My Blogoversary!!!!

Yes, dear readers, Babybloomr has reached the one year mark!


(Actually I’m a little late on this… but you guys know to expect that from me by now, right?!)

At any rate, it was one year ago (more or less) that I started this blog, after getting my feet wet by blogging for the Tennessean’s website for the previous year. I was all starry-eyed and ambitious, planning on updating on a strict schedule and building my readership to a gazillion and taking the blogging world by storm. It is now 131 posts, 12 months and 2 blogging conferences later. Here’s what I’ve learned: I have realized that updating on a strict schedule is virtually impossible given the realities of my life, that having a gazillion readers would be nice I guess, but having regular commenters and becoming bloggy friends with the mere million or so (ha!)  readers I have is so very rewarding, and that my definition of a successful “real live blog” has changed– it’s less about taking the world by storm and more about community, relationships and the sheer pleasure of writing.

So I’m sitting here at the one year mark feeling pretty good about this whole Babybloomr thing! I still have goals I want to accomplish and I’m looking forward to learning more and becoming better. But my main emotion right now is gratitude. At the risk of sounding all maudlin and pre-menstrual, I do have to tell you guys that I appreciate you so much. You have enriched my life and expanded my world. I am crazy-go-nuts over each and every reader, and I am sending you all a virtual hug and big sloppy kiss. Also? A wrist corsage.

Thank you so much for your loyalty, wisdom and humor– especially your humor! Thank you for honoring my desire for an authentic faith and tolerating my sometimes questionable use of language. Thank you for encouraging me, allowing me to be painfully honest and possibly  too transparent. You have allowed me to express deep emotions and indulged my goofy rants and tangents. You have celebrated my children with me, the joys of ordinary life and the miracle of a near-miss. You have all been a part of my life this last year, and I kinda feel like I’ve been a small part of yours as well.

If I could throw us all a big ol’ party, I would– but since the logistics of that might be a little tricky, please feel free to jump in here with your congratulations or anything else you care to offer! This would be a great time for some of you silent readers to de-lurk, by the way… (I never give up, do I?!) I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring– and I can’t wait to write about it!

I love you guys.

(And that goes double for my beloved  Russ, my delightfully random Charlotte and my sweet first-born Madi.)

31 Responses

  1. Busymom

    I figured out my login just to say “Happy Blogaversary” to you!

  2. meb

    Happy Blogaversary. Has it really been a year? Time flies when we’re all having fun. Looking forward to the many future blogaversaries and posts in between too.

  3. GRITSinNC

    Seems I officially joined rather than lurking just in time to wish you a Happy Anniversary on your successful blog. I agree with you…success is not measured in numbers. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading about the fun experiences and thoughts in your life in the coming year and wishing you a happy second anniversary next year.

  4. Phyllis S


    Wow a whole year! Girl this has been a great trip, funny, inspiring, heart warming and so sincere, not only from you, but from all the bloggers here on babybloomr.

    We love all the Taffs, keep up the good work, and have a great Mother’s Day weekend.

    Love, Prayers and Many Smiles

  5. gracelynn

    Happy Blogaversary Tori! Wow this year has flown. Sorry I’ve not responded lately but with End of Grade testing having just ended for me, I’m doing good to remember my name right now. LOL I hate the last 25 days of school! (Well 24 for me since I DO take off that Friday for Family Fest LOL)

    Seriously, I truly enjoy your blog and I need the laughter so many days. You are truly gifted and I am honored to just be able to read your posts. Love you lady and your zany family and cannot wait to see you all in a few weeks!

  6. belinda

    Happy Blogaversary!!

    Girl, I can’t believe it was a year ago that you started this blog. I have loved seeing how it had grown and all the new readers that have come here to join us.

    Thanks to the Taff family for sharing your lives with us and for you my dear friend, for all the wonderful blogging. You are the best and we thank you for sharing your gift with us. We are blessed! I look forward to a lot more blogs, reading, laughing and crying.

    Happy Blogaversary and many many more!

  7. auburn60

    I just had so much fun going back through your old posts and our responses. Linda and I were always willing to be ‘out there’ weren’t we? Yep, you can count on us.
    It seems kind of lame when I describe all of us as ‘Tori’s blogging friends’to someone who’s not a reader–I think we have become something more than just ‘the blog followers’ now after sharing as much as we have. I don’t have a word for it yet–gives me something to think on.
    I’m raising a glass to us all (and notice my very attractive wrist corsage).

  8. rockin robyn

    Happy Blogoversary to you… Happy Blogoversary to you… Happy Blogoversareeee dear Tori – Happy Blogoversary to yewwwwwww!

    I just want to truly thank you for this blog site. I’m not much into all this Facebook and MySpace and what ever… in fact it kind of scares me. People able to know and see too much of you if you don’t want them to. But I feel like finding Baby Bloomr and knowing it would be a safe environment(Christian based)to chat and share my comments – well I feel like I found a gold mine.

    I have to admit, coming into this I was kind of star struck – the wow factor. Following music the way I have for decades – I knew who you were… Tori Taff, songwriter. Your name is in my hymnal at church, on my gospel albums at home but now your name is in my heart too. Here on this blog I got to know the real Tori and she’s not a phony. Those songs that have you and Russ’ name tied to them… those songs are teachings and preach to me and anyone whose heart inspired those writings – well they are gifts to us all and I thank the Lord for you. (This is the truth – when you said you and Russ were writing again I cried. I can’t wait to see how the Lord spoke to you both and what teachings these songs will provide…)

    Everyone has struggles in their own lives… things they just want to get away from for awhile and being able to come into Baby Bloomr and just listen and be heard and share has been very therapeutic.

    Can’t wait to see what the next year holds… what will the Taff’s get into next?

  9. LindaB

    Well, good golly, Miss Molly! A whole year of blogging!!! Time does fly……..and dinners burn, laundry stays in the dryer too long and gets wrinkled, and the dinner dishes pile up in the sink a little longer than usual, but what the hay! We had fun at your year long party, Tori!!! Thanks for inviting us! You throw the best parties ever! And you let me ramble on and on, go off on ridiculous tangents, and say things my mother wouldn’t approve of! (And even use dangling participles willy nilly!)

    You are a marvelous and compelling writer, Ms. Taff! You inspire us, entertain us, challenge us, and make us think! But best of all, you make us LAUGH! And we love ya for it!

    Thanks again and HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! Shall we dance the Anniversary Waltz???

  10. justThelma

    Happy Blogoversary, Tori. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so much, not only because you’ve shared yourself and your family with us, but because you’re so …. normal!!! You have entertained me immensely, and given me food for thought on more than one occasion. You also have some of the wittiest commenters in the blogosphere!

    So I’m curious … do you ever travel with Russ when he tours? I’m thinking if/when he comes back to eastern Canada, it would be so cool to meet you in person and say hello.

    Until then, Write On! And congratulations again!

  11. LindaB

    Can we tell what our favorite blog entry was, Tori?

    My favorite was one of the saddest and yet you even managed to make us laugh in that one too —–when Madi’s little May May was hit by a car. Your description of Madi falling to her knees with grief was heart rending. Made us all want to tear up and just hug that child! But then your word picture of you driving to the vet with the poor deceased dog on your lap for a “second opinion from someone in a white smock”, and Random Charlotte piping up from the back seat, “It’s the CIRCLE OF LIFE” thing and Madi rolling her eyes to heaven………well, you turned our emotions on a dime!!! We almost got emotional whip lash! I laugh every time I think of that scene! You’re so good!!!

    How ’bout you other readers and commenters? What’s your favorite blog entry?

  12. rachelbaker

    Happy Blogoversary! I am ready to party – and I love my corsage (never had one before), the baby keeps trying to eat it though so it might not stay intact for too long.

    Hard to pick a favourite blog, I love them all and it makes my day when a new one is posted (this one took so long in coming that I thought that Neti Pot might have done some serious damage)!

    Here’s to the next year and the one after and the one after …

    Sending lots of champagne, cakes and smiles your way.

  13. Phyllis S

    Linda B.

    It is hard to pick one favorite, so I will pick two.

    I think the one that hit home the hardest was on leaving her parents. I cried so hard reading it. I have been there, done that. Even today as my Dad drives out the drive, I sense that it could be the last time. I know he has no questions about where he is going when he leaves this world and I know that he will be so ready. BUT, to see it coming does not make it easier.

    Madi’s shark bite blog was terrifying up front, then as we read the rest of the story and saw the pictures of her on the way to the hospital, texting on her phone to her friends, telling them the exciting news, it became clear that we had a new celebrity in our mist. If we had only guessed how big of a celebrity she would become.
    Way to go Madi.

    Tori, keep us going, the tears and the laughter as so good…

    Love Ya.

  14. MostlySunny

    I’ve never celebrated a blogoversary before! And a wrist corsage? I am beside myself! Makes we want to go buy an artichoke!

    Thanks for the giggles, laughs and tears. And the travel pictures!

    And you know that this also means that we are all a year older! But, having been faithful Babybloomr readers and commenters, we are also a year wiser…

    I’m with justThelma…write on!

    (Golly gee! How many exclamation points did I just use? I’m not a “writer” but there’s probably a rule about that, right?)

  15. morgitta

    You touched my soul and made me laugh. I need both. A lot.
    I like your writing style (and I’m really fussy about that), the beautiful pictures and the way you turn an ordinary event into an experience worth reading and remembering.
    So thanks for blogging and happy oneyear ! Having an espresso on you, as I am out of firecrackers.

  16. PAJoseph

    Happy happy, Tori.
    I always love reading your stuff. You make me smile.

    Paul Joseph

  17. Phyllis R

    Girl, I have said it before…you just have a way of saying things exactly like a lot of us are feeling…you just have a way with words. I love reading your blog whether I comment or not. Sometimes I just run right in to read and then have to run right out to get back to some report or something that is on deadline or someone comes in my office with a crisis to be fixed…but I do enjoy your blogs and so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that you are still going after a year and still going strong I might add. Soooooo, since I usually go way way of Canada to get to Mexico, I really just came to say Happy Blogoversary!!!!!!!!!! Keep kicking butts and taking names girl…you are doing good.

  18. CarolynR

    HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY and many bloggy returns Tori. Never ever had a wrist corsage, am so made up! I shall wear it til one of us wilts!

    Not sure about favourite post! I’ve not read from the beginning and have just now had a quick rummage round in your archives Tori – hope you don’t mind? I seem to remember the post that made me stick my head up through the cyber-ether was the one where you discovered, and tried to curb, your inner snark. You made me laugh, cry and think all at the same time. So well done on successfully teaching this old broad to multitask :)

  19. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Well, I’m a mess….tearing up through all of the replies and then I got to Rockin Robin and simply lost it. Finally got myself together to write something and wanted to say Happy whatever it is we’re being happy about….but I just couldn’t tell what my little man was calling it. I kept trying to get my nose to slide along the screen, hoping I could see enough letters to help me. I mean, I wanted to know what I would be wishing you, for crying out loud. And then, praise the Lord (oh, I do love to hear him sing that), I made out the first letters b-l-o-g….and I figured it had to be Happy Blogaversary. And I broke out in song:

    Happy Blogaversary to you
    Happy Blogaversary to you
    Happy Blogaversary, dear Tori
    Happy Blogaversary to you.

    I love you, my Tori. Don’t ever change….just be you forever.

  20. baldwin

    Happy blogaversary Tori I lurked so long and only plucked up courage the other day to actually say something. Love the blogs, all of them,thanks for the corsage always wanted one, never got one before. But whatever you do, carry on blogging.


    Oh, now I am all blubbery and emotional, too! That was the sweetest blog ever! I’ll pass on the sloppy smack, though! Your humor has helped me sssssssooooooo many times put things into perspective when I was blowing it out of porportion! I really do laugh out loud almost every time I read your stuff, and even go back to the old ones when I am feeling down, or just plain soggy and sappy! You’re also here for a good tear-jerker when I need to let out some emotion. I can never thank you enough for the time you take out to share your busy world, feelings, and prayers. You have been a friend to me long before you knew I existed! You have created a channel for all of us that regulary lurk, as well as comment, to share the good, the bad and the ugly! That’s what it is all about. Just – THANKS!!!!!! You make the bad seem not so bad, and the good even better! Uh oh – here come the waterworks! I wish you much love and peace. Love Johnnie


    To: Rockin Robyn – wish I had read your comments b4 cmmenting myself – you said it ALL, girl! D-I-T-T-O!!!!!! and Kudos!


    jonny and GRIT: left you a note in previous blog-in, hope you find it!
    Peace, Johnnie


    Ok, you asked for it! My favoriteS goes as follows: Ebbing over your dad, I still ebb over my Daddy, & he died of AIDS 15 years ago. I was a daddy’s girl, for sure!

    Loved you blasting the kiddie pageants! Just a little too weird for me!


    Never been on a cruise, facinated by your pics!

    Saw a few entries just now that I had not seen, like the N’awlins – my Daddy loved to go there for Mardi Gras every year. Beautiful pics, again!

    The Bell-Buckle trip was awesome, (that’s one of my favorite words!) you got laughs outta me on every scene in that one, too! Your commentary is the greatest!


    The trip to the Smokies was great, too. I could feel ya when you started talking about seeing Maddie w/ a tall fellow! I feel like that w/my daughter, Bert, and she is 22! I still let those guys know, though, that I am not all that holy that I won’t backhand them! (in the name of Jesus, of course!)

    The coffee blip was funny to me only b/c I used to grind my own whole gourmet beans, usually Mocha, thinking I was really elite – now I have succombed to instant decaf!

    Tori, you know that I had to cry at Clemmie, so close to my own mess! Would love to praise w/ her for a while!

    Gonna make you my travel agent when I start traveling outside of NC! you’re a pro at it, among all the other stuff! Again, where do you buy these super-woman suits? I need a few! At least to help me clean out my closets!

  25. Bloomfield Farm

    Okay, I’m de-LURK-ing! I’ve been a regular reader of your blog for some time now and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. You are an excellent writer and, as the mother of three daughters, I can SO identify with many of your posts. Your blog always guarantees me a laugh or a good cry. My favorite post? Gotta be Thanksgiving b/c you talked about my cute little Anna Rose!
    Her “other” grandmother,

  26. jenniferbostwickowens

    Hey Tori, I enjoyed your 50 things about you on your “About” page–you cover a lot of ground there! I’m glad you’ve found your niche with blogging. Your writing is so much fun to read! Jennifer

  27. tammy961


    HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!! YAHOO!! and they said it wouldn’t last!oh–no they didn’t, I just got carried away..I am so happy for you…If you can remember a year back when I first came here, I had NO idea how or why I found this website..To be truthfully honest, I had never heard of you (had heard hubby’s name but that was about it) Did not have goo goo stars in my eyes for any “celebrity”..basically, I just showed up on your doorstep for no reason that I could see….and i just sat and lurked and read and lurked some more and read..and I kept reading..and finally one day, I got up enough courage to actually post.. I am insanely shy and much more prefer to PM than to have my “words” all out there for everyone to read….Anyhoo–the more I read, the longer I decided to stay…..
    The way you spoke of the girls made me feel like I was you next door neighbor..I was coming to “know you” and you know what?? I was totally enjoying my visits here…..Somehow, and I am NOT sure how this happened, you crawled into this tiny spot way back in my heart that had your name on it and you became a part of my day..You make me laugh hysterically and I LOVE laughing, but ya know what? you also made me sob with the posts about your Dad. You see, I lost my precious Daddy in 1999 at the age of 58 and I miss him terribly every day that I breathe but then you made me laugh again and for a moment, all was good…
    So, now that I have been with you for a year–I still do not know one thing you have written other than this blog….but, I am now getting a clue as to why I stumbled upon this site…I needed laughter and encouragement and I found them both here, even if it was something as simple as “Thanks for your comment” it made me feel like you were really glad to read what I had to say…
    So now I have a new friend..I think of you ANYTIME I stumble upon a hilarious YOUTUBE video, I read parts of your blog to my son (24 and married)and he laughs with me….

    In addition to Happy Blogaversary, I want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful things you have written..You have made a difference in my life and for that I am so grateful. I feel like you have become a friend to me, even though we’ve never met..ONE DAY SOON WE WILL!!

    O.K. now, on with the party!! I am ready for some cake so pass some this way!

    God Bless and I love you my friend!!

  28. grfdave

    Congratulations! I have enjoyed every post. Love your sense of humor.

  29. TabbiKat

    Thank You for your authenticity…I enjoy my visits here. From posts I couldn’t agree/disagree with more…it’s all here and inspires me to think or simply enjoy a laugh or weep when a post tugs at those depths I’m still not so comfortable with.

    Happy Bloga-Palooza and here’s to another year and a gazillion more readers

    Yes, I finally delurked, unlurked? Either sound like a process related to ridding one of lice…how about I joined the conversation? Next time I’ll bring brownies and home style vanilla ice cream.

    Gentle Hugs

  30. jonny

    Congratulations, I guess = / I believe I’ve successfully dodged the big ol’ sloppy one, but not really sure what to do with the wrist corrage?!? Stick it in a bowl of luke warm water with some crushed aspirin… ??

  31. GRITSinNC

    DELIVEREDJEPARKER63, hope you see this ’cause I wanted to let you know that, yes, I did see your note in the other blog. Thanks for the welcome and introduction. Child, you have really been through it and are shining proof of the miracles the Lord performs.

    God bless you. I look forward to reading more of your blogging.

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