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Ok– I had a couple of writing deadlines this week and have been a little snowed under so I haven’t updated, which means I stink. I know. I’m sorry. I’ll do better. *Blog remorse*

Last night was dueling open houses. Both girls’ schools had their parent’s night at exactly the same time on the same night, so Russ and I split up; I went to Madi’s and he went to Char’s. At Madi’s school, all the parents meet in the auditorium for a brief welcome (and they hit us up for the Annual Fund. Hello! If the dang tuition was lower maybe we’d have more money to throw at the annual fund, for crying out loud!) and then we each follow our kid’s schedule and go to each of their classes for ten minutes. It was funny to see all the parents wandering around looking dazed checking the paper in their hand and squinting at the numbers on the doors trying to figure out where the heck they were supposed to be. It was like being a sophomore all over again! *shudder* We awkwardly perched in the school desks and each teacher gave us a brief overview of the course and handed us a printed syllabus (I just love that word. It would have made a great middle name, don’tcha think? Charlotte Syllabus Taff.) Then the bell rang and we’d trudge off to find the next class. It was kind of fun, and I really liked getting a taste of what Madi’s day looks like. Of course Madi had already given me the heads-up on certain attributes to be sure to look for with each teacher– there was the one with excessive arm hair, the one that possibly used to be a woman, the one that looked like Rachel Ray… It was kind of like a secret scavenger hunt, and kept me very entertained. We are such a weird family.

Anyway, it’s the weekend now, thanks be to God, so I will have time to catch up here. I’ll do better. Don’t leave me. Here’s some candy.

(Coming attractions in the near future: guest blog by Charlotte the Wonder Tween, and MORE VIDEOS!!!!!!! Maybe with actual people instead of dogs!!! Well, maybe.)

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  1. themema

    Which of the teachers said, “I’ll make a deal with you. If you don’t believe everything you hear about me, I won’t believe everything I hear about you.”

  2. BrownEyedGirl

    Wierd family, HuH?? You sound like us ! We’re normal, everyone else is wierd LOL.

    Our open house was wasn’t quite that cool. We aimlessly wander wherever we please , meeting teachers in random order. My 7th grader saved the best teacher for last , Mr. Hoover. Possibly the cutest teacher ever to grace the planet- about 24 y/o if I had to guess. Jessica is mesmerized- she will have a Great school year!!

    I’m looking forward to the coming attractions…I’m not going anywhere.

  3. belinda

    Okay, I shuddered along with you when you said it was like being a sophmore again. I cannot imagine going back to that part of my life. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and Madi gave you good things to watch for. Too bad you did not take your new little cameara last night. We would have all loved to go along with you :)

    Fund Raisers are always the topic, aren’t they? I can never say no to kids when they come to our front door selling stuff because I can still remember, even though it was a long time ago, going around and selling all that stuff for our band trips. I just smile and order stuff from them with these flash backs of me standing there hoping and praying they would buy stuff from me so I could STOP going from house to house. Okay, have Madi and Charlotte send me information on stuff they are selling, I’m a good shopper and will always buy :)

    More videos? We are ready!! Send them on girlfriend!

  4. belinda

    P.S. I love the pictures at the top! Great idea!

  5. emilythemom

    ! identify all too well with ‘blogger remorse’ last week was so weird! It was like I woke up and suddenly it was thursday and I hadn’t blogged a thing. And then I lied and backdated all my blogs. SHHHHHH!

    My first open house is in 2 weeks! I’m nervous. I’m already signed up to volunteer in the boys classrom and I’ve had my first PTO solicitation. Yikes! What am I getting myslef in to???

  6. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Brown-Eyed Girl, you can have organized classes at Open House, but it’s gonna cost ya, kiddo. It’s a great time to meet other parents as well as the teachers.

    Memo to themema: that’s only in the lower grades…the little ones. At Char’s and Madi’s ages, they would be too embarrassed to reveal anything at all.

    Gracious, I do like large pictures…and I am looking forward always to anything you write, Tori. Even if I do have to miss a meal or two waiting for it.

  7. Steve Weber

    Hi Tori,

    I’ve been a Russ fan for many years, uh decades, and was wondering what was new. His site does not have a blog spot but yours does. Usually I’m not much of a chatter and my wife will tell you. I read a few of your posts including Madi’s adventure and am glad that all is well. It’s nice to see that God has been good to you and your family.

    We are also a late bloomer family. 3 in all are Steven (12), Annika (4), and Timmy (3). They really wear us out but God gives the grace every day. This year all 3 go to different schools. It’s going to be tough.

    Thanks for the pictures. I like the word syllabus too!

  8. tori

    OK, themema– WHY did I not think of saying that to all of her teachers?!

    BEG– So glad Jessica is going to have a Mr. Hoover to gaze adoringly at all year. Madi had a forensics teacher like that last year. She loved forensics…

    Belinda– I just CANNOT bring myself to prevail upon friends and family for school stuff, so I always just write a check to cover a respectable $ amount of sales and call it a day!

    Emily– Backdating? How does that even work (she asks breathlessly with pencil poised to make notes)? You’ve already volunteered for something? Teachers will LOVE you!

    Momma Lloyd– Glad you like the pictures– way to go, Nephew Daniel!

    Steve Weber– WELCOME!!! A brand new reader who comments from the git-go??? I think I love you!

  9. BrownEyedGirl

    I”m sure Madi had a great year ini her forensics class! Those cute teachers sure make it worth getting up early in the morning!! I had Jeff , the guy who delivered milk each morning to school, looked just like Barry Gibb of the Beegees. Sigh…

    I just have to comment on the fundraising. Last year between majorette, marching band, youth group, prom committee, etc , etc. we had 16 fundraisers!! I rarely let them sell to grandma’s ( unless it’s something I know they always buy) It’s just insane…

    Tori , I’m with you , just give them money to cover profit of what you could have sold – everyone wins and your not stuck with things you won’t use!! ( though honestly, there are some I just have to skip – I can’t afford it all)

    To Barbara Lloyd, in the small town we moved to years ago , everyone knows everyone and is probably related to everyone ( I swear my kids have to be the only ones that can date in the school system!!) so ,the open house is more like a reunion :o)

  10. Steve Weber

    Hi Tori,

    Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been an audio engineer in my local church in Long Island, NY for 20+ years now and love it. It’s harder now with all the kids. We’re out numbered! Today I mixed FOH with Steven at my side. He has autism and gets over excited. It was hard doing mixing and parenting at the same time. But he loves music and loves praising God so it’s a good thing. We’re finishing our latest album and are gearing up for another. My wife Kathy knew what she was in for when she married me!

    I remember going to see Amy Grant way back when at the Jones Beach theater. Russ opened for her doing some tunes from Medals. Wow! That was great. I’ve been a fan ever since.

    Some time ago I was a Bill Gaither infomercial. Hey, there’s Russ! “Good to see you boy!”, I thought.

    Hope I didn’t blab too much. Just wanted to fill you in a little. Much more to say but I don’t want to go on and on.

  11. gracelynn

    Glad to hear you and Russ survived Open House. I usually see about 10 parents on open house night at the beginning of the year. Usually the same 10 I saw from the year before. I did have several this year but they were mostly 6th grade parents who don’t have a clue who the teachers are at the middle school. LOL Got to check us out. By the time they are in 8th grade, you are doing good to get them to even pick up the kid’s syllabus. And I guarantee you if it is a child who is even the slightest problem behaviorally in the classroom, you won’t see the parent at all. Calling them or e-mailing doesn’t work either. LOL

    I always love speaking to the few parents that do show up at my door. They tell me what the kids say about me and we all laugh. I am the ‘mean teacher’. ;) Speaking of which, I have to finish my lesson plans for 8th grade and get them sent before I go to sleep tonight so I’d better get to work.

    Looking forward to the upcoming blog entries! ;)

  12. kwr221

    Thank you to Marla from Pak Adventures for giving me some Blog Love. I’d like to pass on the lovin’ so read on… (and I’m going to try and not list people I’ve already given awards to – I’m fair like that.)

    Tori – you’re on my list

    Now.. the rules are….

    1.The winner puts logo on her/his blog.
    2.Link the person you received your award from.
    3.Nominate 7 other blogs.
    4.Put links of those blogs on yours.
    5.Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve chosen.

    PS. I’m not html savvy, so you can pick up the Blog Love logo from my blog.

  13. LindaB

    “Dueling open houses”?

    Gee, it’s a good thing you only have two kids! If you had three, you’d have to find a foster parent. Any more, and we’d have to call you Sybil! What a tough school! Talk about being “spread thin”! LOL

  14. LindaB

    My little 6 year old granddaughter started first grade this week. She was so upset when she found out she had “the mean teacher”! She said the teacher yelled at her the first day to sit down and be quiet, and she was sure she hated her! But the second day she said it was alright—–she seemed to get nicer overnight.

    BTW, her teacher is in a wheelchair——and her name is Mrs. WHEELER!

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