Guess who’s in New Orleans! Me!

Also? Russ.

Every year we give each other the gift of a 3 day getaway, and this year it’s New Orleans.

Here’s just a little taste of our day…

**This was an incredible little street band. The woman on the right sang and played clarinet unbelievably well– we sat on the courthouse steps and listened for a long time.

**Feather boas at the French Market– and no, I didn’t buy any.

**Brad and Angelina’s house. For reals! They weren’t home, though.

**Shiny silver mime at Jackson Square apparently dressed in spare auto parts.

**My dinner tonight at Bayona– tripletail fish with parsnips, roasted potatoes and brussell sprouts. Also some  fried crunchy leeks on top. DELICIOUS!!!

Tomorrow– more food, and more walking and more loafing.

(Did I mention it was 77 degrees today?!)


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  1. themema

    Can you see my smile, all the way to N’awlins? It is a fun city… for a visit. Enjoy!

  2. BrownEyedGirl

    Sounds like the perfect getaway! Have a great time!

  3. auburn60

    Yeah, I love N.O.
    The last time I was there, I slipped $10.00 to the street band outside of Cafe DuMonde to play ‘ Just a Closer Walk with Thee’–and I sang along with them. No, they did not exactly ask for my participation. But no one asked me to stop, either, so I took that for encouragement.
    Doncha love how a place like N.O. makes ordinary people lose their normal inhibitions?

  4. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Oh how wonderful! But, hey, our temp was 79 degrees yesterday….come on over. You can sit on my deck and I will sing songs to you. Shine, that doesn’t sound enticing even to me. I am delighted you and “my” Russ are having such a grand time together in the city of jazz.And, thanks for thinking of us back here hanging around on your blog.

  5. gracelynn

    Great pictures Tori! Glad that you and Russ are enjoying your annual getaway together. Relax and keep on enjoying! It’s in the 70s here today too.

  6. mmyrrh

    Hope you get to eat at “MULATE’s”, [201 Julia ST]

  7. Phyllis S

    Oh Tori,

    Hope your trip was fantastic and you were out before the BIG rains.

    The street band is incredible, we get to see them quite often. They change spots in “the quarters”.Yes the woman is great, but you should hear her sing, Oh My what a voice, only problem is, you really have to talk her into singing, she really is not comfortable singing in public. When she lets loose, the shops empty, the sidewalks stand still and you get goose bumps.

    Come back and see New Orleans again soon.

  8. belinda

    How fun and the weather sounds perfect. Hope you two have a wonderful time, you deserve it!

  9. rockin robyn

    Tori, how very sweet of you to think about us checking out your blog when you are supposed to be enjoying yourself…

    That’s just not right though…. talking about the weather! in the 70’s — when it isn’t out of the thirtys here in the keystone state.

    Hope you are having a wonderful time away from it all and blessings to you and Russ on plenty of rest and relaxation.

  10. natesings

    I love that orange in the restaurant. We just painted our kitchen the same color.

  11. tammy961

    Hope your trip was magical and that y’all had a chance to get a little rest and have a whole lotta fun. I Sure hope the weather cooperated. Love the pics you posted–especially the “silver guy” that is kinda neat..

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I pray 2009 is the best year ever for you all.

  12. apump

    Oh my goodness…what a treat to surf the net and find your name…I haven’t seen or read anything from you in about six years, since the gnetter days. You may or may not remember me, but you were praying for my daughter during a really rough time in our lives. You wrote me a beautiful healing story about Rev. Becca Stevens. Do you remember that? It’s been so long, but you’ve been on my heart and mind all week since sharing with my daughter the emails you sent me while we were dealing with our pain. Would love to hear from you again to let you know how your prayers have healed our hearts and lives. Thinking of you, Angela (apump)

  13. MostlySunny

    Our getaway was to wonderful and quaint Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC. Good time to go – no traffic, not many people! Great to wander around, see the inauguration set-up, visit the wonderful little shops in Old Town. Wish I had a picture of the delicious tacos I had a the Austin Grill in Old Town Alexandria and the Caesar Salad at the Chart House on the Potomac. Happy New Year!

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