More pictures!

Because seriously, what’s more fun than looking at photos of somebody else’s vacation?

I can’t help it. When I’m obnoxiously happy, I just want to share the joy. (Sadly for Russ, when I’m obnoxiously NOT happy, I tend to want to share that, too. You know, just to verbalize it. Luckily for Russ, I’m not unhappy all that often.)

So. Ever wonder what your cruise ship cabin’s deck might look like? Well, now you know.

Russ and I have a date to eat a nice private lunch together at that very table today. I have to make dates with him on cruises because boy howdy, Bill keeps those artists hopping. (But do you hear me complaining? NO YOU DO NOT!!) If you come on one of these cruises to get your fill gospel music, by the time you leave you may be kinda… done for a while. Two words: money’s worth.

Since Madi would rather have her corneas pecked out by small birds than actually sleep in a bed with her sister, she opts to sleep OUTSIDE on this deck in a lounge chair. I know. But she’s been doing it for years and absolutely loves it. The first couple of cruises I got up about every hour and checked on her, because hello– I saw Titanic! But she is perfectly safe, and these days I just kinda open one eye and wave goodnight when she gathers her downy white (freshly laundered–lordy, I love cruises) comforter and three downy white freshly laundered pillows and heads out the sliding glass door. Although last night, she tiptoed back inside about 3:00 a.m. because it started raining! Still didn’t slip into the sofa bed with Char though– made a pallet on the floor. Here’s a shot of her sound asleep our first (mid) morning at sea:

This is a lovely bowl of floating blossoms placed in our cabin upon arrival. I notice these kind of details. This is one of the reasons I am obnoxiously happy. My real life does not include near enough bowls of floating blossoms thoughtfully provided by smiling Indonesian guys.

Charlotte apparently enjoys them as much as I do.

Why, look what we have here! ANOTHER ridiculously gorgeous beach!

And another weird water shot– this was taken standing on the pier and looking straight down, that’s how clear the water is.

I’ll leave you with a shot of my beautiful Madi… (There’s something kind of heartbreaking about a 16 year old, isn’t there? Or is that just me, the mom, speaking?!)

13 Responses

  1. themema

    Keep ‘em coming. And enjoy that beautiful private luncheon on the deck.

  2. morgitta

    Everything does look so wonderful. Great pictures ! I’ve never been on a cruiseship, so I’m glad to get a glimpse. Your obnoxious happines makes me all soft inside.

  3. Phyllis S

    It is great to see someone obnoxiously happy! The pictures are sinfully wonderful and the girls look scumpsiously beautiful (did I say that?).

    Keep the pictures coming and tell the girls we really had an awesome time at Mardi Gras and will send some photos when you get home…

    Enjoy your special lunch with the man of your dreams.

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh I love these pictures…almost as much as you apparently are loving the cruise. And, Tori, those close-ups of the girls are beautiful. Both girls are so pretty….and I love the beach-casual look of Madi. I’ve run through all of the pictures on both of your cruise-posts, so now I can’t remember where the one was with the Gaither sumit meeting….but you bet I wish I could be there not only listening, but talking, too. It’s my favorite thing to do with good company. But now hold on a minute, girlfriend…don’t you “ever” take a picture of my Russ?

  5. gracelynn

    The pictures are wonderful, esp. those of the girls. That one of Madi all covered up on her chair is precious – reminds me of myself. I wouldn’t want to sleep with my sibling either, especially at 16. ;) Both pictures of the girls are just wonderful – I wish my pics that I take were that good.

    Keep on enjoying the cruise and I’ll just keep wishing that I could be there. LOL

  6. Phyllis R

    Wonderful pictures! Glad you are having a good time and being obnoxiously happy is a good thing. Everyone needs it from time to time. Thanks for sharing the pictures. :) Looks like they are all having a good time.

  7. belinda

    Love the pictures. There is nothing better than good sunshine! Glad you are obnoxiously happy, enjoy it, you deserve it! Can’t wait for more pictures and updates.

  8. BrownEyedGirl

    Beautiful pictures , Tori! We need one of You and Russ together :o)

    Have a dessert for me! Make it chocolate :o)

  9. jonny

    i second the Russ & Tori together shot!! Maybe the girls could have a little fun posing them and taking the pictures… = )

  10. themema


  11. gracelynn

    I agree – more pics of Russ AND Tori!

  12. jonny

    But no bikini shots, please. Especially of Russ. And if Russ would like to show off some of his famed shoe collection, that’s OK… I guess = /

  13. carsmith

    Are you coming back to your cabin to find your towels folded like a dog, monkey, or elephant? Don’t cha love the pampering?

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