Madi is a good photographer.

I’m still working on the post about our other Thanksgiving, but this was too good not to share! Madi takes great pictures, many of them by accident. Today on the way home from church she literally aimed her phone over her head into the backseat and snapped this of Charlotte– OK of course, granted, I think Char is gorgeous, but seriously? Isn’t this good?

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  1. Barbara M. Lloyd

    What a great shot! And, you are right Mom…Char is beautiful. Madi certainly can consider Photography as a profession….but, then, she would make a terrific Foreign Diplomat, too. She just has that quiet maturity that is exceptional for her age. Absolutely love that picture!

  2. dijea

    Very good eye!

  3. auburn60

    Char just looks so grown-up to me! Haven’t seen her in a while,but she looks so much older. Do you see it Mom?

  4. tori

    I do. She has grown so many inches this last year, and her face is changing, too. *sigh*
    But thankfully, she is still my cuddly girl and she (awkwardly) throws her arms around me and gives me a big hug several times a day…

  5. auburn60

    Yeah, I see it in her face. Not a ‘little girl’ face any more!
    And–thankfully–my 5 foot 11 inch baby boy will still throw his arms around me a few times a day!

  6. BrownEyedGirl

    Beautiful picture. This should be entered in a photo contest.

    Well done


  7. rockin robyn

    From the eyes of a musicians daughter to the ears of a musicians daughter… quite a special pic and shot black & white – that’s an art right there! Thanks for sharing!

  8. rcbeth

    Madi did a wonderful job, of course, with such a beautiful subject, how could she fail! Her pose is so Tori!

  9. morgitta

    It is true that this picture and Tori’s profilepicture look a lot alike. The light playing on Charlotte’s hair is beautiful. I love pictures. Black and white photography just has that undefineble extra.

  10. mmyrrh

    Just beautiful!! The thing that touched me most was THAT expression on the face of a ‘kid’ [sorry, Charlotte] on their way home from church.

  11. tori

    It’s funny that you noticed that, Shelley. We have only been going to this church a few months, but after going upstairs to the kid’s church a couple of times, Char asked if she could stay down in the main sanctuary with us and listen to ‘Pastor Danny’- he always makes her laugh and she said that she actually remembers what he preaches about after she leaves church!

  12. LindaB

    Great picture! Beautiful girl! Ahhhh, youth!

    They grow up so fast, and there’s nothing you can do about it…..except take pictures. Good job, Madi!

  13. belinda

    Madi does take great pictures. Char is so pretty in that picture, love it!

  14. rickyworley

    Hey! I got this picture!! Lol

  15. gracelynn

    What an excellent photo! Our art teacher would absolutely flip if he saw that. Wendy’s right – it should be in a contest and I know our teacher would say that immediately. Char just looks so deep in thought there.

    And yes, Char is a very beautiful girl. They grow up very fast Tori but I have a feeling she’ll always be your little girl. She loves her mama. ;)

  16. tori

    Hey Ricky!
    Everybody? This is Ricky, Madi Rose’s *cough*boy*cough* FRIEND from North Carolina!
    Rickey? This is everybody! Everybody who happens to LOVE and feel VERY protective towards Madi, just sayin’…
    (Actually, Ricky is a great guy, everybody. We approve. So far.)
    heh heh heh

  17. auburn60

    Hi Ricky!
    Yeah,don’t mind us. Just think of us as Madi’s nosy aunts or cantankerous extended fam,always ready with an opinion.

  18. gracelynn

    Hey Tori – I live in NC remember. If you need me to keep an eye on “Madi Rose’s *cough*boy*cough* FRIEND from North Carolina” aka Ricky, I’ll be glad to do it for you. LOL ;)

    Nah….I’m sure Ricky is a wonderful boy. But Tori’s right…we are very protective of Madi.

  19. rickyworley

    Hey everybody!! Lol. Nice to meet ya :)

  20. belinda

    Welcone Ricky!

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