My sister sent this to me.

I really can’t imagine why. Something about, ‘reminds her of someone’…?

P.S. By the way, oh hai, I’m in Lake Tahoe! My sweet nephew Zach is getting married tomorrow and I am the official Taff family representative. Dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. It is ridiculously gorgeous here– I’ll get some photos up soon!

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  1. tammy961

    That is way over the top precious! I just laughed out loud. Made me miss the days when my sweet boy was just learning to chatter. Of course, once he learned to do that–there was never a quiet moment in the house. Oh how my baby loved to talk and talk and talk and talk. Is very quiet at home since he has grown and married.

  2. MostlySunny

    TOO FUNNY! Thanks for starting my day off with a BIG smile. I’m with you tammy961 – my house is very quiet now. All that chatter is adorable now that it’s not so constant.

    Lake Tahoe – one of my favorite places in all the world (next to Yosemite). I’m a California girl – born and bred. So that would be “native” California (there aren’t many of us around anymore; most everybody who lives there now is from somewhere else – usually Ohio!) Anyway, I used to ski at Squaw Valley and go to a conference at a large “cabin” on the north shore. We went to a wedding once at The Eagle’s Nest near Heavenly Valley; everywhere you look is breathtaking. The lake is beautiful, but freeeezing cold. We used to take the kids up to the Ponderosa Ranch – remember Bonanza? Yep, that Ponderosa Ranch. I am presently reading a book about the Donner Party, which all happened right up the road at Donner Lake. Enjoy! Especially this time of year when the snow is still on the mountains reflecting on the lake. The Sierra Nevada mountains are like nothin’ else…Have fun!

  3. tori

    tammy– I know what you mean. My teenage girls definitely still have their chatty moments, but I miss that baby jabber so much!

    MostlySunny– You just described the view I am looking at right this minute: snow on top of the mountains, breathtakingly gorgeous lake. I am in Tahoe City, the wedding tonight is at Carnelian Bay. It is going to be hard to pry me out of here!

  4. MostlySunny

    We stayed at a place at Carnelian Bay. I know exacly where you are! Ride the tram at Squaw Valley if you have time, just for the view. You can’t take a “bad” picture at Tahoe…

  5. ruthiebear

    Absolutely adorable. My youngest son used to “sing” before he could talk. We could even recognize the tunes!
    My middle son used to wake up early in the morning singing – now he won’t get out of bed before 10 am!

  6. gracelynn

    That was so cute! Children are so precious at that age. Then they grow up and the hormones kick in! LOL

    Have a good time at the wedding. Wish I was in the mountains right now. Oh well, I can wait a couple of weeks I guess. LOL

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh that is just too cute! One of my three was exactly like that…she never stopped talking. And, it’s pretty much that same way today.

    Your sister is a sweetheart!

  8. jonny

    Used to do a lot of skiing up there as well as hiking as a kid/teenager. All my family’s moved up North now, not far from Tahoe. Many Finns are more than a little suprised that I live here & am from California. When asked do I miss anything, I tell them just the mountains, rivers & such up north! Would love to be there now with a pack on my back…

    And check this out, I accidently discovered how to separate paragraphs when writing with my phone!! I just press the “0” (zero) nob down center three times in a row, rather rapidly, a couple times and…

    Ta-da!! Is God good, or what!?! = )

  9. chillybean

    Well, my childeren, at ages 8 and 5, still babble non-stop like that. Although it is not nearly as cute and adorable! (and sometimes mixed with just a touch of bickering.)

    My daughter was singing her way through Target tonight. Unfortunately the last song she heard in the car was Chapel of Love. Since she didn’t know the lyrics, she was making up her own inspired by what ever grocery item was at hand. Cute? For the first three minutes. After an hour…not so much…

    I swear, she does not get this from her mother!

    Enjoy the wedding…I am sure it will all be fabulous and beautiful…

  10. rockin robyn

    That video is precious. Not having any children of my own, the only babies I got to appreciate “jabber” from is `lil ones that were brought into my life for one reason or another. I use to babysit a little one – and no lie, she would be jabbering away {right to my face} and then she would tilt her little head with the cutest lost look on her face and say – huh? And I mean with a question mark. Huh, was the only word I understood and I never knew what to say, cause I didn’t know what I was agreeing to. She’d do that to me more than once.

    Thanks for that stress breaker, Tori!!!

  11. dodger

    Good Saturday (June 13) afternoon Tori. I looked up your blog and registered in order to be able to send heartfelt congratulations for comments you made on the Averyfineline blog last year in answer to the mindless criticism that often passes for fair comment there. I just managed to come across it today and I agree 100 per cent. Of course there must be gospel singers who are “this” or “that’..they are just people like anyone else and I can understand a person…blogger or otherwise…writing they they appreciated a certain performance more than another (we all appreciate certain songs or styles more than another song or style) but I do not see the necessity of calling into question a aperson’s character or even dress style. How juvenile. As for Mr. Taff, have always noticed how truly supportive of other members of the Homecoming group he he fairly tingles “cheerleading” as David Phelps or one of the others performs. Good for him……he must truly feel the spirit of God as he takes part in the concerts or tapings. Thank you again for the well written backing of the people involved………and best of wishes to you and your family in the future.
    Bob M………..

  12. GRITSinNC

    That is one of the cutest things ever. Made me LOL and, being sickish today, it was good for what ails me.

    Barbara, like you, one of my 3 was always talking. My aunt baby sat for me a few years and sometimes when I’d get there to pick the children up, she’d say “Dottie had a case of running off at the mouth today”, which usually didn’t mean cute. :o)

    Bob, just gotta say that your way of getting here is the same way I found my way here (lurked for a while before I joined & participated). I have a certain “Gaither” artist in my Google Alerts and it sometimes led me to Averyfineline, which was very upsetting and I have not even let myself go there for a long time. However, I saw Tori comment there and liked what she said and her way of saying it, learned who she was and Googled and ended up here.

    Yes, I think Mr. Taff is a very special person, as is Mrs. Taff, and I wish I could meet them in person someday.

  13. carsmith

    That sweetie will be a blogger some day. I have heard mention that “you have a lot of words”. You sure know how to use your words and I’ll bet some day so will that little one. Bet your family forgot to get you on tape when you were about her age.
    Speaking of Tom’s shoes……..Oh, you weren’t. Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes is the speaker at a conference in Las Vegas that I’ll be attending in a couple of weeks. I’ll tell him you love your new shoes, ha. If the guys name is Blake why he is giving credit to Tom. Go figure.

  14. belinda

    I’m playing catch up here/ That was absolutely adorable I needed that. too cute!

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