Lord help us all, there is no stopping me now. (test run)

Be very afraid. from Babybloomr on Vimeo.

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  1. trishARKANSAS

    That’s funny. The dogs are so cute. Be careful all this excitement could kill Pip.

  2. BrownEyedGirl

    You did it! Good job . I just LOVE your family – you’re so much fun :o) Looking forward to more videos…

  3. LindaB


    And AFRAID!

    This is a great opportunity…………and reason for me to make popcorn! Keep ‘em coming!

    (What’s next? High Definition? Surround sound? Tickets?)

  4. LindaB

    This is REALITY TV for the Animal Channel! Arf, arf!

  5. emilythemom

    That is one awesome dog gate. Next time I want a full two minutes on JUST the gate. And maybe 3 seconds with Pip – because you know, he could go at any time.

  6. tori

    I figured I’d start out with warm fuzzy pets and lull you all into a false sense of security, then WHAM!!!!!

    Action adventure pictures! Gospel music tell-all documentaries! Art house films! Slasher movies! Animated features! Snuff films! (Sorry Pip–I know, not funny.)

    The possibilities are endless.

    I have already announced to the family that all bets are officially off– nothing is sacred anymore, MAMA’S GOT A FLIP CAMERA!!!!

    Let’s see…. Russ snoring? Madi rolling her eyes? Charlotte complaining? You will all now have visible proof of the horrific conditions I labor under every single day just to produce a blog post for your entertainment and try to bring a little sunshine into your lives, my beloved readers. I’m like Mother Teresa.


  7. belinda

    You are so good! Great job Tori! Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. gracelynn

    That was great Tori! I enjoyed that…especially after teaching today. The dogs are so precious! And I look forward to seeing more films of your stressful life. LOL

  9. rockin robyn

    It’s not You Tube it’s “Taff Tube”!!

    That is way to kewl and/but I feel for your family, Tori!! I am the family historian. Love it… I research our family genealogy, so of course I am the family photographer… When ever there is a family get together I get **aah here comes Robyn with the camera again!

    Please please please, throw caution to the wind though, with putting video out there -on the evil internet- of “my favorite” family!! You don’t want to be exploiting the innocence of the Taff gang to those who might not be so kind hearted.

    and ** and – be kind to my ‘Minister through song’! LOL

    Thanks again for sharing your family with us!

  10. BrownEyedGirl

    While you’re on a roll, how about video of Russ with those hedge trimmers, looking mean – determined to win the battle LOL

  11. Amazed

    I love my Flip! You done good on your first try@

  12. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Love that doggie door! Were those pups in their cozy little beds because they were going to sleep…..or were they there in fear of what was going on with their mommie? Either way, they were adorable; Russ’ voice was awsome; Charlotte’s feet were cute and Madi’s background voice was lovely. Altogether, I think you have a masterpiece there, Tori.

  13. belinda

    Since we are getting so close to Christmas – let Russ sing “What A Wonderful World” :) to get us into the Christmas spirit.

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