What my day will look like…

We’re getting ready to load the car and head back to Nashville as soon as this downpour stops. Yes, 7 hours in the car with three dogs (one stoned, thanks to Dramamine), a hamster, two kids and a crapload of luggage. Here’s a visual for you, from the trip down here:

Pray, saints. Hopefully we will have the same head-count at the end of the trip as we do now, but I’m not making any promises.

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  1. belinda

    Love that toe ring :)

    You girls have a safe trip and I do hope you have the same head-count at the end of your trip.

    It is raining here too, but it is wonderful! We have been so blessed with all the rain this year and we had not had any in several days and it was so dry. SO…..the nice pitter patter on the windows all day has been so refreshing. We do not want that dry spell we usually have this time of the year.

    So do the girls sleep when you go on trips or are they awake talking etc? I use to go to sleep as soon as we got in the car but now try to stay awake more, not sure why.

  2. tori

    We’re home, safe and sound.
    The girls listened to their iPods all the way home– every once in a while Madi stuck her ear piece in my ear and said, “Listen to this!” Char also busts out the ol’ GameBoy when she gets too bored. The dogs want to be right in our laps, so there’s always a little canine juggling going on!

  3. LindaB

    So……..what did Madi want you to hear? What was the song? Did you like it? What did YOU listen to on the way home?

    I’ll tell ya what I listened to on my car CD player (you do want to know, don’t ya?) on the way to the doctor’s office, Aldi’s, the credit union, and on the way home——-your husband singing a song both of you wrote—–“Bein’ Happy”! I just pushed the repeat button over and over again. By the time I got home, I felt like I had taken a whole bottle of Prozac! I was good to go—–ANYWHERE! Nice work, BTW.

  4. gracelynn

    I’m so glad that you made it home safe and sound. I was praying for you. My mother had a wreck today and I was just thanking God that no one was seriously hurt or killed. At least you had a halfway quiet, family car ride. I had to go and take my dad to pick up mom after the accident and spent 2 hours on the road listening to them argue and fight over the accident. I finally stuck a gospel CD in the player and told them both to settle down and listen to it – they needed some gospel music and needed to hear the messages. I felt like I was driving two 4 year olds around.

    Linda, I listen to my Best of Russ CD ALOT! Just ask anyone that has to ride with me. ;) I blast Praise The Lord quite a bit.

  5. belinda

    Glad you girls made it home safe and sound. What would we do without our Ipods? They are the greatest invention, well….along with our cell phones, of course.

    Linda, I bet you and I listened to the same CD yesterday. I love that song, well I actually love the entire CD. I listened to it to and from work and on my lunch hour. Of course I had the Best of Russ Taff & Under Their Influence & Russ Taff, Russ Taff playing at work. Now that’s some good music.

  6. tori

    You guys are making me feel bad– I NEVER listen to Russ’ music, unless it comes on the radio! I got out of the habit years ago because he just never wants to–ever. The only time her listens to himself is when he is in the middle of making a CD, and then he listens over and over…

    gracelynn, I am so glad everyone was ok– that must have been very scary.

  7. Barbara M. Lloyd

    My dear Tori, never before have I thought of you as being deprived. However, not to be able to listen to Russ Taff cd’s around the house, in the car and just any old time…has got to be the pitts. (and all the posters said, “Amen!”

  8. belinda


  9. gracelynn

    I’ve got to have my Russ Taff CDs. That’s all there is to it. If you ride in my car, you listen to gospel music and usually it’s one of my Russ CDs. LOL Just ask Wanda or anyone that rides around with me. ;)

    I understand why Russ doesn’t listen to his own music. My friend who used to sing gospel music doesn’t listen to his own CDs either, no matter how great they are.

  10. gracelynn

    It was VERY frightening Tori but God brought her through it. The bad part is trying to deal with two parents that are acting like children, feuding and fighting, when you think they’d be thanking God that it wasn’t worse than it was. GRRRRRRR! LOL

  11. belinda

    So Tori….have you put that RT music on yet?????

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