Miscellaneous Thursday: The wedding was gorgeous! Also? My Facebook account got hacked, what’s that about?

First, the wedding.

Lake Tahoe looks like a dang Disney movie, all blue water and snow-capped mountains and trees as tall as sky scrapers… Also? Big honkin’ blue jays. They’re everywhere, just as noisy as our Southern version and twice as cranky. They are a really beautiful shade of blue, though:

It was a gorgeous setting for a wedding. I have a million pictures, but here’s the deal: they are on my friend Lynne’s camera and I have to go to her house to get the little thing that dumps them into my computer. So, hold that thought, OK? Here’s a Google image photo to whet your appetite:

Now on to the hacking thing.

What the heck?! I’m minding my own business and all of a sudden my inbox is flooded with all of these very concerned emails saying things like, “Uh, Tori, I just got this weird message from you.. WHAT’S GOING ON?” Apparently somebody hacked my account and sent a message out to all of my  Facebook friends from me that said, “Killzself.” Nice, right? I got all huffy and took it personally until about a million people replied to my panicked “That wasn’t me, I swear!!!” email by saying that either the same thing had happened to them, or they knew someone it had happened to– so I got over myself. My nephew Daniel The Computer Genius said that it is like a ‘phishing test’ by spammers trying to see if they can actually get into the account, then apparently they’ll spam the snot out of it. I think it is some kind of terrorist plot that may or may not tie into the Kennedy assassination and possibly the Lindbergh kidnapping. Spammers are scum.

We are rapidly closing in on finalizing the plans for our Big Trip To London, and I am FINALLY starting to get excited. Frankly up to this point it has just seemed kind of like an overwhelming task to plan and coordinate and blah blah blah– which is unusual for me, because hello? I am a travel planning maven. Usually. But I am finally hitting my stride with this one, and when I look at the little pictures of our little flat, and start making airport transfer arrangements, and start trying to even begin to think about packing… Well, it’s starting to feel less like work and more like OMG-we-are-actually-going-to-be-going-to-London-with-the-girls-this-will-be-a-once-in-a-lifetime-trip!!!! Russ and I have been to London several times, but never with kids, so I am going to try my best to find that balance between cramming an entire country into 11 days, and just picking a few can’t-miss sights and leaving plenty of down time for just wandering the city. I am going to call my sister-in-law Kim (oh hai Kimmie!!) and get all kinds of inside info, since she and her family lived there for several years. She will be great at helping me plan our day trips. Stonehenge with the Taff family, can’t you just picture it? It will be the ‘Spinal Tap’ movie come to life! I’m leaving you with a clip that I plan on making the girls memorize so I can quiz them on it later. It is Nigel of ‘Spinal Tap’ finally revealing the secrets of Stonehenge… Enjoy. And don’t ever let anybody tell you that Babybloomr is not a learning experience.

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  1. gracelynn

    Glad the wedding was great. Can’t wait to see the pics from Lynne’s camera but I love the one that you posted. Makes me wish I was back in TN at my cousins’ house.

    As for Facebook, this happened to alot of users on there. Laurie has had a real mess with it. I knew when I got that message it was NOT you so never fear. The first one that I got was from Laurie and I knew right then that someone had hacked into the system. (It helps that I teach Internet and Online Safety I guess LOL) It is sad when a person has nothing better to do than to sit around and try to destroy someone else online. And don’t get me started on spamming or phishing! LOL Ask the kids I teach.

    Glad you guys are going to London and I know the Taffs will have an absolutely wonderful time there together. Relax, enjoy your time together, and get PLENTY of great pictures for us! ;)

  2. louloulisa

    Hi Tori:
    Is that bird actually like what you saw? That’s a stellar jay, not a blue jay, although they are closely related. We have blue jays here in the East and around Lake Tahoe the stellar jay is prevalent. They are a beautiful blue color. Anyway, love your blogs. I’ll really be looking forward to blogging and photos from London! Don’t forget those of us left behind….: > (

  3. belinda

    Wow, I’m finally back in! I have missed a lot but I love your pictures! I am excited that you guys are going to London and can’t wait to see your pictures and hear all about your trip.

    Watched Russ and Madi on TBN last night, we really enjoyed that.

    I love Facebook but there does seem to be a lot of hackers out there. I don’t know why they have to do that, but they do. Glad you got yours all taken care of.

    I may never remember my new password this site just gave me so…..
    just in case I cannot get back in tomorrow I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and that Russ and the girls will see to it that you have the best birthday ever.

    Know you are loved! Happy Birthday my dear friend! Thanks for all you do and for loving us and being such a great friend! Thanks for such a wonderful blog and for sharing your lives with us. Happy Birthday! Love ya!

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    My goodness, the Taffs are off to London. My daughter has been to London several times, as her husband is from there…Devon. And she says you are going to love it….but you know that, else you wouldn’t be going back yourselves to take the girls. So, I should say: they will love it~

    Praying for you in travel….and for you to have a peace of mind while away, Tori. As I said, the girls are gonna love it….and y’all will be making sweet memories.

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