets?
    What a great pic! Cant wait to actually hear him in person, and hug his neck! you, or course, will get a great bog ole sloppy slurpee! :) peace!


    Oh, wiat a minute – let me explainmy absence – I AM NOW A GRANNY!!!! Tori, can ya stick a pic up here? Plus, I have been all over facebook, learning my way around the computer world – still slow, tho!
    A couple of ya are friends on Fb, and that is GREAT! But, that is the only excuse I have at the moment! :) forgiven? peace

  9. MostlySunny

    Wordless and priceless!!!! Those pictures speak for themselves. Hope you and the girls can go on some field trips while he’s gone – cute little Tennessee and Kentucky towns, Arkansas, etc. That’s a long time…this CD is going to be a dandy for sure!

    Congratulations granny delivered!

  10. gracelynn

    Tori, you have a wonderful loving husband and I am proud to call him my big brother in Christ! I know you are going to miss him so much but he’ll back before you know it. ;) You and the girls can have a great time doing girlie things. lol Hope that you are feeling better too, my precious sister in Him! I’m praying hard.

  11. Phyllis S

    Can you say Bell Buckle, you know just some self pity!

  12. LindaB

    HEY! What do ya mean “raggedy ol’ husband”??? I resemble that! ;0

    Ya know, while he’s gone, you could think up some things to make his homecoming more “interesting”, you might say. Like……rearrange ALL the furniture in the house so when he gets home, he won’t know where he is. Or, pick up empty beer cans from the streets (not a problem here) and lay them all around your bed. Or, lay one of those pregnancy test kits out in your bathroom. I’m just trying to liven up things a bit.

  13. auburn60

    The end of the month! That’s a long time!

    I like all of Linda’s ideas EXCEPT rearranging the furniture. Tori, do NOT rearrange any furniture! Don’t even relocate a flowerpot! You don’t need to go back to square one with this back thing.

    I like the ‘horse pic’–except I want to photo shop a lasso in his hand. Or a Gaither light.

  14. LindaB

    Oh my, Alyson! I forgot about Tori’s pinched nerve! Furniture moving would do her in real good! She could have the girls do it maybe?

    She could call Russ overseas and tell him she’s in Taco Bell, stretched out in their bucket seats, and to come get her a.s.a.p.! LOL

    I LOVE your Gaither light idea!!!

  15. jonny

    Well, looking at his face in the 2nd pic, one can tell he is a man touched by God. Or, just touched. I’ll give God the benefit of the doubt on that one, tho = )

    Congrats, D!! Good to know all went well & you are now what you are… a granny = )

  16. LindaB

    Hey! “Granny’s” are hot! Or is it the hot flashes? I can’t remember. What were we talking about??

    Hi Jonny! Nice to see you are still hangin’ with us! We need your rock star cool to balance out our Granny hotness. It works for us!

    And good to see you back too, Delivered Granny!

  17. LindaB

    Tori, did you get one of those handicapped parking stickers yet? If they give you any trouble about getting one, just show them the security video from the Taco Bell parking lot that awful day your nerve got pinched and let the rest of you know about it!


    LindaB – I LUV THE IDEA OF HER MOVING THE FURNITURE, THE BEER CANS – DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Need help moving the furniture?
    Thnx – all for the congrads! :) peace gotta FB acct – come see the baby! :) (unless Tori will putit up here?) NOT QUITE THAT COMPUTER SAAVY, YET!

  19. tori

    bettyrwoodward– Wish we were ALL coming to your part of Europethis summer!

    BrownEyedGirl– Thanks, Wendy. Appreciate the prayers; he is far away from home!

    LindaB– Wait– my picture was on the L’Oreal site?! Oh yeah, I did sign in for their trial run, that must be it. Well, I’ve been kinda haphazard with my beauty regimen these last few weeks, too. But I still think it’s a good product. And as much as I LOVED your suggestions, I better hold off on the furniture rearranging– unless i can make the girls do it… Hmmmm…

    rachelbaker– Yeah, I’ll admit I have had some nervous moments about being alone here in my ‘diminished capacity! But I am getting a little stronger every day, so we’ll be fine.

    DELIVERED– Nope, no goth for Madi– she’s been wearing black and navy nail polish since she was about 9! I’ll check into the pic…

    MostlySunny– I DO love this pictures, too! Hopefully we can do a few little daytrips in the next few weeks.

    gracelynn– Always appreciate those prayers, sweetie. Thank you.

    Phyllis S– Ha! You know, that’s already come up!

    auburn60– Photoshop is a GREAT idea! And as you personally witnessed when you came to visit me on my bed of affliction in Gatlinburg, I ain’t doing ANYTHING that’s gonna mess me up again!

    jonny– You nailed it–the man is definitely ‘touched’!

    LindaB– Lordy, I would love to see the Taco Bell incident on tape!

  20. LindaB

    Tori, that’s probably why the teenage help inside Taco Bell didn’t want to approach you—–they’d been watching the parking lot video and thought you were “under the influence” of something besides a burrito supreme!

  21. jonny

    “Hi (j)onny! Nice to see you are still hangin’ with us!”

    I haven’t gone anywhere, Sweet-Pea!

    OK, been meaning to share this one for awhile now. A few weeks ago I left my phone on a tram, aka street car. I realized moments after I got off what happened, but it was too late. I helplessly watched it take off with my phone, aka life, in it. Well, what else could I do but trust God, and wonderfully wait for what was up ahead as a result of this. I’ve NEVER done that before, FWIW.

    Well, that was a Saturday and there was nothing I could do about it until Monday morning. I went to the main railway station lost and found, where these things first get sent to, but all they had had just been sent to the city lost and found. Expensive. I then went to the Elisa Shop. Elisa is the company who I have my phone contract with and asked their advice. The guy suggested I get a new and better contract, which also came with a free new super-phone, aka mini computer, the Nokia N-97 mini. Well, it was a much better contract/deal than what I had been using, so I went for it. I also got a new SIM card, stuck it in an older phone I had brought with me and called the city lost and found. They didn’t have the phone I lost. I went home, and becuase all my phone info gets automatically up-dated to my PC when I go on-line, my phone is also my modem, I then started getting back to business again.

    A couple hours later I recieved a call from Elisa and was told to contact the city lost and found. I did so, they had my phone. It was turned in from elsewhere. They had to triple check that I was really its owner, sooo… once they turned it on, with the code I gave them over the phone, the guy I was talking to asked what image I had for my wallpaper. I told him. “It’s a picture of a painting that reads, “Trust God or Go Crazy.”” There was then no doubt in his mind that the phone was indeed mine = ) It cost just over 20€ to get it back.

  22. wendmark

    Love, love, love all the photos! We have an aquarium here in Oregon at the coast and we love going there at least once a year too! Tell Russ we are praying for great stuff to happen on the album! Blessing Tori, Russ, Char and Madi!

  23. GRITSinNC

    Glad you’re doing better, Tori. You were wise to take it easy at Gatlinburg. I know you’re going to miss Russ and I’m sure the girls will miss him too but you 3 girls will have a good time together I’m sure. Looking forward to seeing pictures you take on your little excursions.

    I can hardly wait for Russ’s CD to come out. Is there any hint of date as to when that might be? Hope he’ll include some Faroe Islands photos in the fly sheet. I repeat…I can hardly wait for that CD!!!!

    Enjoyed the People of Walmart blog though I didn’t take time to have “my say”. Amazing sights. I’ve never seen anything close at any of the Walmarts I go to…I need to start paying better attention. I think I just tend to shop and hurry out without looking at other people much, so no one will notice how awful I look. LOL

    Congratulations, Granny Delivered! Enjoy while you can.

  24. bettyrwoodward

    Tori. If you can get here there is free board and lodging waiting!

  25. LindaB

    Delivered, how do I find your Facebook thingy? I’d like to see your pictures!

    Jonny, wow! What a story about your lost phone! I’m still trying to find my lost digital camera!!! I’ve looked everywhere I thought it could be! I am desperate at this point! I know as soon as I buy a new one, the old one will show up!

  26. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Awwww, I just absolutely love that picture of Russ and Madi……and in all of my photos of ladies hugging and sniffing Russ (gracious, that doesn’t sound very good) there is not one where he is wearing as sweet a smile as he is in this one with our Madi.

    Praying for you, sweetie pie.

  27. delightedabroad

    I would be surprised or even shocked if you didn’t miss your husband, Tori! Just take ‘one day at a time’ :-)

    First day of exam tests done, 3 to go :-/ …


    LindaB – just go into Fb – pull up Johnnie Parker – you’ll see my big grin up there – oh, wait – that’s right – i keep 4getting that none of us has ever met – I feel like we’ve all known each other forever! :) Holla @ me when ya get there?
    jonny – awesome story bout tha phone! wow! and ya got a chance to witness in the process! :)
    HAVE ANY OF YALL SEEN THE HONKIN HUMONGUS FISH RUSS CAUGHT, that Tori put up on Fb? And, better still – He is grinnin frm ear to ear, holding tha fish – like a kid in a candy shop!

  29. LindaB

    I did see that fish! Wow! I wonder what kind of fish it is…….and if it would make good fish and chips?

  30. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Doggone, I haven’t seen that fish photo and I sure would like to print it to go in my collection.

    That reminds me….Tori, you won’t mind if I get my son to try and print the picture of Madi with Russ, do you? It is so precious.

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