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A Veritable Hodge-Podge of Miscellania… AND a Caption Contest!

SO many useless nuggets of information, so little time…

There’s no real way to craft all of the things I want to show you guys into one seamless post, so I won’t even try. So in no particular order, here’s what the last few days have been like all up in here, as well as some completely useless flotsam and jetsam I just thought you’d enjoy!

*** Let’s see, where to start… OK, got it.

Madi, being a teenage girl, woke up one day this week and decided she wanted to get her hair cut. Immediately. Like, YESTERDAY. She saw a cute cut on our pastor’s oldest daughter and thought she could totally rock that look. She asked me to find out where Melody got her hair did (it’s a Southern thing), so I FaceBooked the lovely girl and asked her; she gave me three different references. I phoned the one she said was her favorite of the three, and left a message. The rest of the day consisted of Madi Rose calling me (from upstairs) or literally following me around asking, “Have you heard anything yet? Has she called?” Exasperated, I finally said, “It’s almost closing time, we probably won’t hear anything today. If you remind me, I’ll try again in the morning and call the other two as well. BUT REMIND ME, because you know my brain. Leave me a note.” The next morning, scattered around the house on every surface you could imagine– my nightstand, my bathroom sink, the coffeemaker, next to the TV, on my computer– was a series of notes:

I hope you can read them. My personal favorites are, “If my hair could talk… it would say save me” and “Please be a responsible adult. Help my nasty hair.” This is just a small example of why I actually ENJOY living with a 17 year old girl– as long as she’s Madi. (BTW, her appointment is for Wednesday. Photos to follow.)


**And next… Well, it’s been an interesting week for the Taff automobiles. Yesterday morning after a rather pedestrian, ho-hum little rainstorm this is what I saw when I happened to glance out of the window:

That’s the Russ-mobile under that Bradford pear tree limb! It actually looks a lot worse than it was– nothing was broken, just a couple of small scratches on the roof of the car. Russ could care less, that car has been through a lot worse, like the time that big ol’ deer literally jumped right into the side of the car and crumpled his entire left fender… (The deer was fine. The fender? Not so much.)

And in related news, two days ago after picking Charlotte and Madi up from school a large plastic garbage can literally jumped right into the side of MY car and cleanly knocked my right side mirror right out of its holder–BAM! It sounded like a shotgun blast and the girls and I all screamed like, well… girls. The mirror is toast, but I think everything else in the actual mirror holder thingy is OK, so Monday morning I’ll call the dealership and see if they can get me another one. Which will probably take like two weeks to order and cost a ridiculous amount of money (she says optimistically!)


**Appropo of nothing: This totally cracked me up– it’s from that LOL Cats website.



**Speaking of pets… The other day Pip The Elderly Yorkie did something disgusting that I won’t spell out but suffice to say it had something to do with eating. And poop. Do the math. In a fit of pique, I happened to immediately start whining casually mention this fact on Twitter, which then proceeded to set off a flurry of tweets and responses that went on ALL DAY! Here’s a small sample:

This went on for pages and pages, apparently, I hit a nerve– a big, totally gross, every-dog-owner’s-nightmare nerve! So now my claim to fame on the intrawebs may just be that I sparked a day-long Twitter discussion about dogs that eat their own poop. Which was not the kind of renown I was looking for, but hey, whatever. I’m sure if my 93 year old parents were on Twitter, they would just be so proud.


**I’m doing this without her permission (I hope this is OK, Betty..? If not, let me know and I’ll remove it immediately), but it was so fabulous I couldn’t resist! Here is a photo of Our Favorite Themema and her gorgeous granddaughter Sarah during formal night on the Alaskan Homecoming Cruise:


** Hmmm, what else? OK, I think I’ll post a couple of stray Alaskan photos I’ borrowed’ from some other cruisers. And by ‘borrowed’, I mean totally stole off of FaceBook. And then I’ll leave you with.. A CONTEST!!!!

**Big honkin’ glacier (that might not be it’s official name.)

**Here is a shot of Russ and I taken by Mark Lowry while we were shooting B-roll at a fish and chips place in Juneau. We started to do a big ol’ kissing shot, but then decided to restrain ourselves and do a more family-friendly version.

Courtesy of  Mark Alan Lowry

**You know how those cabin stewards sometimes create little animals out of your fresh towels and leave them on your bed? No? Well, some of them do, I think they learn it in Cabin Steward School or something. (Ours rarely make us any towel art because I think they usually hate us because there are usually 4 of us in our suite and we totally trash the joint.) Anyway, apparently the steward in Ladye Love and Reggie’s cabin LOVED them (or their gorgeous son Brett) and he made them THIS:

Actually, maybe he was trying to scare them into leaving him a tip. Now that I look at it closely this could be interpreted as vaguely threatening, even with that little pink flower tucked behind it’s towel ear. At any rate, he did a nice job of it, don’tcha think?

Courtesy of Ladye Love Long Smith

** This is a great shot of the breathtaking scenery that was gliding by on either side of the ship while we were shooting the video. Doesn’t it look like a movie set?!

Courtesy of Lisa Davis Hildreth

**Here I am squeezing the heck out of Lily Isaacs. Love her.

Courtesy of Lisa Davis Hildreth


And FINALLY– I thought it might be funny if you guys came up with captions for this photo that Lady Love took of Russ and I on the plane! {Edited to add: Actually, Auburn60 told me in an email that this picture was just begging for a caption contest!}  AND THERE WILL BE A PRIZE (though I don’t know what it will be yet.) SOMETHING GOOD, THOUGH!!! Not like, new car good. But maybe a dvd or something…? Copy of my “Top 100 Christian Songs” book? Topless picture of Bill Gaither? Something…

Anyway, here’s the picture, knock yourself out:

Our Belinda

Hey everyone,

I just want to take a quick break from the usual Babybloomr frivolity and ask you all to help me comfort a friend. The regular readers here and on Gaither Community will recognize the name Belinda– she and her husband Troy are long-time fans of Russ who have evolved into full-time friends of the entire Taff family. They are a dear, dear couple and have hearts as big as all outdoors. Their young nephew, Keith, was killed in a tragic car accident and they buried him today. They are grieving, and I would love for all of us to wrap our arms around them and offer them our prayers and support. Belinda’s email address is:

Let’s flood her inbox with assurances that we are thinking of them during this horrible, horrible ordeal.

Thanks so much, you guys.

(We’ll return to our regularly scheduled wackiness tomorrow.)

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