Best. Website. EVER!!!!!!

OK, you may never hear from me until after Christmas because I am glued to this website!

Here are some tips:

*You can adjust the antennas for a better picture.

*Be sure to click on the TV Guide– also, use the clicker to change channels, adjust volume and make it full-screen.

*I couldn’t get the things I clicked on in the TV Guide to open up at will, but I did find out that you get about three choices of different shows by using the channel button on the clicker, but then when I hit the refresh button, I got three different choices, and so on.


*bows deeply*

You’re welcome!

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  1. BrownEyedGirl

    Oh my goodness. This is addictive. We probably won’t be back until after Christmas as well!!

    Thank you!

    Getting off topic here ( since I have no clue how to e-mail you privately) – I thought of you the other day. I read this book that I swear could have been written by you! – called Amusing Grace – hilarity & hope in the everyday calamity of motherhood by Rhonda Rhea
    . It is so funny!!

  2. tori

    I’ll look for that– sounds good!

  3. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Checked out that website this morning and they were showing a children’s movie about snow, for one thing. So, I have forwarded the site to my oldest great-grand, Taylor, who is a whizz with computers. Gracious, Tori, you are sure getting around! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Stephanie

    Wow Tori Ive sat here til 3:19 in the AM reading all the the blogs I posted one back on the Shark pics about being at Cherry Grove & riding up in the elevator with Russ that night y’all got to Cherry Grove in June. We arrived that same night I had told my husband & son that that looked like Russ Taff & when we were standing at the elevator I just ask him arent you Russ Taff & he said Yes we ended up being on the same floor & right next door so funny!I know he prob gets ask that everywhere & didnt want to hear that on vacation but well I thought if it wasnt him he had a twin!HaHAHAHA!!! My mom had met him at Cedar Springs Book store in Knoxville Tn when he was there with the Gaither Band for a CD release She talked about what a nice guy he was then when I told her we had rode the elevator that night with him & my Grandmother met him years ago at an Old fashion Camp meetin she said well if you see him again ask him about that like he would have remembered that with all the people he meets HAHAHAHA!! We had not heard about Madi until last night when my mom read me the article in Homecoming Mag. I had told my Mom that we had seen Russ that night in June & she called to tell me that Russ’s daughter had been bitten by a shark that week we were there. I said NO WAY!!! We didnt hear a thing about it the whole week we were there on vacation they kept it quite! We fished off the pier & caught several sand shark as I said in my other blog. Wow that was a strange feeling knowing somebody was bitten by a shark the week we were there. We have a 8 yr old son whom we watched play all week in that water! We love Cherry Grove & cant wait to get back down there! But finding out about Madi made me go onto Russ’s website & start reading about Madi’s Shark bite & I got to reading your blogs afterwards & they are so good!I love the one about your Mom & Dad that one was so Special! I live so close to my Mom & Dad Im very lucky & see them all the time so I cant imagine the feeling of having to go & leave after a week but I do think about one day down the road when I lose the Best Friends I have in the world we are so close & your Blog touched my heart as I see it did so many others! I have comfort in knowing I will see them both in Heaven not that it will be an easy thing to face when it does come that time. I have always been a fan of Russ & well now I’ll have to say Im a Fan of your Family such a Sweet Funny Family! We could not believe that we saw Russ that night in the elevator I told him that night my whole family was fans we love to sit & sing along with the Gaither Videos. I have always loved to hear Russ sing & loved Friends are Friends Forever when I was Madi’s age! All this was just so neat well not the part about Madi & her shark bite HaHaHa!! Just knowing y’all were there the same time, mom telling us about Madi, & me checking on Madi’s Shark bite on the website. Glad I found your Bloggin I have enjoyed reading! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & your Family!! God Bless! Stephanie from Tennessee

  5. tammy961

    The TV site is like stepping back in time. The commercials are so funny. My son is 23 and I couldn’t wait to show him some of the shows and commercials that were on “before his time”. What a great nostalgic idea.Thanks for sharing this Tori. Have you shared it with the girls?, especially the commercials..I think they are the best…and the TV Guide–what an ingenious idea…Makes me wonder how people think up these ideas…..Super find!


  6. tori

    Momma Lloyd– I hope Taylor enjoys it! Madi has already watched the Charlie Brown Christmas Special and I watched the Pee Wee Herman one– we are loving it.

    Stephanie– WELCOME! Now that you know the address, don’t be a stranger! It is so funny (and flattering) to me that you stayed up late reading the old blog posts– I have done that so many times with blogs I have found. Russ remembers talking to you in the elevator- wasn’t that whole thing so bizarre?! (And, um, as much as I would LOVE to take credit for “Friends”, that was actually Michael W. Smith’s song!)

    Tammy– love seeing your smiling face on your avatar! The site amazes me as well– I actually found it when another blogger mentioned it on Twitter.

  7. Stephanie

    Tori- Thanks! I will have to read more now for sure I had fun reading all the blogs They were all so funny! “Friends” I sooo thought Russ sang that how weird! I did always like Michael W. Smith too! HaHaHa!!! I sat here while reading & listened to the music on the website I love that song “More than ever” too that was on there. Thats funny Russ remembers us I know he must meet alot of people. That was really bizarre about the shark bite but Im so glad Madi is OK! And has no fears left from all of it! The Lord was watching out for her for sure! Stephanie from Tennessee

  8. mmyrrh

    Yikes! Since I clicked on the link, the site has been contiually running! I also forwarded the link to most of my address book! Bow again, Tori!
    Now, the reason this utimate lurker is finally ‘outing’ herself is thanks to Stephanie jumping in . . . thanks, Steph! I’ve been following [and catching up] since June when I found the link on Russ’ site. I got to meet him a few weeks ago in Colorado Springs. It was THE highlight of my life [to date]!!! I had SO much to say but none of it came out, figuring he’s heard it a million times. One thing I did get to tell him was that I follow your blog. You guys are so precious! Thanks SO much for sharing your lives with me and all the other ‘strangers’ who are out [t]here. Shelley – on a little acre in Southern Colorado

  9. tori

    Shelley– THANKS FOR DE-LURKING!!!!!!
    I cannot tell you how much that makes my day, bless your sweet heart! Russ always tells me when someone mentions my blog to him, so now I know it was YOU he was talking about when he came back from Colorado!
    (Tell me more about your ‘little acre’… any horses?)

  10. mmyrrh

    Huh? Oh – sorry. I was watching Pee Wee.
    I know that Russ told you because he said that he would!
    The little acre? Wee ell, I could embellish to make it sound somewhat like the typical ‘Colorado vision’ but that would be a stretch, even for me. My [most precious and handsome] husband, Mark and I call it “Lonesome Dove” . . . so, try to work with that. My avatar was taken straight-out the back door. The windows above the kitchen sink and the picture window in the master bedroom are along the same wall and have the same view. That probably means nothing since avatars are . . . well . . . not very good, unless I mention that it faces WSW and the sun sets out there. Several years ago we used to drive out here from the city just to see the incredible sunsets, not knowing that we would be living in a house built here. We both were raised rurally, and caught the yearning to do it again and so we got outta town about five years ago. Those are the Rocky Mountains out there; I usually describe our location as where the Great Plains meet-up with the Rockies. And between here & there runs the Arkansas River. We live on a dirt road and our neighbors, of the critter persuasion are: rabbits, prairie dogs, coyotes, rabbits, quail, bull snakes & rattlers, rabbits, owls, crows, rabbits, hawks, sparrows, antelope, and oh yes, rabbits. The answer to ‘any horses?’ would be, “Naaaaaye” [couldn’t resist]. I have no desire to tend to livestock of any kind, except for our mini schnauzer. I was blessed to grow up on a small farm; we did have a horse that I dearly loved, but the work involved with the animals was tough and tedious; something I’m not up-to reliving in the second half of my fourth decade. Our human neighbors were increasing at a rapid pace until the housing/building market took its nosedive. Should I say, ‘whew!’? Probably not. We love the peace & quiet out here! Truly ‘Silent Nights’ except for the coyote choir at twilight and the night sky is lit by nothing but stars! We’ve planted five trees so far and have named four of them: Gus, Woodrow, Clem & Grady, with poor ol #5 still a waitin for a name. I’m not quite sure how to describe our Lonesome Dove when you’re probably expecting to hear John Denver’s version. Oh, we do get snow and plenty of it, but Coloradans know how unpredictable & extreme our weather can be. I have a photo from Christmas Day 2004 that shows our lawn was green and our guests wore shirtsleeves. Yup!
    Blah . . blah . . blah Sorry! Thanks, but I’d like to turn the mic back over to you now; you’re much more interesting. But one more thing . . . I just love your folks!!!! They feel so familiar to my heart! My Utmost, Shelley

  11. tori

    What a perfect ‘snapshot with words’! Thank you Shelley– I can just picture it!

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