I actually made it here….

Although my mode of travel was a little weird… (Yes, that is the back of Russ’ SUV! Our luggage was strapped on the roof like the Beverly Hillbillies!)

And since we’ve arrived, I’ve only been able to venture out to here…

But I’ve been able to sit and look at this…

So I’m not complaining!

Later today I’m going to venture out for a short walk with Charlotte, and my goal tomorrow is to make it to the Sunday morning service at Family Fest. ‘Progress not perfection,’ as the old saying goes!

More to come, and may I wish all of you a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. delightedabroad

    Tori, I’m so glad you actually made it!!!! Look at it this way: special transportation modes for special persons :-)
    This place is comforting and I’d like to accompany you on the balcony (or is it a porch?), enjoy nature and talk…

  2. jd2008

    I’m so jealous. I wish I was in Gatlinburg, although, I prefer it during the winter…with all the lights and stuff. I’m glad you’re feeling better…say hi to charlotte for me!

  3. bettyrwoodward

    So glad you made. Those pictures bring back great memories of two years ago when we came over to Familyfest. Enjoy the change at least and hope you make more.

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Bless your sweet heart, I pray you were able to make it to the Sunday service this morning….even if you had to get up and walk gingerly around occasionally…..or perhaps were able to stay and hear only half of the message. Knowing you, God would have the things He wanted you to hear during that period of time you were able to be listening. Probably because He knows they would be things you should pass on to the rest of us, for goodness sake.

    I am so hoping each day found you stronger and feeling more secure in your surroundings. Just the change of scienry had to help a little, sweetheart.

    We love you and are keeping you close to our hearts and in our prayers.

  5. LindaB

    I wish I was there.

  6. VA-Cathy

    I’m glad you got to come. We were walking down to the convention center Sunday and saw Russ, evidently after just dropping you off. I asked about you and he told me you were there, but didn’t see how. Our seats were close to where the artists sit so I watched for you. I can tell you from experience, you would not have enjoyed sitting in those seats. It gets a mite uncomfortable even without any problems. Becasue of my friends recent surgery and my not so recent surgery, we needed to get up and walk a bit from time to time. I’m sure people thought we were rude, but other than make a big announcement, there was nothing we could do about it. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet this time but Lord willing, there will be a next time. btw, Russ was great and Madi was beautiful!! We’ll keep praying!!

  7. wendmark

    So glad you made it to Gatlinburg safely and that you are getting around inspite of the pain. Blessings to you, Russ and the girls!
    Our Love and God’s Blessings go out to you!

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