I am not Bossy, but I know someone who is.

So way back in the dark ages of the intrawebs when I first discovered blogs, I read all kinds of them.

(Actually, I think it was My Nephew The Computer Genius who initially told me about these newfangled ‘blog’ things and I believe my exact words were, “Who the hang wants to read online diaries of total strangers? Sheesh, get a life already!” Oh, the irony.)

Mommy blogs, cooking blogs, travel blogs, do-it-yourself blogs, Christian blogs, non-Christian blogs, entertainment blogs, writer’s blogs, gardening blogs, local blogs, Americans now living in foreign countries blogs, lumberjacks who like to knit blogs and ad infinitum… You name it, I probably skimmed it. I was intrigued by the diversity and I was blown away by the quality of the writing I occasionally ran across– there were such definite, distinct voices out there! One of the first blogs I found was called iambossy.com, which captured my attention with the brilliant, poignant artistry of her Barbie Theater posts. Bossy is this tall, willowy, tech-savvy blonde lady with lovely cheekbones and really good hair that moves** who lives in the  Philadelphia area and has two kids, a husband and a wicked sense of humor. So right off the bat you can see that on the surface, we don’t seem to have very much in common. Well OK, maybe the two kids, the husband and the sense of humor part, but it kinda ends there. Or at least so I thought, until this past weekend when Bossy her own self came through Nashville on her “No Book Tour” and stayed at my house.

{ASIDE: If this was an Academy Awards speech, this would be the place I thanked all the little people who made this past weekend possible. And by little people I mean Russ and the girls, who helped facilitate the possibly-hormone-driven-spring-cleaning-overdrive mode I clicked into when I found out Bossy (real name: Georgia) was coming. I have no idea why I do this, but since Russ has been married to me for a frillion years and by now has experienced this many, many times, he just kind of shrugs and goes with it. Apparently I temporarily lose my mind and decide that this would be the perfect time to do a few little things I’ve been wanting to get around to, like, oh I don’t know, knocking out walls and building furniture from scratch.}

Not really. But I DID do this:

1) Bought a kitchen table for $140 off of Craigslist and then decided to butt it up against my kinda skimpy kitchen island and have a marble top cut for it and the ledge above it so that even though I can’t afford to totally finish off the island by converting my cooktop to gas AND having all of my countertops redone in soapstone like I’m dying to do, I would at least have this beautiful marble workspace/table addition to the island which satisfies something deep within my kitchen-loving soul. This took a lot of my saved-up kitchen fund money time and legwork, and I still have to paint the whole thing so it will look all-of-one-piece, but loooooooook how pretty–

I may or may not have made out with it right after it was installed. It’s all kind of a blur.

And also I… 2) Had my laundry room painted the same color as my kitchen, because I never had changed it out in the 4 years we’ve been here and the color was kind of a muddy, taupe-y, off-brown color that really reminded me of what you would find in a baby’s diaper and was not at all conducive to making me want to go in there and do load after load of laundry. I also ‘shopped my garage’, and came up with a bunch of great teapots I used to collect, an old wire basket, a beautiful photograph of Portofino, Italy that Gloria Gaither gave me years ago and various and sundry other things that I had never not yet unpacked but were quite festive once I placed them all around the laundry room.

(This might be a good time to mention that in the fleeting handful of hours that Georgia/Bossy was actually here at Chez Taff, she spent a total of about 20 minutes in the kitchen–at night– and never even SAW the laundry room… But I’m still doggedly sticking to my excuse of “having to get ready for our guest” to justify the whirlwind of activity that went on around here last week. Which will hopefully keep my slave labor family from stabbing me in my sleep.)

Ahem. Anyway, then I… 3) Had the painting guys move a big humongous armoire out of the aforementioned guest room down into the garage and put it next to my freezer so now I have an extra pantry-type thing! For canned chicken broth and diced tomatoes and my crock pot and all of those dishes I keep collecting occasionally find! (No picture of that because, hello, boring and also- my garage, it is scary messy.)

And of course, one must… 4) Change out the bedding in the guest room by ordering a Pottery Barn duvet off of ebay and then sweating bullets hoping it will come in time…

…and will also coordinate nicely with this well-worn but charming little painting I picked up for a song one time in Nolensville, TN.

So, all of that to say I managed to rally the troops and get a lot of things done around here In The Name Of Bossy that I have wanted to get done for months. And now I will wipe that self-satisfied smile off my face before the troops see it.

Speaking of Bossy?  I just adored her! She arrived late in the afternoon, and we barely had time to get ready to leave for… *trumpet fanfare* A LIVE TAPING OF “PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION” AT THE RYMAN!!!  A wonderful woman named Kat Breshears generously offered tickets to Bossy and so another local blogger Rebecca, and I were able to go, too. I am a huge Garrison Keillor fan, so this was a very big deal to me, and I was unabashedly thrilled.  One of the first things I loved about Bossy was her equally un-cool level of excitement about everything she was experiencing. She was not jaded and ho-hum about any of it, God bless her, which made it all the more fun. She couldn’t believe she was actually standing out in the alley behind the Ryman listening to honkytonk music blaring out of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, and while she grabbed her camera to capture it, Kat captured this:

Isn’t she cute as a bunny?!

The show was incredible, everything you’d want a live performance would be– and when I finally heard that oh-so-familiar voice intone, “Well, it’s been a quiet week in Lake Woebegon…” I had to physically restrain myself from leaping onto the stage and hugging that sweet weird bespectacled writer genius so hard that security would have to come drag me off of him. Thankfully for all concerned, I did control myself, though admittedly this would have been a WAY more interesting post if I had given in to my baser instincts. Here are some shots:

*Georgia, Rebecca and I, ready for the show! (Calm down, Tori, you’re looking a wee bit Unabomber in this one.)


*The next two are courtesy of Kat and her vastly superior photography skills.

*Those famous red shoes and socks

*Artsy photo of Georgia, loving the show

When it was all over, we jumped in Georgia’s *sponsored* ride, a lovely Fusion hybrid she named Harrison Ford, and drove to Bosco’s to meet up with some of Nashville’s finest bloggers which are pictured here by way of a couple of clever one-armed shots I totally stole from Bossy’s site but am totally giving her credit for and hoping she won’t launch an ugly lawsuit because like I said, I LOVE HER and also SHE PROMISED TO COME BACK. So, anyway:

The long and the short of this whole weekend is that once again *cue the violins*  I realized how very much I love the blogging world, more specifically, the women I meet in it. Say what you will– and Lord knows I have– about some of the divisive, snarky, unkind things floating around out there in cyberspace, my experience with the bloggers I have been lucky enough to hang out with has been overwhelmingly positive. Georgia was an absolute case in point. She is a remarkable woman. We went from total strangers to real friends in the course of several hours, and that is a rare and wonderful thing. I feel very blessed by it.

(Georgia– you will get used to that kind of ‘blessed by it’ talk the more you hang out in the South. Don’t let it throw you.)

(And come back real soon.)

**Tori’s Useless Trivia Alert: totally random line from the trailer for a 1988 Garry Marshall movie starring Bette Midler called ‘Beaches’ (which introduced the ever-popular/world’s-smarmiest-anthem “Wind Beneath My Wings”.) You’re welcome.

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  2. LindaB

    What a WONDERFUL time you had! If you ever get tired of your life, can I have it? Just give it to me and take a tax deduction for a charitable contribution! Your weekend sounds like so much fun! THE RYMAN AUDITORIUM, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKES!!!

    I too have a fit of furious cleaning and fixing up before someone I’d like to impress (or just not make them throw up when they enter my house) comes to visit! And it’s a sneaky way to get my hubby to fix something he’s been putting off for years. If I just say, “Will you fix that thing over there, Honey?”, then he would say yes, and put it off some more. But if I say, “Can you fix that before so-and-so comes to visit?”, he’d get right on it. And we never finish until three seconds before the doorbell rings! That’s how we are. I’ve come to accept it.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your marble-topped kitchen island!!! That’s a great idea!

    Finally, I’m impressed to death with your decorating ideas, but more impressed with your ability to put those little bubbles up in your pictures that have words in them and point to something! That is just way cool!

  3. ibclcisme

    Sounds like an incredible time, and y’all are just too darn cute!!

  4. KellyBurton

    Too stinking jealous to comment.


  5. tori

    LindaB– As you well know, there have definitely been a few times when I would GLADLY hand over my life to the top bidder… ;) THIS weekend just didn’t happen to be one of those times! I’m happy to hear I’m not the only person that launches into massive home improvement mode at the worst possible time. (And I use something called Jing to do the captions– check it out, it’s free!)

    ibclcisme–It WAS so much fun! (By the way, I am holding you to that big-headed pig-kid tattoo idea…)

    KellyBurton– Well, hurry up and get here kid, and we’ll make people jealous with OUR exploits!

  6. karen48

    Love your pictures of the kitchen, laundry room, etc. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and yes, I’m jealous too. lol

    And when I read (And come back real soon.)……. I read it as.. (You all come back now, you hear?)

  7. Anita

    Wow, LOVE “Prairie Home Companion!” Just discovered your comment on my bio, then got a password to come over here! Yes, it is a small world, very small! And I know exactly who you guys are as we have done some of your songs. Although my mom is still in the Southern Gospel world–Inspirations doing some of here songs again, etc., we are going the contemporary christian route against my mom’s will, lol. Husband just worked with the guys who play with Paul Baloche, and we’re going to the Darlene Zshech conf at The Cove next month to get some more ideas that we *cannot* use at our church, lol. After all the years of not wanting to do christian music, I find myself doing it and LOVING it. Anyway, nice to “cyber” meet you! Come back by. I always do a tablescape on Thursday at least:-) Anita

  8. LindaB

    Anita, I followed your link to your blog….. and you and your blog are AMAZING! What gorgeous pictures and tablescapes! You certainly have an eye for decorating. I’m bookmarking your blog, for sure!

  9. rachelbaker

    Anita – I followed your link too, your tablescapes are beautiful.

    Tori, you’re making me realise I need to go out and have fun more!


    All I want to know is one thing – WHEN I CAN I COME AND HANG OUT?

  11. chillybean

    Sounds like you had a great time. Nathan and I went to hear PHC when they were in Rochester, MN back in January. We loved Andra Suchy, the young woman who sang with him. Was she fantastic in Nashville as well? She is a “local” gal who live in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) area. We were quite impressed with her.

  12. tori

    TOTALLY impressed with her! (And she kinda looks like Joy Gardner!)

  13. Rebecca at Toothwhale

    Bossy’s Barbie Theater is so funny. I laughed out loud when you used the word “frillion” to describe how long you’ve been married. I love the orange and turquoise duvet. I also so liked how Georgia was impressed and interested at the Ryman. I liked her even more in person than on her blog. It was a great evening and wonderful to see you again!

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