Photo Tuesday–Runaway Mom Trip to Chattanooga!

Last week I ran away again.

(Ok, it was with the full knowledge and cooperation of my family which kind of nullifies the ‘run away’ concept, but it sounds more dramatic this way.)

I checked into a GREAT little B &B/inn in the middle of downtown–the StoneFort Inn– which was just perfect. Quaint, old and girly (hey! just like me!) but big enough (16 rooms, 3 floors) that it didn’t feel I was staying upstairs in some stranger’s guest room. Also the breakfast was served in a restaurant-type setting instead of family-style so I could sit at a table by myself and read a book without feeling like I’m being rude. 

I did my internet homework so I knew just what I wanted to do when I got there. I went out to eat at great restaurants, read books in coffee shops, wandered around antique stores, art galleries and re-visited my beloved Hunter museum.

 Ahhhh… It was good! And good for me. My legendary amiability and good humor is now restored. Not that it ever went away. (Except for that whole screaming-at-Pip-for-peeing-in-the-laundry-room thing. Oops.)

So here’s what my two-day runaway looked like:


**Checking into my room. 

(Note possum-eating grin on my face.)

** I love big ol’ tubs. On legs.


**See? Girly room!



** Hunter Museum. Cool blend of historic estate with ultra-modern addition. Also a great permanent collection.



**Some of the sculptures around the museum.


**Bluff View Arts District


**Glass bridge

**River bridges


**Aw, who am I kidding. Museum, schmuseum, here’s what I really did for two days:

(Time elapsed between the before and the after? About…3 minutes. I inhaled it.)



18 Responses

  1. CarolynR

    How will we ever be able to respect you again after that admission – “I inhaled”? lol

    Ok at the risk of being sussed as an obsessive. Those last two pics. Was that the same wine in the second pic, or had you replenished once or twice? Curious to know. Love the artistically arranged book!

    Sounds absolutely bliss Tori, my idea of heaven on earth to spend a couple of days doing that. Of course for me Chattanooga is always followed by choo choo and an American jive. Very Andrews Sisters!

    I’m glad you are restored and ready for the fray once more. Must say though I hope someone gives that poor skinny horse some oats soon!

  2. kwr221

    Okay, I’m with CarolynR, I have to know about the wine. Because while I’m impressed with the inhaling, no WAY would my wine remain at eh same level. :-)

  3. tori

    All right, here’s the full disclosure re: wine– No refill. Same glass.

    I do love me some wine, but I’m not a big drinker. One glass pretty much does it for me; OK, maybe two over the course of a long meal! And I usually only have that if I’m out with friends somewhere– since I am the only one in the house that drinks anything at all, a bottle of wine would go bad before it got finished so it’s more of a ‘night out’ kind of thing for me. Am old.

    Now, having a glass in the middle of the day? WOO HOO, that’s like Mardi Gras for me! If I had refilled it a couple of times I would have nodded off in the museum…

  4. gracelynn

    Sounds like a wonderful time away Tori. Wish I could do it myself right now. I’m stressed to the max with this job. I’m counting down the days and fast to GaitherFest. LOL Believe me, I’ll need that weekend big time. one of these weekends I’m going to take off and go to the mountains of NC again by myself for a getaway. That’s my hiding spot. ;)

    I love the horse sculpture. I have no artistic talent whatsoever. Like I tell my students – I can barely draw a stick figure LOL. But that is very neat the way they did that creation.

  5. BrownEyedGirl

    Sounds like the perfect runaway! I love the B&B – it looks like my kind of place…. Great pictures!

  6. LindaB

    Beautiful B & B! Delicious looking dinner—-what was it?

    And you like “big ol’ tubs on legs”, huh? You’re gonna LOVE me too, then! LOL

    (I’m trying to be “brief” because I read somewhere recently that replies on someone’s blog should be “brief”. I have trouble with “brief”, but I’m trying.)

  7. themema

    Oh, dear. I can rarely be brief!

    How’s that.

  8. tori

    (That’s not ‘forget the briefs’, so don’t get any ideas, Linda!)
    My lunch was what the menu creatively referred to as a “short stack of crabcakes layered with fresh avocado and served with mixed field greens and lemon beurre blanc.”
    Am fancy.

  9. CarolynR


  10. belinda

    Looks like you had a great time! I wanna run away somewhere SOON!

    The lunch sound great but I’m afraid I would have to leave the avocado out.

  11. Wade

    Glad ya had fun in MY Fair City!! It’s a great place to VISIT!! Let’s get a concert and I can have Stonefort Inn placed in The RIDER along with The Chicken, M&M’s and Short Stack of Crab Cakes!!! LoL;-)))

  12. Wade

    Oh… & The Wine… and you can have more than one glass!!! LoL;-))

  13. Barbara M. Lloyd

    I was going to be so brief that I wasn’t even going to leave a comment….until someone mentioned you had crab cakes and avacado. I absolutely love both! When I was in Chattanooga, we went up on Look-Out Mountain and to an Acquarium and I had shrimp and grits for the first time, someplace there. I remember there was a little snow on the ground and I was told that when it got really bad, those people who live up on Look-Out Mountain have to stay up there for the duration. Of course, they have everything they need up there. I didn’t like going up that narrow road even in nice weather; and I liked coming down even less. I suspect those people eat courage for breakfast.

  14. tori

    Wade, I had no idea you lived in Chattanooga! (Actually, I kind of thought you were a mythical hobbit…) The crabcake restaurant was 212 Market St. Also had a great diner at Table 2 and Tony’s. It’s all about the food, baby.

    Momma Lloyd, last time I ran away to Chattanooga I stayed in an inn on top of Lookout Mt. and you’re right, it can get a little hairy going up and down the winding road!

  15. Wade

    Hobbit??? After I took up for you against the haters on that OTHER Blog. Wanted to make sure we got ya Stone Fort Inn in The Rider and trying to bring a male perspective. This is what I get??? HOBBIT??!!! I swear, I see how ya are!!! LoL;-))OK maybe the mythical part!! lol But I assure you there is nothing diminutive or unadventurous about me!!!

    Welcome to Estrogenville!!! lol I have said it before and will say it again. I Love the FEMALE being!!! I do not have to understand something to ENJOY IT!!!

  16. tori

    Wade– hello? Hobbits are totally hot!

  17. meb

    Okay, so I live about an hour from Chattanooga and am going to have go check some of these places out.

    Can you recommend any good places to run away to in the Nashville area? I’m trying to plan a girls weekend up there and can always use good recommendations.

  18. Wade

    OK Tori …if you say so. Thank God women see things as hot that most ppl would not… maybe that is why I do so well with the fairer sex… but never saw HOBBITS as Hot!! But again I will take your word for it!!

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