I don’t actually have ‘Spring fever,’ it’s more like ‘Spring sneeze-my-head-off-and-claw-at-my-itchy-eyes-until-I-look-like-a-zombie-and-people-at-the-grocery-store-take-one-look-at-me-and-nervously-avert-their-gaze.’

But I’m not complaining– because as usual, springtime has hit Tennessee like a psychedelic Disney parade and I am enjoying the sunshine and the colors and the blooming trees and flowers so much that I am *mostly* keeping my allergy misery to myself. (Plus, hello– NETI POT!) Honestly, I have more energy at this time of year than all of the other 12 months combined. Nothing seems impossible, and I find myself Googling things like “Do-it-yourself arbors” and lying in bed at night with visions of heirloom tomatoes dancing in my head. Luckily for everyone I live with, this initial burst of ambition does wear off, usually around the last two weeks of school when I am too busy chasing my tail trying not to forget anything vital to launch into a big ol’ home project.

Here’s just a taste of what has gotten me all happy and sneezy… (OK, wait. I just realized I totally embody 2 out of 7 dwarfs.  And when you think about it,  I’m also kind of Sleepy and Dopey. I have no idea where I’m going with this.)

Anyhoo. Here’s what’s inspiring me around here these days:

**So far this is the only deck decoration I’ve gotten around to, but isn’t that color glorious? And see those empty pots in the background? They’re gonna be filled with herbs and more flowers soon.

** Take a closer look…

**One of the things I hated leaving behind at our old house was the 100 year-old wisteria vine that I rescued after the tree it was wrapped around came crashing down in a storm, squishing my car and wiping out our balcony railing. I planted this one last summer, and it seems to be budding out beautifully so hopefully it will be here in 100 years. And not, you know, FALL DOWN.

**This is going to turn into a pot of  exotic deep red lilies. I think.  I yanked them up after they withered last year because I thought they were dead, but maybe not. They’re volunteers!

**My mint bed also just sprang up! I call it ‘my mint bed’ though actually it is just this weird little corner of my yard where I stuck a couple of leftover mint plants I had that wouldn’t fit into the big pretty pot of mint I planted. That of course, is long gone, but this is thriving. And I am not going to even let myself think about the fact that my dogs like, actually pee in that yard. NOT, I feel sure, anywhere near my mint bed however.

**Looks like some of my strawberry plants survived the winter. Only got two strawberries last year mostly because Madi’s dog, Thea Medea, ATE them as soon as they started getting red. That is one weird little dog.

** I did manage to get my two front porch pots planted, mostly because Bossy was coming last weekend.

** This is the bird feeder I tucked away behind the hedge right outside of my bedroom window. Placement is crucial– I need to be able to see it from my bed when I am sitting up with my coffee and computer first thing in the morning. Sometimes one of those dang evil spawn-of-Satan squirrels jumps on it and starts scarfing down birdseed as fast as it can cram it into its nasty little mouth and then I have to interrupt my peaceful idyll and bang on the window and swear at it. Not very effective, but always makes me feel better.

**Every year I totally forget we have a dogwood tree. It is not a very old one, and it is wedged between two kind of show-off-y Bradford pears trees that bloom all over the place. Then just when they are starting to calm down, this lovely little dogwood shyly says, “Um, excuse me– I just wanted to let you know that I DO have these white flowers and whatnot…” And then I’m all, “OMG, we have a dogwood tree!”

**Sometimes less IS more, don’tcha think?

So… what is springtime  like where YOU are?

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  1. LindaB

    Well, you have a great start there, Tori! I envy you southern folk with your longer growing season and the early spring! It’s a little early to plant things here in Michigan—-nothing like putting a couple hundred bucks in plants to have them freeze! We generally do our planting starting Memorial weekend. You’re pretty safe then. I may start planting in my planters that stay on the covered porch—-that will protect them from a sudden frost.

    Allergies are horrific here! The ground is wet and moldy, grass pollen is blowing in the air, and I wish I had stock in the Claritin company. But the lawns are greening up and that is encouraging. My flowering trees are budding. Can’t wait for the lilacs to bloom outside our bedroom window—–they’re nature’s room freshener! Love it!

    This time of year makes me think of my dad so much—–he LOVED to plant stuff and get his vegetable garden going with enough plants to feed a small country. We used to hate it when we were home—-that meant the whole month of August (our last month of summer vacation) was devoted to picking, preparing, and canning all those veggies. It put a definite dent in our social life! But NOW, I wish he were still here ’cause I’d love to help him——we might even plant MORE stuff! I think I get my love of gardening from him—-no one else in my family has or wants a garden!

    I hope your wisteria flourishes, Tori! There’s nothing like the sweet smell of wisteria…..except maybe lilacs. Thanks for the tour.

  2. LindaB

    I might not have time for a garden this year—–I’m too busy with my eyelashes and browsing tablescaping blogs! I am becoming addicted to pictures of beautifully set tables and gorgeous dinnerware. I may need an intervention.

  3. tori

    Honey, you are preaching to the choir.
    However, I just had a thought– if Miracle Gro can produce the kind of hanging plants you showed me, I wonder what it could do for our lashes? Whaddya say– two birds with one stone?


    Ya know, my folks tried & tried to grow wisteria – they would go to the nurseries, buy it, find the perfect spots, fertilize it, it would grow – the NO BLOOMS – just vines. Come to find out – there is male and female in this plant! I want to plant some around my house, too – my neighbors have some running all through their back woods. I have forgotten which one blooms, though, and which one doesn’t. I also know that it choke trees – so glad to see yours in growing on a trellis. The pretty poted plants – that looked like little pansies – are not cooperating w/ me. Can’t figure out what the problem is. They wilt – maybe too much water. Ferns are doing great, though. So are my snapdragons in the pot. I would like to plant some mint,too. My mother used to have some and put it in our ice tea. Have thought about bird feeders – have a great little tree outside my kitchen window – but I also have 4 outdoor cats, so……….

  5. LindaB

    ROFLMBO! I hear ya! We could call it “Miracle Lash”!

    Ya know, I bought that L’Oreal lash stuff—–and it was over $25 with the serum and the mascara. I had a hard time rationalizing spending that much for my EYELASHES, for goodness sakes! There’s hard times here in the unemployment capitol of the country! I hardly use my eyelashes anymore anyway! ;) But then this bright idea came to me as I was gathering up empty pop bottles to return to WalMart——I could use the bottle return money for the lash fertilizer and I wouldn’t feel guilty. (Quit laughing out there! I didn’t like go walking along the road picking up bottles! I have limits! It’s just that my family drinks lots of pop!) So, I bought it. And when I went to apply the stuff, I realized mother nature had played a terrible trick on me—–they were almost all gone! I never noticed that before! I guess your eyesight goes along with your lashes so you don’t notice so much. I had to buy one of those magnifying mirrors to see them so I could put the serum on them! That cost me $7! (Gotta go drink some more diet Coke!) I’ll let you know if they come back.

  6. Leisa Hammett

    Netti pot, dear. Netti pot.Remember? I’ve prescheduled a rerun of last year’s post on my beloved ceramic genie–inspired by you–the post that is. Netti and I’ve been friends (an allergy free) for years. Love you.

  7. Chick Voice

    I’ve been lurking around here for a few weeks. This post made me know I needed to come out from hiding. We have the same exact birdfeeder!! Glad to see someone else as happy and excited about spring and things coming back to life. In my part of the country we are weeks behind you all……..still pretty chilly in Colorado but we’re coming along.

    Glad a Nashville friend told me about your blog. I’ll be back!!

  8. tori

    DELIVERED– I hope I’ve got a blooming wisteria! I’m gonna Miracle Gro the crap out of it. And yeah, a bird feeder might be kinda like giving your cats a drive-thru window…

    Chick Voice– YAY! You delurked, that made my day! Welcome to the ‘Bloomr Nation, we’re so happy you’re here– (you are obviously a woman of rare and discriminating taste (at least in blogs and birdfeeders!)

  9. rockin robyn

    Springtime!!! Starting with Easter and the story telling us, reminding us about everything renewed, new life, a fresh start, a new beginning… I was born in the springtime…. Luv it!!!

    But… I’m older now – and even though I love everything about spring, man, I never had problems with new life until I bought this house… now there is grass to mow, weeds to stay ahead of… (leaves of three let it be), gardens I keep promising to start (so there will be less grass to mow) and struggling with breathing (I never had problems with alergies before…) I’m trying to get brave and take everyones advice and wear a mask when I cut the grass but I’m afraid I’ll passout (I can’t breath with those masks on – let alone looking like an escape-ee from a hospital somewhere)

    Got out of work a few hours early today – told everyone “guess I’ll get out the weed-wacker” and have at it… (dreading it the whole way home) but the Good Lord does help you out in a crisis… what’s that I see on the windshield – drops of rain… oh darn – guess I can’t weedwack today. Thank you Lord for that little break. Maybe tomorrow!

    I will try this year – I will try! Thanks Tori for the spring tour.

  10. NC4me

    I think I need to add to the title of your post….”and coughing like a smoking mine worker”. I wish I had stock in a cough drops company! The side effects of allergy medicine and cough drops for me is a dull in my appetite (I think they kill your taste buds)though so it ain’t all bad.

    I just declared myself out of the de-lurking mode in the last post so now I feel free to comment. Love this blog! I come regularly for a good laugh.

    Fast facts: wife, empty-nester (our one amazing son has flown the coop), teacher, children’s author (trying to be), Bible teacher, and worship lover.

    How did I find this blog? I was cleaning my son’s room out and found an older Russ CD. I popped it in while cleaning and remembered how much I LOVED Russ’s voice. I was blessed to see him once in concert. Anyway….I decided to google him and see what he was up to….and I found this GREAT blog!! Been hooked ever since. Thanks Tori!

  11. delightedabroad

    Thank God it is springtime again! Not only to see our nature wake up and blossom but to enjoy the daylight longer. Apart from that I’m just glad temperature is finally rising :-)

  12. meb

    OMG I can’t even think of going outside right now – everything is yellow! I didn’t have allergy problems until we moved to GA. But I admit I do like the early spring and all the beautiful flowers we have. My day lilies are doing amazingly well this year. Even my rose that usually looks so pathetic and scrawny is putting on a show already. Cone flowers and fever few are coming up, and the spirea are showing off their graceful limbs. I think this is the best my plants have done in the 10 years we’ve been in this house – and now thanks to the amazingly quick sale we’re moving out at the end of May, so we only get to enjoy it for a short time.


    Tori – pretty sure you got the bloomin kind, since those are huge honkin buds on the vine. I am definitely going to my neighbor’s & see if I can get a baby plant. Also, in this area there is this bush called a Sweet Bess – & it smells heavenly! gonna try to plant one of those, too, from a neighbor. I somehow killed the pretty flowers on my front porch – ferns still hanging in there, tho!

    NC4me – hey!!!!! another tarheel? Great! I’m in the Rocky Mount/Greenville area. BTW – GRITS!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU? (another tarheel)

  14. Rebecca at Toothwhale

    I’m enjoying the sunshine and the colors and the flowering trees and plants so much as well. In Florida, things are lush year-round, which is great, but there’s something really special about the blooming that happens in a Nashville spring. I think we’ve had a particularly lovely one this year. Maybe we earned it after the colder winter we had. Your yard is looking good.

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