Postcard from my Bed of Affliction

Yeppers, I am still all stove up. Weak as a kitten, spending 90% of my time in bed and the circles under my eyes make me look like a rapidly aging blonde raccoon. Madi’s new nickname for me is “Broken Back Barbie”–  which gave me the best laugh I have had in three weeks!

Tomorrow I am going to see the physical therapist/chiropractor/magical wizard guy that the Nashville Ballet uses to rehab their injured dancers. He came highly recommended from a friend of mine, and HOPEFULLY he can get me up and moving enough that I can regain some strength and join the land of the living again. I would appreciate a prayer or two, if you’re so inclined– I see him on Tuesday at 4:00.

But on a more inspiring note– one of my Facebook friends posted this youtube video from the early 80’s of Cyndi Lauper with her original band, Blue Angel. The quality is bad because it was taken from a German television show, but the performance is extraordinary, so I thought I’d share it with you guys. You know how much I love those big-voiced, over the top emotional-type singers… :)


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  1. LindaB

    Oh no! Pinched nerves suck! And for a long time, apparently! I do feel inclined to pray for you, Tori T.! I hope that chiropractor/wizard guy fixes you right up! That’s gettin’ old by now, isn’t it!!!

    I did enjoy that Cyndi Lauper number! I too like big voiced emotional over the top singers! ;) Your’s in particular! Thanks for the video.

    I also really really loved Cyndi Lauper and Leona Lewis singing their duet on the VH1 Divas Concert 2009!! They sang “True Colors”, which I LOVE, and Cyndi showed off her awesome range near the end of it and that was thrilling……for me, anyway! She certainly is unique!

    Get well!

  2. bettyrwoodward

    Hope todays appointment goes really well and you are soon back in the land of normality (whatever that is!)

  3. rachelbaker

    Phew, I was exhausted after watching that performance, I can’t imagine what Ms Lauper felt like delivering it. Talk about wholehearted.

    I also feel inclined to pray. Really hope the magic guy can work wonders. To look on the bright side, you could always imagine what it would have been like to be ‘stove up’ (new term for me) a few short years ago before the wonders of wifi and laptops.

  4. BOSSY

    Oh sweeeeeetie! Bossy had to find out about this from Bossy’s mom who is now your biggest fan, but MEANWHILE Bossy had to unearth the mystery of how to sign up for your comment section so she could show her support because Bossy also has a pinched nerve, but unfortunately Bossy’s pinched nerve is in her brain.

    Be well! So we can hang and giggle and you can wear cute shoes again.

    Hi Bossy’s Nashville family and pets and sweet kitchen!

  5. jonny

    Could I plz get the exact title for the YouTube video posted??

    And, yes, prayers were said!

  6. tori

    LindaB– Thought you might like that song!

    bettywoodward– It did go well, Betty– more later.

    rachelbaker– It does kinda wear you out, doesn’t it?! And please keep the prayers coming, I appreciate them so much.

    BOSSY!!!!!!!!!!! — (Bloggy royalty, dear readers– bloggy royalty.) So glad you went through the rigorous training necessary to sign in as a commenter. The fam, the pets and the kitchen all send you warmest regards.

    jonny- here is the title on youtube: Cyndi Lauper Blue Angel 81 TV performance I’mGonna be strong

  7. jonny

    I thought it would be the Be Strong cover! Didn’t know she was doing it that early. She STILL does it, FWIW. OK, off to check out that video now! And you stay strong in Faith and Love, girl, even on your back! = )

  8. Phyllis S

    Praying for a very speedy recovery, nothing sucks as much as being down and out (literally).

    We had the privilege of seeing Cyndi Lauper as the opening act for a Cher concert, and she is as dramatic in person as she was on “You Tube”, but you know as weird as she is I do enjoy most of her music.

    “Broke Back Barbie”…Priceless
    So funny!

  9. MostlySunny

    Golly, Gee! I can’t believe you’re still flat on your back in bed!!! You really did it this time, girl. What exactly did you do? Oh, yeah, weren’t you just driving to Taco Bell…or you ended up at Taco Bell? I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get you back up. Hope the appointment went well and results are on their way. Hang in there, BBB – soooo funny! Kids say the darndest things…

  10. GRITSinNC

    Tori, I’m so sorry you’re still down in the back and stove up. More prayers for more healing.

    I saw on Facebook I think it was about the new gadget the chiropractor fixed you up with. Sounded like it was helping. Guess I should have checked Facebook this morning before checking in here to see if there was updated info.

    I haven’t kept up too well with your blog recently but I did comment sorta late on two…don’t know if anyone even saw them or not.

    I’ve been laid up for a month also. Well, not totally laid up like you…I can sit with my leg propped up, but my bottom is tired of sitting. Good news from the surgeon yesterday…the site is growing skin. Another month or more of daily bandage change though.

    How exciting to see your Bossy here…and to know that the process of getting in is difficult for even her. :)

    Hang in there Broke Back Barbie…it’s GOTTA get better soon. Praying so anyhow.

    BTW, I’m so old and not into rock music that I’m not familiar at all with Cindi Lauper and that type. I’ll listen to your video to see what I’ve missed. :) You do a good job of educating us here.

  11. ibclcisme

    Ok, I know it isn’t nice to laugh when you’re feeling down, but “Brokeback Barbie”……..bwahahahahahahahahaha. That has had me laughing for days. I just couldn’t contain myself enough to comment the other day.

    Rest up. Take drugs. This too shall pass.

    Praying for you….

  12. sc

    Hello Tori-

    My first time to write —wonderful site. Just love it.

    Well I’ve been in your bed, not literally.. Had a hip replaced a few years back UGH!! Bed/chair/house ridden for 6 loooooong weeks.

    HAD I KNOWN AHEAD OF TIME WHAT I WAS GETTING INTO, I may not have chosen to go that route. I may have just kept hobbling along playin’ my song – the bone on bone seranade. Quite a unique sound…

    NO one told me what it would be like to have a 10 inch incision on my side, I look like a sideways zipper. And the pain – a whole story of its own. Sometime the second day the white coat (nurse) came in and had me lay on my side and said she was going to pull out the drain tube. I thought – what is she talking about, I’m not a sewer system – well on second thought. Anyway – she never says another word and all of I sudden I begin to feel this tremendous pain like she was removing something sewn inside. OH MY GOD….no one told me about this. When she was done I was speechless, I was too busy biting the sheets to keep from saying something I may have to repent over. Lord knows I wanted to.
    Then, on the same day, they sent too young, cute guys in with a gurney. They were way too happy about taking me to my first therapy!! I’m thinking- You mean I have to get up out of this bed??? My hip has been sliced in two. I have half a gown, the back half got left somewhere, and I sure am not mobile. But they were persistent.

    Now, tell me, how does a woman get out of a bed gracefully without showing everything and get on a gurney? Where were the mature woman therapists anyway? What an experience. The next day they brought a wheelchair. I graduated to the sittin up position for therapy. Felt like I had to relearn how to walk, my little grandaughter at 12 months old walked better than me.
    So then it was time to be released to go HOME…yeah. WHOA – WAIT a minute, here come the white coat with a needle. There was something else I had to do. They had to show me how to give myself a shot in the stomach before they would let me go.
    NOW – STOP RIGHT HERE. NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS EITHER… For 6 weeks I had to give myself blood thinner shots in the stomach. My husband could not even stay in the room for this.
    Then we get home and have to conquer the battle of the TED hose..another new piece of information. Husband did get involved with this one – touchy feely time (just kiddin’).

    WEll – once the recovery part was done, I was glad. But OH MY..Until then.
    UNTIL it came time for me to fy on a plane. The doctor gave me a wallet sized card to show the nice people at the airport that I now had a Titanium hip. Well do you think the ‘nice people’ at the airport CARE about a wallet sized card??? Not on your life. Now everytime I fly I get to be treated like a VIP (Very irritating person). After I set off the alarms, more than once as they say ‘remove all metal please’, sorry folks the bra and the hip stay.
    Then I am escorted by a ‘nice lady with what looks like a gun’ to a not very private area behind a screen where I get to be EXAMINED…
    Now this ‘nice lady’ (not) has me put my bare feet on the pictures of someone’s feet – at least a yard apart I swear. And the ‘nice lady’ (NOT) takes this wand up and down my sides, legs, back and Bottom – they say it’s a scanner. But I wonder if it is some weird camera or something.
    Picture this – I’m 5’2″, a 50+ gramma and a teacher. The newest threat of the century.

    Any way, I know why they don’t tell you everything up front, they wound not get any takers on hip replacements.

    IN retrospect it is funny, but had they told me before hand….

    Here’s praying for your quick and uneventful healing. Keep your sense of humor.

    One funny thing happened at the hospital tho. They sent in their resident chaplin to visit. On the third day they had to give me a blood transfusion because I lost a lot of blood and they were pretty worried.
    I guess the guy was new at his job – I ended up witnessing to him and he just sat and asked questions. Forgot to tell you- I am a preachers wife and me and Jesus were just having a good time.

  13. sc

    WEll Tori,

    Have to say you made my day…I loved the email. How wonderful that you changed scenery to the great outdoors. Bedhead pony tail – nightie and all. Probably feels like you just climbed Mt. Everest.

    Just in case you need a cane or a walker – let me know. Mine are just not ordinary old folks stuff….I had to be in style.
    Before the hip surgery, I WAS TOLD I would need ‘mobility assistance’. Since a maid and electric chair were out – I went shopping.

    Keep in mind, the most experience I have had with walkers is watching little old men pushing this grey thing around in neutral. And I got to noticing they all have either lime green or highlighter yellow tennis balls stuck on the bottom of the frontlegs. Must be to keep them from speedin’… NO WAY! NOT FOR ME!!! If I was going to have to go that route, then honey I was going in style and glitz!

    So now I am the proud owner of one very classy ride….

    A two-tone silver stream walker with adjustable legs, trimmed in glittery gold & hot pink (puffpaint). My granddaughter assited me by loveingly adding tiny flowers (stickers)- all over the place.
    Attached to the handle bars with ivory ribbon (fom my daughters wedding) is a beautiful gold tinted / hand woven (I think) basket. What a perfect compliment to carry a sandwich and drink from the kitchen to the CHAIR…
    Then to top it off – mounted on the side of the handle bars is a silver plated sound machine (plastic bicycle horn) decorated with pink streamers. AND NO TENNIS BALLS, decided to take the risk for a speeding ticket! Definately got peoples attention —

    To complete the ensemble is a midnight black and silver ‘walking stick’ with cute little silver buttons to adjust the height. Decorated to match with glitter gold and hot pink puffpaint, and tiny little flower stickers (the granddaughter again). To complete the look, at the top just below the handle are beautiful silk flowers attached with ivory and hot pink ribbon streamers.

    So if you need a loaner – just let me know. I probably could have marketed this idea and started a new fashion trend –
    A must have for the not so geriatic set….

  14. Anita

    Hi…I hope you are feeling better!! I started a new blog to try to get my worship team into this century, and posted a video for my choir then realized your husband was in it. Yes, it is a small world!

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