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The scene:

Sitting in a Mexican restaurant after church. Eating lunch with the pastor, his wife and their teenage daughter. Just met them, this was our first time visiting their church– which is to say we were on our best behavior, which is to say I didn’t swear and Russ kept the talking-with-his-mouth-full to a minimum.

Me: So, your youngest daughter is three?

Pastor’s wife: Yes, you’ll have to meet her next time you come to church.

Me: I just love three! That was my absolute favorite age, they are just so funny and verbal and..

Charlotte, (interrupting excitedly): Dude! I remember when I was three, I totally thought I was a dog for like, the whole first half of the year!

*sound of crickets*– then the whole table cracks up.

Yeah, we’re thinking this church might be a good fit for us.

And in other news: My first bloggy award, people!

My post about Mom and Dad was chosen to be featured on a great site called Good Mom/Bad Mom for their “BlogShare Sunday”.  (I’m the fifth excerpt from the top.)

I’d like to thank the Academy…

**EDITED TO ADD** Hey, the same post was just featured on this site, too! I’m so excited!

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  1. gracelynn

    First of all, congratulations on your blog award. I think it is well deserved! That post was a very touching one to be sure.

    Now on to Char…LOLOLOL. Don’t you just love kids! I was able to spend some time with my godkids this weekend and they definitely had me in stitches with some of their comments. One misunderstood when his mom told him that I had been at a wedding yesterday and thought that I was the one that got married ROTFL! He is 11 and asked where was my husband. His mom almost did a spit take and I thought we’d die laughing. I told him I have clue – I’ve been trying to find him for several years but have had no luck yet. LOL I finally got him straightened out so he understood it was my friend and not me that got married. I told him I certainly wouldn’t get married without having him there to witness it so he was happier then. ;) Now if I could just find a good man….I can always dream.

  2. tori

    Ha! Glad you got that straightened out with your godson!

  3. auburn60

    Cool!!! I’m glad your ‘getting around’. It’s actually happening!
    Now my ‘social worker instincts’ SHOULD be kicking in about the child who thinks she’s the family dog…. ( I AM JUST KIDDING–please–no brickbats my way.)
    Tell Charlotte there was a turtle born in the Chattanooga aquarium that had four eyes. I’ll try to find a picture.

  4. auburn60

    OK –‘you are getting around’–didn’t catch that at first.

  5. themema

    I am thrilled that your very deserving blog entry is getting wide circulation. It is a great piece!!

    Char can be one of my dogs any times she likes.

  6. belinda

    Congratulations on the blog! We all knew it was great and should be circulated for everyone to read. We can all relate to it. Very well deserved! I’m excited for you!

    Loved Char’s comment! I can see the expression on her face and everybody’s else trying not to laugh but then hey, you just have to let it out.

  7. Jillian Chambers

    Congrats on the blog! Even more congrats on the amazing family you have! We totally enjoyed our lunch today! UNFORGETTABLE for sure. Have a great week.

  8. tori

    Hey everybody– Jillian Chambers is the Pastor’s Wife!
    Way to go, Jill- you del-lurked on your first visit! We love that around here…
    Thanks everybody for all of your kind words.

  9. Barbara M. Lloyd

    Congratulations! Your parents’ blog was absolutely award-winning and I am so happy it has received so much recognition. Tell them to hang around: it happens all the time.

    But now, about this one: it plum cracked me up….a bolt right out of the blue, as everyone looked at that angelic little face. I
    remember when Joan was a horse off and on for a long time. I also remember we had a couple embarrassing moments when she decided to be a horse at first meetings with new neighbors where we had moved. They weren’t exactly happy to have their children meet Joan.

    Gracious, sweet pea, I think you’ve found a church!

  10. rockin robyn

    Hi Tori,

    A very heart felt congrats… you so deserve the acknowledgement for that piece. The best prize of all though, is the inspiration and that is those special people in Arkansas! You ever think of matting and framing that award winning “thought” and presenting it to your parents? I think that would be a mighty special gift to them. (my personal thoughts expressed publically)

    Out of the mouths of babes! Charlotte sounds like a really special little woman… When my older brother was told I was coming along he was asked what he wanted a sister or a brother – he said a truck. I’d rather have been a dog than a truck!!!

  11. LindaB

    I just LOVE Charlotte—–in whatever form she is in or thinks she’s in. Ya know, it’s no wonder that child of yours thought she was a dog—–how many dogs did you have back then? She probably thought, “Well, if there’s lots of these four legged things coming and going, and we live in the same house, I must be one too!”

    Congrats on your bloggy award!!! It was a great piece, Tori! You made people cry all over the blogosphere and call their parents!

    I’ve gotta ask this, though——-do bloggers read what all the other bloggers are writing? And when do they have time to “LIVE”? Or do the laundry? OR the grocery shopping? There are thousands of blogs out there, aren’t there?

  12. camommy2kj

    ROFL! She is SO funny!!! Thanks for the afternoon giggle!

  13. emilythemom

    hilarious. and excellent comedic timing.

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