Grace in Small Things

Some of the more observant readers among you may have noticed that lovely little blue badge in my side bar. Over there. —-> No, there, scroll down a little bit, see it now? Good.

It’s been sitting there for a while without any explanation because, as I am wont to do, I read about this great idea that got me all fired up, so I posted the badge and then never got around to telling you what the heck it was for! Oops. Ok, so there’s a blogger named Schmutzie that wrote a blog post waaaaaay back in November about taking time out of every day to recognize the small things, past or present, that ‘grace’ our lives– kind of like my (randomly spasmodic) gratitude posts in which I ask you to list things you are grateful for; only this one has a badge and is better organized. Here’s how she explained her inspiration, in part:

“The world we live in is loud and harsh and bright and demanding, and it is easy to slide into a less than thoughtful survival mode in which we do what we have to do to make it through the day with the least amount of strife possible. This robs us of the time and energy to be mindful of ourselves and those we love and to recognize the grace that exists in small things.”

(Read more: “ Grace In Small Things: A Challenge For All Of Us”)

Of course, Schmutzie’s original idea was to do this on a daily basis, but she also generously encouraged everyone to ‘do what’s in your heart’ with her idea. Since my heart is as fly-by-the-seat-of-its-pants as the rest of my life (wait– can a heart have pants?! Mine probably has yoga pants.), I thought I would just randomly declare “Grace in Small Things Day” every once in a while and we could all participate. Or not. No pressure (except for the fact that my self-esteem is entirely based on the number of comments you leave, so it they get skimpy I lose my will to live. Just saying.)

So in no particular order, here are a few things I ‘see grace in’ today:

1. The 15 minute drive to school with Charlotte. It’s kind of a connecting time for the two of us, and it’s different every day. Sometimes it’s just a time to plan our day or our week. Sometimes we talk about serious things and how we feel about them– like the fact that we know the Grandpops won’t always be with us, or how could it be that anyone could ever think that it was OK for white people to actually own other human beings, or why some kid’s parents get divorced. Sometimes we are very silly and laugh for no good reason. Sometimes she has to endure my ‘mom lectures’ about homework, and taking more responsibility around the house, and getting along better with her sister. But whatever direction the conversation goes, it is a special time just for us that I look forward to every day.

2. My morning ritual. Tiptoeing out of the bedroom, walking into the quiet, dark kitchen and being greeted by madly wagging yappers, heating my milk in the microwave while I prepare that first cup of coffee, gathering my thoughts and Charlotte’s school uniform before I mount the stairs to go wake up the girls… I love the gentle sameness of the way I start my day.

3. Being a sounding board for my friend. There have been so many times that she patiently and actively listened to me obsess over a situation in my life, and she has always been willing to let me process things verbally with her so that I could hear myself say it out loud. It feels good to be able to return the favor, even though she opens every conversation with, “OK, I swear this is the last time I’m going to bring this up…” No it isn’t! And that’s just fine with me.

Now it’s your turn! I really am interested in your list of Grace in Small Things. ( I’m also really interested in your list of Small Things That Drive You Crazy, also known as Things That Suck–but we’ll do that another day, OK?!)

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  1. lrowe

    What a great idea! Here are a few of the small graces that I took time to appreciate over the weekend.

    1. Quality time with my parents.
    I live 3 hours away from my Mom and Dad and only get to spend time with them for a few days every other month or so. I adore spending time with them and I’d be willing to put them up against anybody for the Best Parents Ever award. It seems that the older my sister and I get, the funnier (funny ha-ha, not funny weird) they get. Over the last two years I’ve noticed that my mom cracks more jokes and laughs a lot more. My Dad has always been kinda silly, but now, he’s just hilarious. I got to spend the day with them on Saturday and though we didn’t really DO anything, it was fantastic to have that special time with them!

    2. It Takes A Community To Raise A Child.
    I was raised in Plains, TX…a very small town of only about 1500 people. Thought I haven’t lived there in 8 years, I would still venture to say that I know 3/4 of the people that live there. I could give you first and last names, tell you what street they lived on, and who they’re related to. It’s the type of place where everyone knows everyone and all of their personal business. It’s also a very school and church-oriented community. Everybody goes to every high school basketball game whether they have a kid playing or not. On any given Sunday after church you can find anyone you might be looking for at either the Dairy Queen or the local Mexican food restaurant. There are at least 14 hostesses at every baby or wedding shower because everyone wants to be involved. And now, even after 8 years, when I go home most everyone still knows my name. They give me big hugs and tell me how nice it is to have me home. Whoever said that you can’t go home again obviously didn’t grow up in Plains, TX. I am who I am because all 1500 of those people helped shape me.

    These are just a few of the things that came to mind. I have SO many blessing in my life and it’s nice to pick them out one by one every now and then. Thanks for the idea!

  2. tori

    I love that! Just what I’m talking about!

  3. auburn60

    Oh, I have really simple things to list. Like…

    The person at church who pats you on the shoulder or grabs your arm as they go by. Even if you are busy talking to someone else you always look to see who loves you–’cause that’s what they are telling you when they do that.

    Making my husband laugh out loud. If I can catch him completely off-guard–even better.

    Sitting on my front porch watching the sun set behind the mountains.
    Always helps me realize that those mountains and trees have been here a lot longer than I have and survived a lot of storms.

    An uplifting e-mail. (I just got one.)

    Someone who expresses appreciation for some effort I made on behalf of their child.

    Reading in bed! I look forward every night to returning to whatever book I’m currently reading.

    I could probably think of others. Hmmm… (thinking).

  4. tori

    Reading in bed is a GREAT one! And I love pats and hugs at church, too– Pastor Danny’s wife, Pastor Jill (I just love to call her that!) always seeks me out to hug my neck…

  5. auburn60

    Oh!–that made me think of another one:

    Our hugs and squeals at FF,since we only see each other once a year! :)

  6. tori

    YES! That sound that makes dogs howl for miles around! (May not be a ‘grace in small things’ moment for the people who have to listen to it, though!)

  7. asmed415

    As I think about this past weekend, I must say that I have taken the time to appreciate what a special uncle I have! Uncle Russ’s concert was amazing to listen to, but more than that, it spoke to my heart. Some of the things he talked about between songs really hit home for me – and I left the concert with 2 special gifts: a hug from him and a new outlook on things that are going on in my life. There are really no words to adequately describe the comfort and encouragement that I have experienced since Saturday night.

  8. genejen

    There are small things that make me smile like:

    Hubby calling me just to see how I’m feeling (been feeling lousy for the last couple days, not as lucky to have your impenetrable immune system!)

    Listening to my daughter read to me. (she’s dyslexic and it has been a struggle) We school at home and I know that I’m the one who taught her to do that.

    Riding in the car and singing with the girls to the radio. Then laughing after we are done!

    Curling up with my girls and just letting them’s amazing what their little minds are thinking!

    These are just a few a came up with off the top….there are many more I’ll have to think about them…

  9. tori

    Oh sweet Amy, that made my day! I’m so glad you got to go– Russ loved seeing you.

    genejen, Funny how many of our grace moments involve our family, isn’t it?

  10. grfdave

    I am thankful for…

    1) Magically the laundry is finished, folded and hung up every Monday night
    2) Living 90 minutes from the nearest town I have lots of time to think as I drive.
    3) My children who still hug their dad at 17, 15, 13 & 11 years old

    … and the list could go on but I won’t!

  11. tori

    (Um, grfdave, could you send me some of those magical Monday laundry elves, please?)

  12. rockin robyn

    1.) My brother just had his 50th birthday and thought he was just going to take off work to “fiddle” around fixin his car with the help of his brother… Well his sisters surprised him by all of us taking the day off as well, and gave him a surprise birthday party. By all of us taking the day off work just for him – well, that meant the world to him… That was fun!!

    2.) I never go back to my highschool to see any of the class plays. I haven’t been inside those doors since I don’t know when – decades. “Mind you” I live 15 minutes away from the school. My girlfriends talked me into going to see the senior class play this past week-end because some kids from our church were in the play. “Guys”!!! I got to talk to my brownie scout leader. I just loved her. She was such a sweet sweet lady and I soooooo remember her from about 40 years ago. She was sitting in the audience at this play and a friend took me down to where she was sitting and introduced her to me or me to her – after all these years. Way kewl! And then (I didn’t get to talk to her but someone else pointed out my first grade teacher to me. She was sitting in the audience as well. That would have been special to get to talk to her as well. I just looked at her from a distance thinking – hmmmm she also played a part in molding me into who I am today. Seeing these two ladies just “warmed” me inside. My childhood flashed before me and gave me peace.

    Just a couple things to share with you on my Grace in small things. Isn’t it amazing how rewarding it is when you touch peoples lives or when they touch yours. It truly is the small things that are most precious

  13. Phyllis S

    My Grace:

    Watching my two 8 year old grandchildren playing with our baby beagle puppies. My husband has nine,6 week old puppies that were jumping, licking and generally causing mayhem and oh so funny with the kids.

    Seeing a beautiful full moon this morning, lighting up my way, making me realize that God lights my way every moment of every day.

    Grace is special friends that God has given me, those I laugh with, cry with and pray with.

    I have many Grace’s and hopefully many to come.

  14. tori

    Robin– what a good sister you are! And your BROWNIE leader? Wow!

    Phyllis– Grandchildren and puppies all at once? Grace overload!

  15. auburn60

    Got to share a ‘grace thing’–

    I just had a friend request on Facebook from one of my flower girls from my wedding,who also happens to be the BFF’S kid from previous topic about pageants. I haven’t seen or heard from her in about 17 years. She’s beautiful,happy, has a great family…and about 2 hours away from me!

    How cool is that?

  16. tori

    Ya know, that right there is why I kinda heart FB…

  17. auburn60

    AND…she just wrote me…

    SHE NAMED HER DAUGHTER AFTER ME!!!And never knew where I was to tell me. I think I’m gonna cry. She even spelled it my funky way.

  18. Phyllis R

    Being a single person with no children, I thought I would have to struggle to find some grace in what I “thought” was a rather mundane life. You know, when I stopped long enough to think about it…well…here goes…

    I had to fight back tears when a very troubled 10 year old in my Kidz Blitz class on Wednesday night at church ask if he could do the prayer when we do the prayer request…it was amazing how his voice changed from that little “smartypants” to one of respect and humble when he was talking to God. Get teary eyed just thinking about it…wouldn’t trade that “warm fuzzy” feeling I had for anything.

    Then another grace…my older sister calls to check and make sure everything is alright because my car was still home when she went to work…come to think of it…she is a HUGE GRACE in my life. :)

    I know y’all are going to think (know) I have lost it, but when my pastor who is like a Daddy to me calls me and says, “Hey knucklehead, whatcha doin?” That is a sweet grace to me.

    My brother-in-law, who I am sure God meant to give to me as a brother…I can’t even start to say how much of a grace he is to me…he is always Mr. Right-there when you need him. Such a precious, sweet, ornery, silly, goofy, grace-man.

    I could go on…won’t bore ya…I am just so glad that Tori started this thread…made me stop and think of the “Grace” I do have…I am blessed. :) Thanks Tori “)

  19. tori

    Auburn– Awwwww….!

    Phyllis–That’s what I love about this concept, the fact that it’s the ‘small’ things, the every day things that we rarely take the time to stop and notice… But then when we do, we realize how may there are.

  20. karen48

    I’m kind of a loner. I live alone. But,I have an online friend who always welcomes me home when she sees me log on when I get home from work. It is nice to know someone is there waiting for me even though it’s not *in person*. We are on opposite sides of the globe, but I get that welcome home and also a Hugs and good night everyday. :-)

  21. tori

    karen– Even the huge world of the internet can be considered ‘grace in small things’, right?

  22. karen48

    yes, it sure can. And where else can we read these blogs that make us think and post and come out of our shells. My shell has been cracking, but isn’t totally hatched yet.

  23. CarolynR

    What lovely “Graces”

    I’m very “graced” in so many ways. When I knew I couldn’t work any more I thought that was awful and then I remembered that when I was working I would have given anything to not have to work ! lol Well I’ve not had particularly good health last few years, but I live in a house that has wonderful views, I have family nearby and good friends (not the least on the internet!) and I can curl up with a book when I like and cuddle the cat (when he likes!).

    I find it’s a grace to have time to think and I suppose the best one of all is being able to watch my niece and nephews grow up, loving them and having them love me. It’s great being an aunt. You have all the fun and none of the responsibility :)

  24. CarolynR

    Just sticking in an extra comment so Tori doesn’t lose the will to live !!

  25. teegees

    Being the ever nosy curious one, I had checked out the blue badge already. I surfed around quite a while at the site. It was a nice thing to find out there on the internets…

    Here’s a sampling of my list:

    A wonderful cozy bed that I wake up in every morning. Much of the world doesn’t even have a bed to sleep in.

    My vision, I can’t even imagine a sightless world. I love reading and photographs so much!

    That I still have my sweet mom around!

    Thanks Tori, for helping us to remember that even though it’s kinda rough out there in the big wide world, we are BLESSED!

  26. teegees

    OH OH, also, Facebook. I know it sounds corny, but I have reconnected with people from WAAAAAY back. It’s been such a joy. AND, it’s free, unlike long distance–or a private investigator to dig up all those long lost people in the first place. <3

  27. belinda

    Amy, I second that. We were is Siloam Springs at his concert Saturday night and it was the best concert! Russ was right on with everything that he said and sang. You are correct, what an special uncle you have. Troy and I were blessed to be there! We got to eat breakfast with him Sunday morning, go to church Sunday morning and hear him sing again and hang out with him a little bit. Russ & Tori are the real deal. What a blessing they are, along with Madi & Charlotte.

    Grace – that God has supplied all of our needs. He continues to make a way no matter what the circumstances are, they are all met. I don’t know why that amazes me because God has Always been faithful.

    For this blog, such a great place to come everyday and see what is going on. Exactly what I needed today Tori! Thanks, you are the best!

  28. rachelbaker

    Wow,what a great thing to read this evening after a day at home with two poorly little girls and a screamy baby! Made me realise that my days are not only made up of nose wiping, cleaning up vomit and feeding my little boy!

    1. My 8 week old son (who sleeps remarkably well) gives me the most enormous smile when he wakes up in the morning. Its just for me, and it makes it all worth it!

    2. My totally mad 2 and a half year old talks to me continually and lets me know everything that she is thinking. The way her mind leaps from one thing to another so obtusely keeps me entertained. She is just like me, except I keep everything in my head and she verbalises it.

    3. My very sensible, caring and considerate 4 and a half year old girl thinks so deeply that I can never be complacent.

    4. My husband loves me even when I’m tired and grouchy.

    5. We went away with some old friends last weekend. It was great to catch up. Even though I am totally useless at keeping in touch, and forget most birthdays etc. they don’t seem to mind.

    6. God is faithful … even when I am not.

    That’ll do for now I think. Life is suddenly not so mundane. Thanks Tori.

  29. gracelynn

    Count your blessings…a wonderful idea.
    1) My 40 minute commute – I’m like you Tori except that I do my commute alone. And I love it because the morning ride gives me the time to get my mind straightened out before I face 120 screaming teenagers daily. I have the time to pray over the day and for any needs that the Lord lays on my heart. Then the ride home gives me the time to reflect over the day – things that need to be changed, could I have handled that situation a little better?, or just getting home and relaxing. Also, since I am alone, I can pop in Russ’s CDs (or any other artist) and sing to my heart’s content without having tomatoes or sharp objects thrown at me LOL.

    2) The 20 second conversations – those special moments right before the bell rings when that student that would just aggravate the devil comes up to me and says, “Can I talk with you for a minute, Miss Cale?” Usually the student has realized what I’ve been trying to drill in his or her head for 6 weeks or more and has decided that now, he or she has a choice and is trying to change. That makes it worth the hassle of teaching. Or sometimes they just want to share something with me that they cannot tell the principal, counselor or another teacher because they know that I will pray over the matter. That truly touches me.

    3) Friends – need I say more? That includes you and Russ, Tori. We all need them and you two are wonderful ones.

    4) Co-workers that are like family – the media coordinator…oh that precious sister. If it wasn’t for Leah, I probably would have quit teaching so long ago. She is my angel at work.

    5) Playing with my puppy – relaxation when I get home and Spotty comes bounding up to me, jumping up on my leg and yapping

    6) My quiet times with God – listening and praising God through music, reading the Word and praying for needs and thanking Him for the fact I live in America and can do this freely

    And many many more

  30. chillybean

    Here are just some of the small things that grace my life:
    1. My two kids playing nicely together (i.e. staying out of my hair and not fighting), even though they were being puppies who were barking loudly, making huge messes, and jumping on the bed.
    2. The hand-me-down bed she sleeps on that has turned into a trampoline. At leaste I didn’t have to pay for it.
    3. 8:00 pm when they are both quietly in bed. There is only so much puppy noise from kids a mom can take.
    4. A fantastic boyfriend who supports me no matter what, always has positive and encouraging words no matter how tired and cranky I am, and calls me every night on the phone just to hear my voice. (and I am referring to Nathan S. here…just in case there was any doubt when he reads this response)
    5. His two boys who are funny.
    6. All four of our kids together. They were all so well behaved and engaged at the opera last weekend. Yes, you heard it OPERA. We took them to a production of Pinocchio. It was a fabulous show. All four kids, ages 12,10,8,and 4 were angels and loved the show. Not one complaint the whole night. Not one sigh of boredome. Not even one mid-show trip to a bathroom. Amazing. Gotta love those three boys in ties! (and one little girl with a “hand-baggie” filled with makeup from grandma!)

  31. karen48

    2 things this morning.
    Lots of road construction last year. But this morning I’m driving to work and thinking…wow, this is going to be so nice when spring finally gets here. They did a lot of landscaping the medians and I’m thinking it’s going to be so pretty to drive along there this spring and summer.
    Also, reading these other responces just puts a smile on my face. I love #6 on chillybean’s. Especially the “hand-baggie” filled with makeup from grandma. :-)
    And……I come to work in the dark and this morning there was a beautiful full moon to look at.

  32. tori

    Carolyn R–Thank you for that extra comment, I will now not throw myself under a bus.

    teegees– I know, it’s weird about FB– giant time-suck, but actually very rewarding, right?

    belinda– Thank you for being there this weekend, Russ enjoyed it so much!

    rachelbaker–Oh honey, I remember those days so well! Overwhelmed, exhausted, but somehow still enjoying it all and so grateful for those tiny little people!

    gracelynn–I bet those students would list YOU on their small graces list, too.

    chillybean–I LOVE the opera story– you and your boyfriend are brave parents!

    karen48– Nothing like springtime in Arkansas, right?

  33. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Gracious, when did you slip this one in? I almost missed it. So very often, I pray that God will not let me miss the little ways he is working in my life…those little blessings that we sometimes take for granted. I don’t want to take anything for granted…I want always to be aware.

    I could identify with those who mentioned their husband calling just to say “I love you” and listening to a child taking excitedly about something in his/her life when you pick them up for school…and so many things that are but precious memories for me now.
    Oh, and let’s not forget getting a great parking place on a rainy day.

    But, no matter your age, those graces or blessings or whatever you wish to call them…they keep right on lighting up our lives, as long as we take the time and have the desire to be aware of them.

    Looking over at my Lucy in the morning, seeing her lift her little head and look at me with drooping eyelids…makes me smile and I am reminded of the joy she brings to my life.

    Walking through the house early in the morning to open or unlock the front door and being reminded of how blessed I am to be able to live in my own home. My own home…there is such a nice sound to that…or perhaps “my haven of rest?”

    Those phone calls from my kids…and from other members of my family and friends, that end with “I love you.” And, oh my, I love every one of them.

    Last night my two sons and one daughter-in-love were here for dinner. At times, their laughter and stories were so loud the neighbors probably thought they were wild. I loved that.

    Oh my, I could go on and on because there are so many graces in my life. I am so very blessed. But I can’t close before mentioning this last one, for goodness sake.

    Pressing the button on my answering machine to hear my Russ singing Happy Birthday and then ending with that wonderful laugh of his…because I was sitting in front of him at that moment, just prior to a solo concert. Makes me laugh every time.

  34. Phyllis R

    I was sitting in the drive through line today and a diet coke with fresh squeezed lime juice is definitely a “grace”. :)

  35. nashbabe

    A fake son who is quite a young man. I’m always amazed at how far he has come despite the chaos of his family, and all that wars against his progress. It’s been quite an amazing ride thus far.

    A husband who is doing his best to love me through very hard times.

    Friends who give as well as take. I was slow in finding these. I had something to do with that, I fear.

    Three felines who know just when to jump in one’s lap. At that point, I obey their directives that I need cuddling. After all, I am merely their slave.

    I’m grateful that I’m still a “pushy broad”, as they used to call me at the record company. I wear that badge proudly. I am a “foot” in the body of Christ. I kick people in the butt, myself included, carry things around (serve too much a lot of the time), and I even smell bad. ;-)

    Fellow vendors at market. Some of the nicest people around. I found out that rednecks can be friends, even if I am from Da North, ja sure, ja betcha.

    I’m grateful that I’m still trying, even though it is hard. I haven’t given up.

  36. jonny

    It think the greatest blessing in my life is that God has given me the grace not to give up. I was blessed with an actual bed end of last summer, & have been given the grace to get out of it at times when only in his faith & yet another opportunity to trust in him awaits me when I get out. I’ve apparently been blessed with many gifts regarding children, but do not yet have my own. I’ve lost count of the number of parents who’ve thanked me for the touch I’ve had with their children & what I’ve been able to bring out of them. I’ve had mothers & day care workers I’ve worked with come to me in tears, thanking me for helping them see hope in there children where they couldn’t find any themselves, or being used as the one to bring out things they had been hoping for years to see happen with their children, or children they’ve been working with. I praise God for the grace to accomplish all this despite my own damaged up-bringing, serious faults of my own & difficulties with my own development because of some things I was born with, or without. I’m grateful for the gift of my new phone that I can go on line with, a gift from many supporters of the work Christ has me presently involved with, in. I don’t have a computer, & now, by the grace of God, can discover, re-discover so much on the net that has been used by Christ to shape who I am over the years & plant vital seeds that bare so much so much fruit in my life now. I’m also able to be blessed by this “mommy” blog & a devotional site on a daily bases. This probably doesn’t fit under the “little” graces category, but I find it hard to find “little” anything involving my first love presently. It’s all part of the big picture, in my understanding of things presently.

  37. LSBellamy

    More Graces here than I can count.
    I’ll list three for the sake of brevity…
    1. the sound of “sleep well” from my fiance who is currently living in Ohio. I do NOT sleep well without the sound of his voice last thing at night.

    2. the taste of Chai–2 tsp of sugar and milk included.

    3. THIS BLOG!!! I am SO glad to have discovered it! (PS–Russ’ site directed me here. I’ve been blessed by his music gajillions of times.)

  38. LindaB

    Small graces that I appreciate today:
    1. Dishwashers
    2. Vernors on ice
    3. It’s snowing outside but warm and cozy inside
    4. Hubby is excited about this coming weekend away like I was Pamela Anderson or something.
    5. The computer and this blog and Gaithernet where I can write stuff.
    6. Stretch fabric.
    7. Internet friends and in person friends.
    8. Make up…..especially concealor.
    9. Cut and paste.
    10. Tennis shoes (Reeboks to be exact).

  39. auburn60

    Intrigued by #4.

  40. LindaB

    So am I! Must be my sparkling personality and good looks………..or he wants to get away from the kids! Or he doesn’t want to fix that light switch I’ve been complaining about!

    See, about two weeks ago, he decided to get this motion detector light switch comer-onner thing——-I have a light in the laundry “closet”, and when I open up the bifold doors I have to reach up and pull a string for the light to come on. He thought that was too low tech, so he went to Home Depot and bought a motion detector switch. NOW, when I open the doors to do laundry, I have to wave my arms frantically for about five minutes to get the light to come on. Dang! And then, when I sent little Chloe to check the dryer and see if her pj’s were dry, she was gone about 15 minutes and came back and said she was unable to turn the light on at all. She’s too short. So much for “home improvement”. LOL

  41. auburn60

    If he can go high-tech enough to invent something where you could walk in there,wave your arms frantically, and the laundry would be done–well then he would be on to something.

  42. LindaB

    You got that right!

    I feel so stupid standing there waving my arms at a light bulb! Alanna walked through and saw me one time and said, “Grandma, who are you waving at?”, and I said, “The Laundry Fairy, who else?”. But it’s not funny anymore. My arms are getting tired.

  43. jonny

    The film Bolt. Just saw it in 3D. Been a hope of mine to see a film in 3D with polarized glasses since I was a kid. And a very enjoyable film ta boot!

  44. tori

    Momma Lloyd– I love to walk through my quiet house first thing in the morning, too…

    Phyllis R- OK, now I’m thirsty.

    nashbabe– Your list rocks! “Fake son”– love that.

    jonny– AMEN to not giving up! And please tell me about your work with children..?

    LSBellamy– And WE’RE blessed to have you here!

    Linda B– I’m with auburn on #4… Anything you want to share with the class, hmmmmm?

    jonny– My girls loved that movie! (OK, me too)

  45. LindaB

    “Linda B– I’m with auburn on #4… Anything you want to share with the class, hmmmmm?” — Tori

    Nope. I’ve already said too much.

  46. elaineswish

    Tori, this reminds me of a song I wrote (which is not yet recorded ….and…Im not sure it ever will be). It is called “Everyday Blessings” It is about a family that found everyday blessings in the little things of life. Like, one of the children learning to tie their shoes, the baby learning to play this little piggy, how the son got a new fishing pole and is trying it out with Dad down at the pond, and so on. It’s real cute I think (of course, I wrote it!) I will have to share it with you sometime.

    Anyway, my daily grace use to be walking my little beagle, it always made me feel happy, to watch her enjoy her walk so much. Then she got too old and sick to go, and then eventually she passed away. But sometimes even now, my memory goes back to her sweet little face (which by the way you can see my facebook wall in my photos) and it makes me feel sad, but at the same time happy in remembering those walks and how excited she would be as soon as you said the word “walk”.

    I would have to say that now, my daily graces are:
    Playing the piano, but not really playing a song, just sort of randomly playing series of chords, and just making up a melody as I go. It amazes me how relaxing it is.
    Also watching the birds feed at the feeder on a cold snowy day.
    Having a nice warm comfortable bed to curl up in on a cold night.
    And in warmer weather, I love my flower gardening and walks through the woods. Both give me time to reflect inwardly, and really think about how good my life is, even when I feel like it is boring.

  47. jonny

    If you don’t mind, I would be interested in you posting the lyrics here. I contemplated posting the words to one song I did with a grace/gifts theme, but decided not to for various reasons. One being I really wasn’t quite sure whether it fit the grace in small things idea Tori was going for with this thread. Your’s seems to hit the nail on the head, though = ) Anyway, if you don’t mind, and there are no objections from Tori, or any of the others, would appreciate reading what you have to say, share through that song. jonny

  48. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I have come back several times to read this blog… is so nice remembering those little daily blessings in our lives, and everyone here has touched upon so many that I had almost forgotten. I don’t want to forget them. I want always to remember.

    And, now today some of my blessings are new…but many are the same….like hearing my children’s laughter, no matter their age….hearing a song unexpectedly that instantly takes me to a place in time….the feeling after grocery shopping and it’s all put away as if I am now prepared for anything….the neverending blessings that give me joy and fill my cup to overflowing.

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