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Oops– you caught me ‘half-designed’!

(I first said ‘half-dressed’, but you would not believe the type of ads that was attracting!)

OK, your discerning eyes may have noticed that our beloved ‘bloomr looks a little different this morning.  There’s a reason for that– Daniel the Computer Genius and I have been confabbing via late night Instant Messaging and boy howdy, we’ve got some big plans, people!  We’ve been doing some serious brainstorming lately about giving this blog a little redecorating/reconfiguring facelift and trying to add some shiny new options that will enhance your Babybloomr experience.

(Picture me standing like those girls at car shows demonstrating the new floor models with wide sweeping arm gestures… Except I’m wearing real clothes and not those slutty car-show-girl outfits. Because even in your imaginations I am all about the propriety. Stop laughing.)

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about anything  too fancy or high tech-y…

(Because, hello, you’ve met me, right? Tech-y is not the first thing that comes to mind. That’s why I was smart enough to convince my sister years ago to have that third kid so he could grow up and be a Computer Genius and help his Auntie out.)

…just a few bells and whistles that can make the site easier to navigate and read, and also make it possible for me to add some stuff that will make everything look prettier and more interesting and way more FUN! FUN! FUN!  I am all about the fun. So, for right now? Don’t worry about those weird little letters/icons at the top right of this page. They are soon going to make it possible for you to link to other Babybloomr stuff like Twitter, Facebook and a FeedBurner– but not quite yet, we’re still installing stuff.

(‘Stuff’ is obviously another one of those high-tech professional bloggy terms that the average lay-person may not understand. And yes, I also don’t quite know what the ding dang a FeedBurner does either, but I am learning and will soon post and tell you all about it. In very easy-to-understand language, the same way Daniel The Computer Genius explains things to me, which is to say, like I ride the short bus. No offense.)

I WOULD like you all to notice that the photos are no longer kind of s t r e t c h e d out to the point that they are slightly distorted. Quick, go check the last post with all of the Faroe Islands shots– don’t they look better? Although honestly, when it comes to pictures of myself I’m going to miss that a little. It may have made me look distorted, but it also made me look a little taller. Oh, well. *sigh* The things I sacrifice for this blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up by way of this lovely public service announcement that we’ve got some fun stuff coming up around here, so stay tuned– the new floor model is coming soon!


Faroe Islands Hospitality

Just popping in to show you a few photos from Russ’ latest trip to the Faroes!

He just got home Sunday night, was gone for about 10 days writing music and doing some pre-production work because he will be recording his next cd there, and he is really fired up about that.  The Faroe Islands are home to some world-class musicians and Russ has had the honor of working with quite a few of them over the years as he has performed there several times. He is particularly looking forward to working with his friend, producer/musician Jakup Zachariassen. Jakup and his gorgeous wife Sonna are the most gracious and generous hosts and made our trip there last summer unforgettable. It dang near killed Madi to not be able to go with her dad this time, but we are hoping we can travel there again as a family before too long. It really is a magical place– here, I’ll refresh your memory with some pictures from this summer–remember this?


And this:


(Madi says it looks like Narnia!)

Here’s Russ and Jakup in the studio– (how cute are they?!)


On his last night, Jakup and Sanna prepared a farewell feast for Russ and some of the musicians. They made a fabulous lobster stew and steamed fresh king crab. Russ practically tears up every time he talks about that meal.  King crab will do that to man.

Here they are cooking away in their kitchen– the beautiful blonde is an amazing artist named Lena Anderssen, who sang with Russ at the G Festival. They sounded great together, she’ll probably appear on the new cd too.


Lena with another friend and dinner guest, musician/engineer/Danish Grammy Award winning producer Oli Paulsen:


The soup…


The crab….


OK, that’s it. I’m going to go rummage around the kitchen.

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